Weekly recap CW 49 (30 Nov - 6 Dec)

Weekly recap CW 49


  • on 3.12 BadgerDAO airdrop went live and anyone who participated in 1Hive’s governance ( voted on proposals) got 48 Badger airdroped ( 455 Dai worth as of now)

  • The unofficial telegram which has been spreading a lot of FUD was deleted while the new community-run Telegram channel reached 500+ members already ( t.me/honeyswapdex )


Swarm updates


Updates from the members working on the project:


  • An article about Honeyswap was posted on Defi Times Link

  • A DAO will soon be formed for the Buzz swarm

  • User kryptobi wrote a Medium article on how to buy HNY Link .

  • User davidking has been working hard on a new landing page for Honeyswap. The page is almost finished.


  • A new channel called “Nominations” was created on Discord.
    The channel is described as: Nominations is a channel where you can recognize the work of others, particularly those that you feel are not being properly recognized elsewhere.

Also, don’t forget to donate to Luna cadCAD by 12/17/2020 on Gitcoin https://gitcoin.co/grants/1141/conviction-voting-cadcad-model-improvements-1hive

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Thanks, I also added the gitcoin donstion link to the OP.

add Luna meeting , decisions have been made by Zargham/Luke who are heading the project with Jeff/Jess handling coordination, admin, documentation to launch the project.

also sorry about no following with you ~ been busy , i will try to set it up for this week .

great work as always

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Add Buzz Swarm (Market) meeting , Decisions have been made by Dosh , Blazar and community members about structure of Buzz Swarm and workflow . Their has been work done on structure of buzz in last week.

Add Morphosis swarm , Santigs , Kryptobi and community members agreed to have voice meeting to organize the swarm . The date still has not been set .

Thanks so much for your doing great work. Highly appreciated