1Hive Biweekly Recap January 25th to February 9th

1Hive Bi-Weekly Recap!

January 25th to February 9th

Swarms Weekly Recap

:rosette: Pollen Swarm:

Back to weekly distributions. Monstrosity is now helping with instance management

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:sunflower: Gardens Swarm:

  • Changes! What we previously introduced as templates will be divided in:
    • The Gardens Swarm: using the “Honey Template”, this issuance model works for communities like 1hive.
    • The Commons Swarm: a new swarm that will be based in Commons Stack using the Augmented Bonding Curve.

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:cat: Fauna Swarm:

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:butterfly: Morphosis Swarm:

Focussed in preparing the material for the Data Science course classes and teaching.

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:sun_with_face: Celeste Swarm:

Continued progressing with the Celeste enabled Honey Pot UI.

Started investigating an informational animated video explaining Celeste and its use within 1Hive.

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:earth_africa: Terra Swarm:

Expanding, globalizing, and breaking the language barrier is the main mission of the Terra Swarm. A great effort has been made to carry out useful translations for newcomers, and in this way to get them to join the community without knowing how to speak English.

Some of Terra’s achievements last month:

  • Translation of the wiki to Turkish (finished the goal)
  • Translation of the wiki to Spanish (finished the goal)
  • Translation of the wiki to Portuguese (finished the goal)
  • Translation of the wiki to Italian (finished the goal)
  • Translation of the wiki to German (In progress)
  • Translation of the wiki to French (In progress)
  • Creation of the new International 1Hive Discord
  • Translation of the first weekly recap to Spanish
  • Onboarded Multiple users in different languages
  • Helped Buzz Swarm by tweeting in different languages
  • Wiki maintenance

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:cactus: Agave Swarm:

Agave moving right along. The team has been actively working on:

  • Rebranding name From Agaave TO Agave
  • Token Manager
  • Aragon DAO
  • Chainlink oracle contract
  • Finishing up subgraph
  • Coordination with Buzz DAO has started as we prepare for token launch & deployment

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:last_quarter_moon_with_face: Luna Swarm:

Our official sync last week was replaced with a “Honey is Money” modelling session with ygg_anderson of the Token Engineering Commons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inxXeviR6p4&list=PLusWL9gf0FISmLiW2iPykEW2k8PUrlbyC&index=8

Dynamic Issuance analysis results thus far will be posted by Luke on the 1Hive forum before the next Luna call on Friday, Feb 12.

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:honeybee: Buzz Swarm:

Buzz DAO has completed 90% of the original plan that was posted within our three month strategy. We are now in the data collection phase and will start creating analysis to further our marketing efficacy on our planned initiatives.


  • Finalized Google structure data for Honeyswap Google search results
  • Started planning various events 1Hive can host for different demographics.
  • Initiated airdrop events on social channels
  • 1Hive project coordination meeting for marketing.
  • Created buzz schedule
  • Added 11 new bounties for upcoming projects. 2 are taking place currently(HNY on Main) and another 2 are underway (Agaave)
  • Initiated 1 xdai quest to airdrop and onboard new members on 1hive
  • Initiated Ramp Network cashback event ( currently around 4000 eu. were deposited to buy xdai through Ramp)
    -Creating competitions for designers ex. (Christmas NFT contest) and started exploring on further concepts on the NFT designing and distributing through staking,
    LP farming, random dropping, quest rewarding etc. Ideally this will reward the artists and the NFT collectors in a fair manner.
  • Managing the social curator channel and creating social media campaigns, news and informing about 1hive project updates.

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:star: Quests Swarm:

Quests swarm have been working on fixing the backbone of the code to make sure everything is working as intended, we have been making the design of the website on figma, playing around with ipfs. @willjgriff :honeybee: have bless us with a nice technical spec of the project.

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:ear_of_rice:Dev Swarm:

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Minerva Mobile Wallet

Developer Updates
Latest Version 1.0.13 (released Feb 5)

  • Automate token icon discovery → Done
  • Export private key for accounts → Done
  • WalletConnect multi-session management → Done
  • WalletConnect interactions with applications → Harder than expected

Additionally we updated icons and network designs and prepared designs for the Ramp.network integration and the app authentication setting.

Outlook next 2 weeks:

  • Automate token discovery
  • Token value calculation
  • Finish WalletConnect integration
  • Start Bridge Integration
  • Prepare for Google Play Store Listing

Kshazu - NFT on Dai

Developer Updates

  • If you’re a Phaser dev or a JS dev who would love to work on games here’s the doc.
  • Join the Kshazu team at our Discord server and get in on a great NFT project at the ground floor!

Important Discussion & Posts


So many things coming up! im really excited for the future of 1hive

thanks for the recap boring!! great stuff

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The Honey token also has been tracked by blockfolio.com

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As always, excellent work! Thanks for your efforts. :honeybee:

I also published the Recap on Medium.

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