Terra Swarm 4th Proposal

Proposal Information


This is the 4th proposal of Terra Swarm, mainly working on translation of 1Hive’s documentation and working towards international outreach to mitigate the language barrier of entry into the DAOsphere.


This proposal will be for the continuation of the Terra Swarm. This Swarm was established to be centered around rewarding translations based on metrics discussed in this proposal. The main goals of Terra have been to translate documentation from other swarms, keep the wiki updated in every language, and act like “ambassadors” in communities that may feel excluded due to the language barrier.

For the translation of the documentation, we have been using a bounty system similar to the one being used by Buzz Swarm. The languages we have been trying to prioritize for translations are based on the demographic data that we have on Honeyswap’s main page and these consist of Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, and Romanian.

It has been more than four months since our last proposal that was passed and executed in May. Since then, we have tried to cut spending in order not to put extra burden on the declining fiat value of HNY. Hence, we have managed to sustain the swarm up to this point.

During this period, we decided to put the translations of Agave Weekly Updates on hold as of the 10th Development Update; and instead, informed the respective communities in a few tweets. Talking about Twitter, in addition to the Spanish Twitter accounts, we have also encouraged our contributors to bootstrap 1Hive Twitter accounts in other languages such as Turkish, French, and Romanian, and have been paying the social admins of these accounts based on the number of original tweets with a reasonable remuneration.

Since May, we have also continued to cover the translation of our Monthly Recaps, in addition to our introductory articles for the Honeycomb and the sustainable farming incentives developed by the Tulip Swarm.

In sum, the following have been the articles that we have translated since our last proposal:

And the following are our social accounts in various languages:

For the payments of translations, we have checked and established an industry standard, which is around $0.11 per word; and the total breakdown of all the translations payments can be seen in this sheet: Terra Financials

And for the Social Admins, we are paying 5$ per original Tweet limited to a total of 30 tweets every month.

As to why we will be requesting funds for the following period:

  1. In August, as part of their duties in the Support Swarm, @eenti carried out a huge overhaul over the 1Hive Wiki, editing some of the sections, and adding a few new sections in order to render the wiki more stable and easier to navigate for the newbees. So, since August, I have personally been expecting a bit of an upwards price movement of HNY before drafting this proposal and decided to put the update on hold; alas, no such thing has happened unfortunately. Therefore, with the funds, we will be covering the translation of the wiki updates and restructuring the translated version of the wiki in other languages.

According to our calculations, in order to follow the industry standards, we would need to ask for at least $500 per language as the updated text itself is at least 5000 words; however, due to the price decline of HNY, we will be asking 1.5 HNY for each language.

  1. We have launched Gardens, and according to @gabi Gardens wiki has almost reached to a point where we can translate it to other languages. As Gardens is most probably going to be our flagship product, as members of Terra Swarm, we also believe that Gardens documentation should be translated to other languages in order to attract local communities to have their own Garden using conviction voting to optimize funding public goods.

According to our calculations, at this point; Gardens documentation consists of at least 10k words, which would mean at least $1k per language translated. Similar to the Wiki Update, we will be asking 3 HNY for each language to cover the translation of the entire Gardens documentation.

  1. As it has become a tradition in 1Hive, we are releasing Monthly Recaps as a DAO would not have a Roadmap. So, we would like to continue translating the Monthly Recaps into several languages as we have always done in the past.

Based on previous payments for the Monthly Recaps, we are paying approximately $150 for each translation. Because we are planning to use the funding from this proposal until the beginning of next year, we will be carrying out the calculations for a period of three months.

  1. Agave platform was launched on the 1st of September, and as part of our marketing efforts, we are releasing a series of “How to Agave” articles. As Agave was first envisioned as a product that would allow individuals with relatively smaller portfolios to experience Decentralized Finance (hence, whose native language is most probably not English), we believe it is essential that we translate “How to Agave” series into other languages.

We are expecting each of these articles to consist of approximately 500 to 1000 words. Hence, we made the calculations for the payment of these series accordingly.

  1. As mentioned earlier, we have encouraged social admins (specifically Twitter) in order to have better international outreach on our social media channels. We would like to maintain these accounts.


Members of Terra DAO

  • lEscanore: Translations Lead, Multi Linguist & Demographic Expert
  • Boring877: Accounts and Management, Multi Linguist
  • Mrtdlgc: Translation Expert, Researcher
  • Doge: Management
  • Stonky: Translation Expert, Multi Linguist
  • Armog: Turkish Translator, Social Admin
  • Enti: Spanish Translator
  • Omahs: French Translator, Social Admin
  • Merve: French QA
  • Dw: Portuguese Translator
  • Luigy: Portuguese QA
  • Amoxa: German Translator
  • Fried: German Translator + QA
  • Stonky: Italian Translator +QA
  • Goldoni: Italian Translator + QA
  • Zer8: Romanian Translator, Social Admin
  • Solarmkd: Romanian Translator
  • Hernando: Spanish QA

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: Total of 50 HNY at a current average of 280$ per Honey

Wiki Update Gardens Wiki Monthly Recaps How to Agave Social Admins
1.5*6=9 HNY 3*6=18 HNY 3*3=9 HNY 1.5*6=9 HNY 5 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

0x661b575cCBdbEe87d1713a07d31A40d63147e7EF (Terra Swarm Colony)

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Above mentioned funds to be allocated for translations and Weekly Recaps are inclusive of other duties, which are not possible to be measured by hourly rates or rates per word, but rather require occasional full-time dedication.

Link to the Honeypot: Honey Pot


Nice work boss… Keeping the community together…:handshake: