Welcome group en español


I’ve noticed that recently we’ve had more new members that speak spanish. Thinking about solutions for these members and trying to keep the 1hive discord organized, I see that most of these members don’t have a clear landing page and people in the help-es channel have been separated between people with FAQs and technical problems (always great help from spanish-speaking bees :slight_smile:)

How does the community feel about having a welcome page in spanish in Discord to reduce unnecessary traffic and repeating answers for FAQs?

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Interesting idea, i visit the the #help-es channel every once in a while.
Id like this idea to be implemented, but im not sure its the best for the community:
how much traffic of spanish speaking ppl do we really have?
could we afford to make several welcome pages in different languages?
maybe we do idk, it sounds to me like it would generate too much visual noise, and given that discord is already confusing for lots of ppl, it would create even more confusion.
Im just thinking out loud here, id love to see what the community thinks about this.

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What do you think may be a good solution to get newbees informed more efficiently? The growing issue I see is new people entering !verify and !me commands in every channel available (I don’t blame them, it even happened to me at first) and most of these users don’t have english as their first language.

Its not an easy problem to solve, and i do agree its an issue.
I think all comunication channels need to be a bit more organized and coordinated.
i guess the question is: would a welcome channel in discord help organize information?
My personal opinion is that it might, but it wont solve the communication “problem” in the long run.
I do think things are headed in the right direction though, remember: honeyswap its still at its early stages!

OK what about having a small quiz about the information that is included in the welcome channel? If people can answer the top 5 FAQ as if it were a captcha, they may have access to the rest of the server and save the usual questions.
What do you think of this @Escanor?

Could be a great idea, but the disadvantage I see is that maybe we would end having too many channels in the Discord Server! We already have the thread from @Escanor : Bienvenida para hispanohablantes. ¡Preséntate aquí! were we Spanish people can talk about all we want, so maybe it is not too necessary to have a Discord channel as here in the forum we could do it likewise.