Tulip Swarm Updates and Proposal #2

Updates to Tulip Swarm:

  • Sustainable farming contract on xDai is in the testing and deployment phase, and airdrops will be able to be claimed shortly!

  • A special thanks to all beta testers. Buzz DAO will host a giveaway to those who participated

  • Sustainable farming on xDai will launch on Wednesday, June 2nd! :partying_face:

  • Community members will be notified of the launch via official announcements from Buzz (tweets, articles, videos on release)

  • Work is still in progress on the Polygon launch, but it’s expected that the launch will happen a week or two after the launch of xDai (around June 10th - 17th)

  • If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the Honeycomb, you can check it out here: HoneyComb

What Tulip is working on next:

  • MVP launch on Polygon

  • Integrating Swap/Pool, Lending Functionality (upon the launch of Agave), multichain swaps, and Connext (xPollinate)


  • The last funding round was nearly successful in launching the MVP product on xDai and Polygon, but due to unexpected price fluctuations we will require more Honey to continue paying the developers

  • We are requesting an additional 50HNY for a second round of funding to complete the MVP launch of Honeycomb

  • Link to the proposal is: Honey Pot


In strong favor of this proposal especially with all the work the bees have been put in to launch farms and the cross chain swapper :partying_face: Maybe throw a bonus out to all the devs working around the clock to roll these things out :honey_pot:


Considering the final MVP launch is expected to be in 2-3 weeks, and the funding is for the “MVP”, are you implying Tulip will need to spend 50 HNY in the next 2-3 weeks?

Presumably not so can you clarify what else this funding will be used for?


Great update @Blazar Really building up the momentum and I cant wait to try out the farms for real. I was one of the beta testers and would love to see more information on the where/how the giveaway will be launched for the testers.
But overall thanks to all the devs and the associated beez that must have been breaking their back over the last few weeks to get the farms going!
I am really waiting for the HNY szn to arrive and for all the beez to get a boost from the hardwork they have put into this project.


Hey Will,

Thanks for the questions - you have a good point!

The remainder of the funds will be used for starting to process on the remaining features for the Honeycomb wallet, such as integrating swap/pool, multichain swaps, and connext, as well as continued testing and bug fixes that we discover upon the launch on both networks.

I would expect the actual MVP launch to take about 20-25% of the suggested funds, with the remainder being used for the above.


@Blazar great update, many of us are looking forward to the launch of agriculture!

I hope everything goes well!
If you need any graphic content, I will be at your service! :white_check_mark: