1 Hive Monthly Recap - October 2021

Hey everyone,
By far the longest Recap…I’d say that’s good news!
Take your time to read it through.

Thanks to @Escanor - @metaverde - @Felix - @gabi - @chuygarcia92 - @ComandoBurrito - @ZER8 - @solarmkd - @pab

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:sunflower:Gardens Swarm


Garden onboarding

We finalize the work on the onboarding experience to create a new Garden from the UI.

Add notifications

A new feature that includes a notification section to review latest transaction activity on the website.

Add price oracle updater

A new feature that allows any user to keep the price oracle up to date on the metrics section of each Garden.

Improve DX

We improve the developer documentation of the Garden monorepo:

Multichain support

We update all the Gardens apps repos to use hardhat:

We deployed AragonOS on Mumbai and Polygon networks:

We also deployed the Aragon Organization subgraph and Gardens apps on those networks.

User onboarding

We gave support to the Giveth project and helped them test their Garden end to end.

1hive.org landing page

We decide to create a temporal version in webflow until we have the bandwidth to create a final version.


Gnosis Safe (Zodiac)

A smart contract update that allows users with a Gnosis Safe to leverage the Gardens framework. In this Garden configuration, the Gnosis Safe is the Common Pool of the Garden and Conviction Voting proposals will transfer funds directly from the Safe.

Smart Contract changes:


We started collaborating with DeepDAO to integrate Gardens as a new DAO framework on their website. As requested by them we create a document to explain how to fetch data from Gardens: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

BrightID Gatekeeper

A new smart contract that can be attached to any AragonOS DAO (including Gardens) to prevent DAO members from performing certain actions unless they are validated with BrightID:

The initial prototype of this work is:

Related links

Gardens workspace: zenhub

:globe_with_meridians:Commons Swarm:

  • We have released an online tool to create votes using the evm-crispr library: the EVMcrispr Terminal. It is already actively being used by many DAOs to create votes, such as TEC, Giveth, Agave, and it will be included in the Gardens frontend as well.
  • We have released a new article of the “Commons Swarm Outcomes” series: A fundraising module for DAOs. This second part is focused on describing the different pieces of the Hatch DAO that can be composed altogether in different options to be able to offer many kinds of fundraisings.

Some other cool stuff you can check out:

  • Some people from the swarm built Osmotic Funding is our latest hackathon project that combines Conviction Voting and Superfluid Finance to create funding streams to back proposals over time with a varying rate per month determined by the amount of conviction each proposal has.


We’re currently discussing if our governance migration is the best plan of action still. Sacha has recently shared concern about the centralising occurring within Ethereum and has suggested waiting a bit to see how this develops before making any decisions.

:rosette: Pollen Swarm:

Pollen is currently using a usd peg of $15k / week up 25 HNY. The Pollen DAO will make efforts to optimize weights again going forward given the reduced funding. Escanor & cryptoclip are our newest members to join the swarm, also this time we have a 5 HNY gap for managing/hosting the pollen swarm.

Useful links:

:yellow_heart:Support Swarm:

Support Swarm has been actively working, making it easier for new individuals to get onboarded to 1Hive, help solving specifically technical problems that people may encounter using 1Hive’s products, and educating those individuals to engage in blockchain transactions in a secure manner.

Our goals:

  • To help with onboarding & troubleshooting.
  • Highly active team (high accountability no work = no pay)
  • Develop community people trained (group of 4 to consult with each other)
  • Facilitator role; he will supervise, review the analytics, and pay the correct amount of HNY to the supporters.
  • Keeping the Wiki updated.

Senior Supporter:

  • Eenti
  • Stonky
  • Solarmkd
  • Fabio


  • Escanor

Our new proposal passed and you can check it here: Community Supporter 7th Month Proposal - :herb: Proposals - 1Hive 2

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

As expected, October has been a very busy month for Terra Members. Lots of documentation to translate. The work was underlined in detail in the Terra Swarm 4th Proposal.

The first part of the translations (in Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and now in Chinese as well) are related to upgrading the 1Hive Gitbook Page.

Over 4000 words of work has been done by the team that, right after, started with the translation of the Gardens Gitbook, which is one of the priorities for the end of October and beginning of November. Further translations will include, as usual, the monthly recaps and, if the funding allows it, the translation of some of Agave’s documentation, starting with the “How to Agave” series that include guides that can be very useful for the community.

Our work for the month of November will keep being very busy and we plan on completing, for all languages, the 2 gitbook pages.

Useful Links:

:cactus:Agave Swarm:

Agave has been working and producing a lot of exciting news in the next month.

The community got together in 2 AMA, on September 30th and October 14th.

We advise you to follow Agave’s Twitter page for a constant stream of information. In this month the DAO has made quite some announcements.

Oct 1st - Live Option Trading on Hedgey Finance

Oct 5th - How To Agave 2: Call Options, Medium Article

Oct 9th - Announcement of our 4th AMA

Oct 11th - Alvin is Back!

Oct 12th - $Stake + $Agve Rewards announcement

Oct 14th - New Farms on Swapr (Agve/xDai pair available)

Oct 14th - Agave Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

Oct 15th - Distribution POAP

Oct 19th - How to Agave 3: Contributing, Medium Article

Oct 20th - Alvin Lands on Arbitrum, Medium Article

Oct 21st - Announcement of Alvin Deployment on Arbitrum

Oct 24th - Agave Listing on DefiLlama

Oct 25th - Deep Dive from Youtuber Everything Cryptocurrency

Oct 27th - Announcement partnership Agave x Symmetric

Agave’s Safety Module has over 30% of the current supply locked, and the TVL increased to over 1.5MM as soon as depositing $Stake has been enabled on the Agave Platform.


Alvin is back. As promised, the Agave DAO kept its word and redeployed the Alvin plushie, giving him a new life.

Most specific are available on Alvin’s dedicated web page. A detailed article is available here: Alvin Lands on Arbitrum

There will be 500 Alvin, redeemable for a plushie that can be shipped worldwide. The token is already available on Swapr on Arbitrum. Users can purchase one Alvin on xDai and the token will be airdropped manually on Arbitrum.

:butterfly:Morphosis Swarm:

Tec labs and ygg have invited meta🐝 to host a series of labs, from mid-November through February. The labs will start by going through Lesson 1 of CryptoZombies.
There is a post about Lesson 1 on the Forum as well, which I will add to as questions and suggestions come up about the topics.

Vyvy-vi has found someone from Eddy Hub to teach an introduction to git and Github for 1Hive. Please watch for updates.

Useful links:

:sun_with_face:Celeste Swarm:

More updated from Celeste Swarm in the next recaps.

Useful Links:

:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

Social media activities and milestones :

For the last month,we’ve decided to focus our efforts on in-house marketing within the social media channels we control as a DAO. Therefore we welcomed new members in the Buzz DAO such as zer8 to help blazingthirdeye with the social media posts.
Other than that we want to mention harsh24 and rohekbenitez that are helping with their valuable designs and hernandoagf for helping us building the Discord twitter bots. More info and execution to follow next month on this…

With the current focus on our in house marketing team we were able to achieve some really awesome milestones for our twitter. We reached 8k followers on the Honeyswap Twitter, 5k members on 1hive as well as 6k members on our Discord server.

Promotions, collaborations and improvements :

Marketing Promotion :

  • We had call with Curlybracket from Rabbithole together with the xDai team members and we discussed for the possibilities on creating a Rabbithole journey with scope of promoting 1Hive and Agave on xDai chain.


  • We successfully launched Honey calls with the help of our friends from the Hedgey Finance team with scope of creating a 1Hive treasury.
    You can see the markets here : https://market.hedgey.finance/xdai
    Working with Hedgey to makee a new treasury proposal… more to follow in November.

Improvements :

  • Our team managed to add Honeyswap TVL for Polygon chain on DefiLama tracking site.

  • Implementation of the subgraph for Cryptokek charts including ETH pairs for Honeyswap on Polygon chain.

  • The Social-curation bot has been upgraded and now possess“The Principle of non-oposition” , meaning you can create suggestions on the social curation requests by using the lightbulb emoji. Credits for this new idea goes to sacha D0SH and hernandoagf for developing that new idea.

  • New design of 1Hive medium page (3 articles for Monthly recap for 1Hive DAO and 1 article for BrightID/Gardens).

  • Buzz Dao Proposal #3 Forum Post

  • Buzz Dao Proposal #3

  • List of Active Bounties

  • Buzz Dao Bounty Board

  • Buzz

P-F-P Swarm:

At long last some members of the 1Hive community have decided on the importance of creating and organizing a PFP NFT project with the 1Hive thematic in order to help reach a bigger audience and consolidate our community within the NFT space.

If launched right this project could have an amazing impact in 1Hive.
Below are some of the advancements:

  • The swarm is at it’s incipient phazes, we have a organised a small team around the project
  • The leaders and designers have been decided wrt to their involvement and contributions in the Swarm until the present day
  • Art submissions are the next step and the 1Hive community will decide which direction we will go in.

Management wise we have:

-two community leaders and one consultant

-three designers

-one very active developer

-support from the Buzz swarm

:star:Quests Swarm:

More updated from Quest Swarm in the next recaps.

Useful links:

:ledger:Canon Project:

The Canon Project has been paused for this month as two core contributing members on the art side of things have been busy with projects that involve shorter delivery timeframes. On the sidelines, research on all topics regarding nfts, daos, collections, curation, minting, distribution methods, etc. is being conducted by Pab in order to really make conscious decisions for the best possible outcomes regarding both the collection and its impact on the swarm as well as the broader 1Hive community.

We are still looking for developers, artists, community manager(s), etc. This project will not develop any roadmaps as of now, as a lot of the work being done is of an experimental nature, for the same reason and to give space for research, its development will continue to happen slowly.

Useful links:


Hey everyone :honeybee: ! :honeybee: Special thanks to casale and of course all the bees :honeybee: that linked their wallet and participated in the airdrop and helped us! :PeepoBeeKind: :HoneyBlock: Honey Plots :HoneyBlock: where dropped to each of your wallets some hours ago, you should now be able to claim them in Hivecraft :brick:! :brick: You can see the NFT in your Unifty wallet! Just register the collection in the wallet tab. Collection address: 0xaA21065406d0b5ec39776b416Fe704E6e01bAb60 :HoneyBlock::HoneyBlock::HoneyBlock::HoneyBlock::HoneyBlock::HoneyBlock::HoneyBlock::HoneyBlock: :MCHoneyPot: Here’s a guide on how to claim them! :ledger:-honey-plots-claiming :brick: Let us know if you have any problem :HoneyComb: Also anyone that is present now and wants help or anything me and Ermini0 will be for a while in the voice chat and in the Hivecraft Honey Plots.

Useful links:

:tulip:Tulip Swarm:

Tulip hasn’t been active lately.
Enti suggested pivoting Honeyswap to emphasise providing liquidity tools for DAOs
on this Forum post.

Autonomy had previously been talking with Tulip swarm about adding stops and limits to Honeyswap. The plan had been to go forward after their audit. Their audit was completed, but there’s not anyone in Tulip to pick this back up.

See you all for November’s Monthly Recap. Stay safe

Stonky :honeybee:


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Thanks y’all for the amazing work you’ve been doing in the community. @Stonky together we thrive…

@Stonky wonderful recap and kudos to all 1hive community members for ur great works we should keep the good work going

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