Troubleshooting problems on Metamask

Awesome! This is sooo helpful. Thanks!

Fantastic guide. I have printed it and I have it in my desktoop. Thanks a lot.

Such a great guide. I want to add, and it is a bit differnt, but I had Metamask issues with the compoment finance section. In tutorial videos it says you can bring over the MAX amount and that amount will then fill in the section to bridget over (in my case BSC Xdai to WXDAI) But I could not do that. I had to put like .001 less than the max, some kind of weird bug. If I do it again I will get a screen shot


hello everyone,
i have the same issue while claiming from faucet and i tried most of the steps you mentioned but with no avail
and now i don’t have enough xdai in my wallet to proceed with more tries
and the faucet you mentioned at does not give me any thing at all there is not even an activity from it on my metamask wallet

so what to do now? this is my first claim from HNY faucet ever and i dont have any HNY to swap it either can some one help me please

Hey bud… if you are new to 1Hive and the xDAI… have you tried completing the ‘New User Bounty’ ?? Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. Its a simple quzzie that if you complete correctly will get you 1xDAI which should be enough for multiple transactions!! Give it a go… also there is a bot on the 1Hive discord server that when available gives you a fractions of an xDAI for gas. Hope one of these helps you out. If all else fails come over the Discord and ask the question in either #general or #help and someone will help you out.

If you have tokens in BSC Network or Matic Network you can use the bridges for sending tokens to 1hive and swap them to xDai

thank you @Kaselol but your method requires having tokens on the matic network which is not aplicable in my case as i don’t have any, but thanks for your reply and effort at least it has opened up anew option for others if not for me

thank you @project_uwb for your reply i have done the quiz as you suggested but i still haven’t received any xdai so any idea how long will it take for it to give me the bounty as the period for the claim is nearing its end and i don’t want to miss my claim not after all the xdai amount wasted on trying to get it

From what i konw its a manual process and could take a couple of days as someone from the 1Hive community processes the payments manually. I would suggest not to worry about loosing the current term as the HNY you receive is about 0.0002 (around $0.20). Worst case you get the 1xDAI from the new user bounty in a couple of days and then you can start claiming. Again as i suggested, if there is issues claiming please try the discord for help. It will be much easier and there is a ton of other people that could help you out! Good luck

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Que tal buenas noches, tengo un problema en metamask, actualmente tengo DOGELON “ELON” el cual quiero cambiar por ETH dentro de metamask pero al querer hacer el cambio me aparece que " no hay cotizaciones" alguien sabe el motivo de esto y como puedo solucionarlo?

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FYI the HNY payment from faucet is now 0.0001.

I didn’t mean to hijack the thread but it seemed relevant.

Hello, my metamask only processes deposits, not withdrawals, how can I solve it?
I appreciate the help

Thanks that was helpful

Which chain are you trying to send it on xDai? And are you trying to bridge it or just send to another xDai address ?

Great help from you, nice one

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Extra tip which wasn’t added to the post.

Always save your Metasmask recovery phrase. Please!

I was trying to make a transaction yesterday and it crashed, so I had to uninstall the app and install it back then recovery my funds with the recovery phrase. If I hadn’t saved it somewhere that would have been the end! So just to be save, copy out your recovery phrase. :grin::honeybee:

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hello check url or you can also do it automatically with the chainlista page
I leave you a guide that I do here
:point_down: :point_down:

I happened once with a wallet, I lost everything that was in it now I write them down in a diary, it is better to be on the safe side

Exactly! Luckily, I had my phrase jotted down somewhere it would have been bad for me… well, not too bad but you get it. KEEP THEM RECOVERY PHRASES safe, guys!

I admire the fact that someone can put things on him to help others run through their difficulties, though I think a short video clip on discord or on a YouTube channel will help because some people get confused at a spot after trying to troubleshoot themselves… Especially me, I prefer to follow a video guide.

And talking about the Xdai faucet, I didn’t receive anything yesterday, I tried my meta mask wallet address it didn’t work, then I tried my Portis address, and it still didn’t work… why is that please ???