Terra Dao Proposal

Terra DAO Proposal

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
This proposal will be for the creation of the Terra DAO. This DAO will be centered around rewarding translations based on metrics discussed in this proposal. The main goals of Terra will be to translate documentation from other swarms, keep the wiki updated in every language, and manage a new discord server and telegram servers. In addition, members of Terra DAO will also be assisting in the content creation of other DAOs, especially in terms of making the text SEO-friendly as it requires a certain skill set.

This document will introduce the structure of the Terra DAO. The idea is to set up a bounty system like the one being used in Buzz.

Proposal Rationale
The intention of this new DAO is to put together a team of translators and content creators that can help every swarm when they need translations and editing of content in a SEO-friendly manner. Other Swarms will be able to submit their own bounty request.

Having translations will increase the value of 1Hive since it will open the doors to communities of people who may not speak English. This will bring attention to more people and will open the possibility of new projects within 1hive in other languages. Moreover, with SEO-friendly content, it will be possible to make keyword research and the text will be structured in a way that will enable search engines to rank our “official” websites high up in the search results, with some on-page tweaks.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Funding for the first Month

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

You can see the team information in the document.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:
20 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

DAO LINK https://aragon.1hive.org/#/terradao/

Terra DAO Proposal https://1hive.org/#/proposal/118

Adress: 0x339fa43b3001f4e17a530a5abf5cc744b54ee79b

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

  • Wiki translation to Spanish: 1.5

  • Wiki translation to Italian: 1

  • Wiki translation to Turkish: 1.5

  • Wiki translation to Chinese: 1.5

  • Wiki translation to French: 1.5

  • Wiki translation to Portuguese: 1

  • Wiki translation to Germany: 1.5

  • Wiki QA translation to Spanish: 0.2

  • Wiki QA translation to Italian: 0.2

  • Wiki QA translation to Turkish: 0.2

  • Wiki QA translation to Chinese: 0.2

  • Wiki QA translation to French: 0.2

  • Wiki QA translation to Portuguese: 0.2

  • Guild Payment Total: 5 hny

  • Discord Set Up: 4.3 hny

Total 20 HNY

Here you can see the articles that are going to be translated, in the case of Spanish, the entire wiki will be translated:


Guys give us a hand please. Also if you wants to be part of the swarm you are welcome too.

if you have questions or feeling that honey is not worth spending please write down.

we welcome everyone to speak up. ( ̄︶ ̄):arrow_upper_right:

thank you


If English is not your first language, the work of Terra DAO could be a great opportunity to get people from your communities closer to 1hive. Try to take the most out of this to get new bees to keep doing valuable contributions.


I believe the Wiki translations should increase their budget allocation to have a nest for any additional content required to be added or edited. By incentivizing editors to be persistent with changes made we can ensure consistency and accuracy of info across all languages


Looks good guys! Wish this DAO all the best :slight_smile:


I’m happy you took the time to do a proposal for the terra DAO, that was long overdue. Also, I’m grateful that you’re taking the lead on this. Just wondering, who are the Aragon DAO members?


For the first iteration I would cut this back. Many things are still likely to change and we have no idea how useful this will be yet so I don’t think it’s worth spending as much time on it.

I wouldn’t bother translating anything from and including the Wiki Contribution down. Especially not Swarms or the FAQ as they’re highly likely to change. Keeping an eye on and updating across 7 extra languages is going to be arduous so I wouldn’t overdo it to begin with. Atleast leave these to last and if there’s time and resources left consider them then.

The Honey and honeyswap sections are gonna be hard enough. But I think they’re relatively stable and the most important, besides the intro stuff.

Also hopefully people using the different languages in the Discord will pick up what people are generally missing in that language and it can be added accordingly.


Hey Felix, the members of the Aragon DAO are @boring877, @mrtdlgc, @Stonky , @DogeKing, thanks for the support!


Thanks for the feedback Will, I think you are right about translating the Swarm Section and the FAQ section, so we are going to keep it simple.

About the spanish translations, I’m about to finish the wiki hahaha, I don’t mind working extra for it so don’t worry.


Thanks for working on this proposal. My suggestion is allocating a bit of time to do a review of the English versions and double check they are updated and complete.

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I would like to thank everyone who supported Terra proposal. I believe we will mitigate if not remove language barrier of entry to our ecosystem with the work of our DAO.


If needed I would love to taket the lead of the romanian translations(EN-RO) and you have my full support. I have a lot a friends(both online and offline) who would love 1hive if they knew what it stands for and if they understood how to use it.


yea, sure no problem. you can msg us in discord. we can work something out