Super Algorithmic Token (SATO) Airdrop



More detail pls access the link below :

How to Get SATO :

Good luck to all my friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


Always on spot, you are really great at this. It would be awesome if we had a category: Airdrops for 1hive, or smth like that, and compile all your posts there.

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Great stuff! @wikisum :honeybee:

Another one to consider.


yet another airdrop, thanks for the info😍

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Great news! Thank you very much as always :wink:

Mmm nice! The bad thing about this news is that there are 50k accounts, there are many, the airdrop will not be very substantial

Keep em coming @wikisum @berserk

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Thank you for the alert @wikisum

Awesome thanks, hopefully elgibile for this one… I have donated to gitcoin through a few addresses so hopefully get something

Is there any whitelist for checking my adress?


You shoud be fine if you had Digg/Badger >0 in ur wallet, probably before March or smth like that.

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xdai wallet also counts?

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I held Badger like 4 months ago, but still have my airdropped bBadger. I hope I still qualify lol.

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Force Badger Airdrop list

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Hope they don’t change it like Popsicle Finance did…

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I think you are right.
List already changed similar to Popsicle.

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List have been changed again

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They really changed the lists?=))) Man how nasty is that…Where did you get those lists?:)) I can tell by the branding the airdrop will not be worth moer than 400$. Hope I am wrong, tho.:))

Yeah, but it is fine, THIS time the lists changed in order to include more people, not cut people out.

Here’s the final list of BadgerDAO community airdrop recipients which has been prepared for Force DAO, 6998 addresses total:

The list contains:

  1. All BadgerDAO snapshot governance participants
  2. All DIGG supporters below peg (higher bDIGG or DIGG LP balance on March 18 than on February 17)
  3. Long term users
    Specifics around the snapshot dates and conditions can be found here: BadgerDAO 6998 address Airdrop conditions - Google Sheets
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