Terra Swarm Meeting Notes - 04.02.2021

Hello( ̄︶ ̄)~~

Thanks for everyone attend to last terra swarm meeting, we would like to shear some of our thought with community and encourage people to join us ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ ~~

:earth_africa: Terra Swarm - 04.02.2021

:bookmark_tabs: Agenda

  1. Wiki
  2. International Discord
  3. The management and organizing
  4. Brainstorming

:ok_man: Action Step:

:computer: Wiki

  • Portugese QA has been finished
  • Turkish QA is halfway done.
  • German translation will be done by “sirhamude” and “Friedrengi”.
  • Spanish translation is almost finished and QA will be done
  • Italian hasn’t been finished yet (going to be asked to Stonky)

:wave: International Discord:

  • Speak with the buzz dao to promote international discord (Doge)
  • Add task in the bounty forum to join 1hive international discord(boring)
    • Maybe make a new bounty for popular language.
    • Iescanore(spanish) mrt(Turkish) Dw(Portugese)
  • Link Cross pollination to 1hive.(Dosh).
  • Ask brightID to help with translation.(Dosh)

:pray: Management and Organizing:

  • Managing each language in the international discord.
  • Active language.

:wink: Brainstorming:

  • Add Romaninan for to do translations list
  • Ask the community if they want philipino translation
  • Add the bounty for joining the international discord server
  • Set up an amount of honey for wiki mannteinance
  • Meme competition (per language)
  • Add funding for the weekly recap translations.

:white_check_mark: Attendance

  1. @boring877
  2. @DogeKing
  3. @DW
  4. @Etsyo
  5. @mrtdlgc
  6. @D0SH
  7. @Escanor

:earth_africa:Terra dao meeting