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Proposal Information

The Morphosis DAO is a swarm with the purpose of providing education and courses for 1hive members to learn various skills. These skills will allow people to make high value contributions to 1hive and other organizations in the blockchain/DAO space. While the classes will initially be focused on skillsets that are internally valuable to the 1hive community, this is unlikely to be the end goal of morphosis, and I believe we can be much more ambitious in the long term.

Previous discussions of the morphosis DAO can be found

We would like to begin with a pilot using Santigs Data Analysis course described here: Data Analysis Course

The proposed pay for all work related to morphosis is $30/ hr. This includes:

  • pay for instructors
  • creating review and evaluation documents courses to determine course quality, and iterate on the project
  • curriculum resources and creation
  • building out some kind of simple platform for the morphosis project, and any associated dev work

This course, and others in future proposals will likely be setup as a flipped classroom model:

  • most lectures/resources will be async and available to students through the week
  • there will be at least 1 workshop per week that is live time with the instructor, and will be focused on an assignment, and answering questions from students that came up during the week
  • the instructor will be available for the rest of the async in discord to help students

This model is based on a popular method of teaching for a number of software bootcamps, and is a way to teach complex topics with much lower overhead than if all instruction was done live with the instructor.

While initially this and subsequent morphosis proposals will have to be funded through 1hive proposals, and will be provided free to students, in the long term the courses could be revenue generating via a combination of charging students and securing partnerships with organizations that are interested in employing people with specific skillsets.

Proposal Rationale
To educate members of the DAO in skillsets that are valuable to 1hive. In the future this may also be broadened to skillsets that are valuable to partner DAOs.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Santigs curriculum is a 6 week long course. The suggested time period for this pilot is this full 6 weeks.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

me, @Kryptobi, @Santigs, @davidphoenix2020, @Blazar and @solarmkd along with anyone else who is later added to the morphosis swarm DAO.

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
I believe @Santigs has a degree related to data science, although I will let him clarify on that. I have experience teaching and working with a software bootcamp company before and believe I can help recreate the success of that model here.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

The expected instruction time for the 6 week period is based on a $30 / hour wage for roughly 10 hrs / week of work. This comes to ~6.5 HNY at current prices to pay Santigs for instruction. There is likely a similar amount of work for infrastructural and supporting roles including the cost of creating the curriculum, evaluation documents, and building a model for future courses. It is difficult to say exactly where these funds will be spent as this is still an experiment, and the work cannot be done prior to securing funding, however there will be a transparent break down after the course is completed. If there are leftover funds, these will be rolled over to fund future courses, or returned to the common pool in the case where morphosis is discontinued.

The suggested total funding then is 13 HNY for the 6 week period.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
Morphosis DAO agent address: 0xc528450f58c54cb439cb6dae5f7a6c43c85b8f1f

I will be creating this proposal in the next few days after the farm proposal passes, so as not to compete for conviction . In the meantime I would like any further discussion here beforehand. Thanks everyone!


I support this proposal. @befitsandpiper , @Blazar are amazing , doing great job so far. HNY community glad to have all you.

Hello :wave:

it would be better if it like this
providing education and courses for 1hive members to learn Various skills
there are many skills that will help 1hive that are not technical . e.g. marketing .

this need to be break down more , its wild range of tasks that anyone can claim that he helped with .

is the funding going be fixed amount on $ or HNY ?

would like to see threshold of 25% revenue minimum , lets say 10 people apply for the course , those 10 going pay 7.5hny for course . and common pool will pay the rest .
cant fund course if it free ~~ and what guarantee us those member will help 1hive after they got the course . ~~

made this sheet for this swarm let me know if there something need to change . since there is a bit lack of information ~

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Should we start charging from the get go? I was under the impression we should establish something and be sure we can effectively teach things before we start charging people at least significant amounts of money for it. I’m fine with charging something mostly trivial like $1-$5 / week or something to give people some buy-in, but I think the idea of revenue generation needs to be saved for a later date once we have established courses and methodologies.

As far as fixed usd pay goes. We can either pay dollar value at the time the proposal is created, or dollar value at time of payouts. issue with time of payouts is we can run out of HNY in this situation based on volatility. Probably using the $30/ hr based on price at the time the proposal passes is correct since it is then not possible to run out if funds. Although it is then possible to overpay folks. But maybe there is a compromise between these 2 extremes(for example paying out the smaller of the 2 values:
$30 / hr at time of payout if less HNY than at time of proposal).

faucet give roughly $3 weekly , we can charge weekly payment if really people are interested ~ free course never been good idea . since this is first course dont mind it free .

other swarm are using $ dollars , dont see why this one is different, the problem of $30/H it can swing high and its attached to $ , which mean it based on dollars.:smiley:

I agree we have to use the pilot to develop a template for future courses.

This proposal is well written and i fully support it. The pay is modest, i especially like the idea of a fixed wage for all the courses, it takes care of a lot problems. This will eventually become big as long as we maintain certain standards.

I think expenditures has been broken down as best as it can be.
I don’t fancy the idea of charging at this stage, we can start charging when demand surges. If we must derive some sought of value from the students, we can make it compulsory to hold HNY or something similar rather than outright payment. Although i still don’t think all that is necessary at this stage.

loving this proposal, As Dev resources seems to be the bottle neck for further 1Hive at the moment I would love to see some of that.

regardless I support this

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Just created the funding proposal:

I don’t agree with paying for the course.
There are literally thousands of courses available on the internet.
I think if they’re 1Hive courses they should focus on generalizable but 1Hive specific examples.

I’d like to see courses on cloning ethereum dapps onto xdai, for example.
A data science course could focus on data needed for what we do at 1Hive, not a general data science course.
As additional comments.


If we can never charge or have any income potential, this is just another outflow.

Most online classes are only online videos, and have no direct connection to the instructor. Much of the time commitment for these 1hive courses can involve live instruction. We also are a part of a thriving DAO ecosystem and can secure paid work for students. If that’s not valuable, then people should just use existing online courses on their own.

We can’t expect to pay people and always subsidize it through the DAO without potential for revenue.

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That makes sense.
Thank you for explaining.

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