1Hive Weekly Recap CW 53 (4th Jan - 11th Jan)

1Hive Weekly Recap

January 4th to January 11th

Swarms Weekly Recap

:rosette: Pollen Swarm:

  • The weekly distribution was put on hold last week (33hny), and moved with next week’s distribution.
  • The upcoming week should have two distributions.

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:sunflower: Gardens Swarm:

The Gardens swarm has been working on multiple things last week:

  • Finalized the Test Hatch.

  • Finding a bug in the Impact Hours App, which has been fixed in the TEC Test Hatch DAO (phase 1 of our 2 part launch).

  • Started to onboard Adria to the project and gather requirements.

  • Organizing around how we are going to choose the Parameters for our deployment as a community, and starting to build models that will make it easier to understand, propose, and vote on the parameters for launching.

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:cat: Fauna Swarm:

More details to come on restructuring the group, and moderation.

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:butterfly: Morphosis Swarm:

  • Morphosis Swarm has been working on setting up the first course ”Data Analysis” and we had our last meeting on Jan 7th Morphosis voice meeting 1/7/2021.
  • Course sign-up for “Data Analysis” has been opened and can be found here sign-up page.
  • Details for “Data Analysis” can be found here

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:sun_with_face: Celeste Swarm:

  • Continued working on the new Disputable Honey Pot UI
  • Continued updating Celeste contracts to be compatible with external protocols (eg Gnosis, clr.fund)

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:cactus: Agaave Swarm:

New chat room has been made in Discord for further discussion https://discord.gg/APvWZdkwN5.

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:last_quarter_moon_with_face: Luna Swarm:

The Luna swarm has held the first meeting since the holiday break, and just getting everyone caught back up to speed.

Action steps:

  • Creating a Luna swarm repo, based on cadCAD model structure best practice (CV repo).
  • Trying to populate Luna Swarm wiki.

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:honeybee: Buzz Swarm:

  • BuzzDAO finishing up Honeyswap landing page and adding final touches. Launch expected to come this week

  • Spanish community outreach bounty completed (click here for details)

  • Marketing content curation channel and bot created (click here for details)

  • Summarized Shenanigans 1Hive NFT campaign. We need community feedback on this to proceed please leave us a comment on what you think(click here for details)

  • Social media admin permissions distributed to appropriate members

  • Honeyswap medium publishing account created and added 4 new articles for Honeyswap.

  • Connected with Matic Network. Discord cross pollination channel coming soon.

  • Connected with @dieverdump on a NFT Marketplace built on xDai. He has written a post up and looking for some community feedback.(click here for details)

  • New user bounty for 1xDai being created (click here for a preview)

Useful links:

Minerva Mobile Wallet - 1Hive applications (Updates)

  • Continued discussion about the ‘Improve mobile wallet support for 1Hive applications’ proposal about the benefit for the 1Hive community to get good mobile wallet support.

  • Explanations on WalletConnect and key differentiation to AlphaWallet provided.

  • Proposal was handed in for a public vote at: https://1hive.org/#/proposal/99

Important Discussion & Posts

Credit for helping: Buzz Dao


Hi guys, I want to get some feedback about recap.

Do you want 1Hive recap to be weekly, or 2 weeks, or monthly.

1Hive weekly recap
  • every week recap
  • every two weeks recap
  • monthly recap

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Awesome work, thank you boring877

It’s a lot of stuff to do, I can help to a very limited extent although I did what I could. I’m in favor of a recap every 2 weeks or monthly, focusing on the major updates rather than on every little detail. Thanks for your work

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Amazing work! I’m really loving these recaps

Great stuff. Thank you for your efforts. :honeybee:

I would not go any longer then every 2 weeks for report, it helps to motivate and gives a sense of accomplishment.