How to Use Binance as an On-Ramp for xDai

Hello there, bees. Recently, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to xDai Chain bridge was opened in beta. With the introduction of bsc-to-xdai bridge, it is now possible to use Binance as an on-ramp and bridge your funds to xDai, where you can enjoy almost feeless trading experience. I decided to write this step-by-step guide as I have seen that not many people are aware of this opportunity. And considering the high gas fees on Ethereum mainnet, I think this provides a great alternative.

First of all, I should mention that there’s a specific issue with the tokens of BSC. As tokens on BSC are not the native Ethereum tokens and Binance-Peg equivalents of those tokens, when you bridge over from BSC to xDai, the token minted is not the native equivalent on xDai.

Note: I strongly suggest you not to bridge over any token other than Dai and USDC using the bsc-to-xdai bridge as you will not be able to find liquidity for Binance-Peg tokens on the xDai side to trade them.

Step 1 – Withdraw DAI from Binance to BEP20 address:

Just put your Metamask wallet address to Recipient Address section in the following image. And do not forget to select BEP20 to withdraw tokens.

Step 2 – Adding Binance Smart Chain as Custom RPC to Your Metamask

Now that you have withdrawn your DAI to your BSC wallet, you should add BSC to your Metamask as a Custom RPC to be able to connect to BSC network to use the bridge. For this, you should set the RPC parameters on Metamask, and it should look like the following:

And you can also find alternative RPC URLs on this link:

Step 3 – Using BSC-to-xDai Bridge

In order to bridge your DAI from BSC network to xDai network, you should go to this link:

To use the bridge, you need to choose BSC on your Metamask to be able to see your funds on the bridge. When connected to the bridge on BSC network, your DAI will be shown on the left, which in turn will give you Dai Stable Coin on xDai after you approve spending limit and transfer your funds.

Note: In order to use the bridge, you will need to have some BNB in your wallet to cover the transaction fees on BSC side.

Step 4 – Swapping Dai Stablecoin on xDai to wxDai.

Now that you have bridged over your Dai from BSC network. You are ready to swap those Dai to wxDai in order to be able to trade with them on Honeyswap. For this, you will use Component Finance.

Go to and connect to the website with your wallet, set for xDai network. To add xDai network as a Custom RPC on your Metamask, you should do the same when you were adding BSC as a Custom RPC. However, this time, it should look like the following:

And you can find a list of alternative RPC URLs for xDai on our Wiki:

After connecting to with your Metamask, you should click on Swap tab and choose DAI (BSC) and WXDAI like in the following screenshot:

Approving the transaction and swapping, wxDai, which has liquidity and usable for trades on Honeyswap.

And you can also unwrap your wxDai using the website as well.

Note: If you do not have any xDai in your wallet to cover the transaction fees for swapping your DAI (BSC) to wxDai, you are lucky as you can use the xDai faucet to get 0.01 xDai, which will be enough to cover most of your transactions.

If you think I missed anything, please let me know so that we can improve this tutorial, guys.

And here is a great video tutorial by @D0SH following the same steps, just adding one more, using pancakeswap, which is also possible to swap your bnb to dai :slight_smile:


Great guide! Thanks @mrtdlgc will have the video up and running soon for this :honey_pot:

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Very helpful for us, thanks so much for your hardwork @mrtdlgc appreciated :kissing_heart:

This will surely help a lot of people transition to xDai. Good Job!

Would I have to buy the DAI on Binance?
Can I transfer DAI from Main to Binance then do the process?

Yes, Buy DAI on Binance and transfer it to metamask using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) then swap to xDAI chain

Yep, you can do exactly that as well :slight_smile:

But you need Binance to be able to withdraw these to the binance smart chain.

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nice job mrt, people were asking for this in help. now we can send them to this. thanks(´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

Thanks for the post @mrtdlgc I did it today, but I couldn’t unlock the lock you mentioned in step 3.I guess there wasn’t enough bnb in my wallet.i’ll try next time like this.

Yep, you’ll need some BNB for the transaction to take place on BSC side.


@mrtdlgc I din’t follow your exact path but here is the video to your guide for visual learners :slightly_smiling_face:

:video_camera: Binance To xDai


congratulation for this!

This is awesome! So effectively, one could move from BSC to xDAI and then over to ETH through various bridges, without having to trust the Binance Bridge?

This is great! Excellent job @mrtdlgc @D0SH! :honeybee:

Yep, once you bridge over to xDai, you can then buy any token you want on Honeyswap, and then use the Ethereum Omnibridge to move your funds to Mainnet.

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Thanks, a very welcome contribution!!

excellent job! thanks for easy-to-apply narration

Tremenda noticia será más fácil depositar en xdai

I don’t know why but those BSC RPC domains are blocked by government in my country making the BSC network can’t accessible in my country except using VPN. :joy: :joy: :joy: By the way, i want to ask. Is it safe to conduct transactions in metamask using VPN?

It safe I thought. I using it every day :smiley: