Simple Marketplace for NFTs

I’ve seen several mentions, here and on discord, about the need of an NFT marketplace.

I have some experience now in NFT platforms and I think I could throw together a small marketplace pretty quickly (like in a few days), where people can see the last NFTs Minted, the last NFTs set on sale by owners (and maybe buy those) and where anyone authorized(1) could mint something.

The idea would be a very simple marketplace, nothing too fancy in order to go fast and efficient.

  • Possibility to mint images (at first and later then audio / video).
  • Data (images, json) would be stored on IPFS (I usually use the infura node, but I can also throw a docker with an ipfs node inside and just pin on it; or use pinata which is also great)
  • Cost of minting would be taken by the platform since on xDai transactions are so cheap. This would allow artists to actually make their first xDai without even owning any
  • A small explorer where you can see all NFTs ordered by popularity or creation date and filter those on sale or not
  • Profiles would read information from 3box as to not have to manage profile data on the website but still get personalized data (image, name, description) about artists / owners
  • Selling/Buying the minted NFT on the website. First with xDai and then quickly with any other ERC20. Overtime even a swap against other NFT could be possible (I’ve got 90% of the NFT dex done, but the last 10% will take time)
  • a 2% service fee would be taken on all sales to cover costs (minting/dev/hostings(website and laybe ipfs service)…

This here is something I think I could work on next to my job and other projects if there is interest. I’m not really sure of what is actually done or being worked on.

Also if this is something that is welcomed, and any designer would be interested to help (design is not really my forte), we could maybe work on a small Figma (or like) with a few screens (doesn’t need much at least to start). Something pretty simple to start with and improving with iteration would be the best I guess. So we could create something usable quickly and then add things over time.

(1) to determine; I don’t like elitism but art theft is a HUGE problem and we need to find a way to restrict minting to people that can be identified if they do wrong. It could just be “Any Minter can add the role Minter to any other address” so I would give Metaverde the role minter and then she could add anyone since she’s now Minter.

ps: And because Bees fly, we could find a name that would do well in parallel to the giant sea marketplace!


Hi, ( ´ ω ` )

We had many discussions about NFT Minter, also this is why we have cooperation with shenanigan. I would suggest having a look into buzz inside discord.

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Right, but Shenanigan is nowhere near producing a minter for us.

Dievardump is saying they can get it done now.

We need an NFT minter now.
If we had one I could onboard several people within the week.

yea, is it going to be fork of something ? find it hard to finish it couple of days. need to see more details of his minters

Looks like from scratch?
Is there anything forkable?
I think we’ve looked and couldn’t find an actual forkable minter.

I already have a full platform working ( Most of the code can be reused.

  • The Contracts can be reused 100%.
  • Creating an interface that allows to list all tokens, and a screen to mint new, I would say a few hours, top. Like Really a simple minter + showcase without fancy profile and co is maybe 3 hours of work in an evening.

The market is the most complicated, but I already have one working so I would be reusing most of the code too. The UX / UI is the most complicated side of it for me because I’m a dev, not a designer.
How to make it nice for users to List/Buy/See History and co is not my forte.
But putting a button and an input that says “list my NFT” and a button that says “I want to buy this NFT at the given price” no worries.


nice, go for it.if you need help msg me in discord. I do think we can support you. (´ ∀ ` *)

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Would you be open to having a portion of the service fee or an additional platform via converted into honey and added to the common pool? Then we could make the case for rewarding you with some honey and help encourage the community to contribute and promote the platform?

Perhaps after Celeste launches we could use it to to create an optimistic game that allows anyone to submit NFTs but if they submit content that they don’t have the rights to they could be banned.


I love the Busy Bee game and the idea of enabling a platform for programmable NFTs, for those that haven’t noticed @dievardump made a mini game recently :

I think the artists would love to upload/mint their art on this kind of Market and that would create more engagement and more sells/buys on xDai. Trading of the NFTs is curently very expensive on Mainnet , so that’s make xDai much better solution for these markets.

We can try to work on this platform and getting more artists submitting designs for start, also some testing and checking the market will be needed. I recommend @dievardump to organise a call with 1hive members that are interested to work on this project together and see where this goes.

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Yeap like solar said creating some marketplace for NFTs and with good promoting we can redirect nice traffic towards xdai chain and honeyswap.I think there is a lot of for example devs of games trying to find a good alternative because of gas fees on mainnet.For example most popular game right now axie infinity.Everyone buying from opensea the number of transactions has decreased right now, no one wants to buy anything for that game and other games on mainnet because of enormous fees.

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Yes that definitely could be an option. I didn’t actually mean to fully own the platform myself, the idea of fees is to be sustainable but it could be something that is owned by the DAO / shared ownership or something like this.

The contract themselves are tested (I have tests going with my truffle project; I also already use those on BeyondNFT for the market side). If created, the project will be OS so people can all check everything. I would also need to check how to verify contracts on Blockscout

I’m going to put in place the project later today I think, first start with a simple front-end and backend that does the bridge between front and blockchain to mint and list items. Maybe start a simple heroku instance for the beginning.

See how it goes


Hi @dievardump sorry I haven’t been so active in the community for the last few weeks, but I’ve been trying to catch up with your project since I know some musicians that would love to have a first experience with NFTs. Some of these projects participated in Posadelic, so they already know the basics about 1hive and Honeyswap.
Let me know how everything is going and whenever we can make this happen :slight_smile:
I’d also love to help @metaverde with the minter role in the music part :wink:


That would be great!
It just occurred to me that we could get musicians setting up DAOs.

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This is 100% required imo, if you need any help with the fork full stack nodejs dev here just reach out to me in discord :slight_smile: