Troubleshooting problems on Metamask

This is a short tutorial on how to fix problems with Metamask. If you have a transaction that isn’t going through (for example, you’re making a claim on the faucet), then this guide is for you. This also fixes errors like the following.


Before we proceed with troubleshooting metamask, please check you’re on the xDai network (not the Ethereum mainnet). You can do this by clicking into settings --> networks. Your settings for the custom RPC should be as follows:

Network Name: xDai
ChainID (Optional): 100
Symbol: xDai
Block Explorer URL:

Additional tips:

  • Some users also experience the ‘transaction has failed’ error because their time or date is not synced properly on their PC. To sync your PC, right click the date/time at the bottom right, and click ‘adjust date/time’, then click ‘sync now’.

  • Brave Browser sometimes causes issues, so if yours persists, try Google Chrome

  • If you are getting the ‘Invalid Custom Network’ error, switching RPC servers can rectify the problem. If you are using switch to and vice-versa

  • I also recommend clearing the cache on Chrome, this has caused users some problems (especially when using the Ledger). Now we’re ready to get started.

Generally, most problems can be fixed using the:

Basic Method

  1. In your Metamask UI, click the top right circle icon that will display some color pattern.

  2. Then click on the settings tab at the bottom of the list.

  3. From here click Advanced.

  4. Then click Reset Account.

  5. Finally click Reset.

Now all your pending transactions will disappear, and you will be able to transact properly with the network. If you still have problems, head to the advanced section.

Advanced Method:

If the basic method still fails, the advanced method is for you. Basically what we need to determine is which transaction is stuck, and what nonce is applied to that transaction.

  1. Going back into advanced settings, scroll down until you reach the ‘Customize transaction nonce’ setting and click that on.

  2. Now we need to find out if there is a transaction that has failed on the blockchain. So head over to and search your address in the top right. A list of transactions will populate, and you want to look for one that is red and says error as follows.

  3. Click into the errored transaction, and find the nonce number. This number we will use in a new transaction. If you cant find the nonce number, leave the nonce blank for now, proceed to step 4.

  4. Now you can send yourself some amount of xdai in by going send --> enter your address --> enter the amount ($0.01) --> hit next. Then you will be prompted to enter a ‘custom nonce’ in which you will enter the same one that failed. In my case this will be 25. If you do not know the nonce number, leave this blank.

  5. Then hit confirm. The transaction will replace the previously errored transactions, and will post to the blockchain. You can now perform what task you were originally trying to do. If it doesn’t work, continue to step 6.

  6. Next you need to check the pending transactions in your activity list in Metamask. Now locate the nonce number of the pending transaction. Once you have this number, reset your account using the basic method, and redo step 4. If the transaction fails again, try again by resetting your account (or clearing the pending transactions), and inputting a higher nonce number.

  7. If you still cant get it to work, head over to the faucet at Use the faucet and it will post a new transaction to your account. This transaction will process all previous ones and you will be unstuck. You can also get someone to send a transaction to your wallet.

If you find this and other posts helpful, you can support the content creators by giving it a like. If you experience any more problems feel free to ask for help in the #help channel of the discord - myself and others would be glad to help you further if you are still experiencing problems.


I love these Blazar, keep em coming !

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great tutorial thanks this has helped me once

Excellent info! Thanks for taking time and putting out.

I began using Honeyswap yesterday. I was able to get xDai onto the network and make some trades. It was excellent, however when I tried to send coins from my metamask (on the xDai network) to an exchange it would process the transaction and complete but the coin would not showup at the exchange. I’m also puzzled about sending coins between the xDai network and the main Etherium network.

Where did you send what, exactly? Please do not send funds from the xDai network to an exchange on the main network as they will likely never see them.

You need to: (1) switch them back to the main ETH network first using the Dai or Omni bridge.

(2) Then you will have them on the same account, but on the ETH network (or vice versa) and can then send them to any Main ETH exchange.


Hey Bodeman, first off welcome. You definitely do not want to be sending coins out of the xdai ecosystem directly to exchanges. Tokens on the xdai ecosystem run on a different contract address, so if sent to an exchange, they would have to be the ones to return those tokens to you. If you want to transfer your coins, please use the

OK that’s good to know. I sent 1 link to Bianance to test it, so I gather that the 1 link is irretrievable. I wonder if other people assumed that they could transfer coins out of Xdai onto exchanges.

It’s very good of you to test it with a small amount!

Actually Binance should be able to retrieve it as it will be on your Binance deposit account, they just need to add the xfai network, switch that account to the xDai network and send it back. But I assume they will not be too happy about that and likely it’s so automated/shielded that it would need intervention from CZ himself :wink:

But you are correct, it is an easy mistake to make. Crypto is still eons away from becoming mainstream.

Trezor not working with Xdai in metamask. Xdai is locked up as i was able to get Xdai, but now cant do anything on XDAI Network. Trexzor does not allow me to do anything. How can i fix this?

Hello @maymay, welcome to the 1Hive discourse
I have no Trezor, so have no idea, it would be best to ask them directly.
Also, the xDai Discord would be a good place to look, surely there are other Trezor users there.

Could you report back here, so others can learn from your solution?

Hello, I am Nleng, I don’t know if anyone here can help me. I sent 210 uni token, from Honeyswap, with my Metamask connected to xdai chain, directly to my Binance uni address.
I haven’t received the coins on Binance, is there anything I can do to recover the coins, or are they lost

Hello @nleng, welcome to the hive. Please see my explanation for this exact situation, a few posts above:

You might be able to recover them with help from Binance, you need to contact them directly.

Thank you Harry, The mistake i did was that i sent the tokens, it was Uni token, 210.42609 UNI, from Honeyplate form while i was connected to the xDai network. I didn’t know i had to first convert using the bridge.
i was sending from this address 0x593c38670663396e583a99fcaf706454D5586826 to 0xe1604bc85D8DAfbFF6c0B84E0EF3F8236066d978
here is the

i contacted the support on Binance and provided all this information, but they kept asking me to contact the support team of Honey, and they were asking for the TxID.
I am really helpless and confused.
I don’t know what else to do.

How can I direct or guide Binance support team, in other for them to be able to help me? what should I tell them ?

Oh man, that sucks, sorry to hear that they are giving you a hard time.

You already gave them all the info they need, they just need to do some work. Explain to them that your UNI’s are in the exact wallet where they should be (your deposit wallet I assume), but that they were sent using the xDai chain.
I have not had any contact with Binance, so not sure how/if their support works.

I also doubt that a regular support person can actually do what is needed, but it is worth trying. Maybe you can ask to escalate to a manager. Good luck!


I will like to ask just a question, does it mean that any funds sent fron the xdai chain to Eth chain without passing through the bridge, does it mean that the funds will be lost?

Well, technically no. But practically yes.

They are in the same wallet you sent them to, but the wallet can only retrieve them if it goes on the xDai chain.

That is easy to do with MetaMask, once you add the xDai chain, you can switch in a second. But I assume Binance’s wallets have a bit more in-house and secure solution that prevents exactly this…

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To recover them Binance would need to attach your deposit wallet address to xdai chain, and then probably transfer them back to you - whether they will do it or not I have no idea, just keep battling with support and telling them the same thing, and that now the coins are in binance wallet honeyswap support cannot do anything as they have been sent to binance. So only binance can return them

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Thanks for this I solve my issues by following the instruction in this guide


Not lost per say. I’m sure there must be a way to recover it since xDai is eth’s side chain. I’m convinced if you search hard enough you must find a way to get them back.

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