Will ETH2 make HoneySwap redundant

Just wanted to have a thought now that we see ETH2 getting steam and I know there is a roadmap. Are we looking at only a year of HoneySwap being marketable as low fees exchange on xDai or do we see still good potential after ETH2 launches and UNISWAP will be more usable since it has more capacity of txns and less fees.

Convince the community whoever has good thoughts about this


If (insertfoodhere)swap has a same pair as uniswap can there be a arbitrage between them? This could make alt-defis usefull even if uniswap would work.

You can already arbitrage between uniswap and honeyswap by sending the funds over the bridge

Is this related to my question or suggestion

My post was in reply to Mikkop above me sorry :sweat_smile: not in relation to your original post. A proper answer to your first post will take more time than I have atm!

Thank you for rising this! I think about it as well.
Who would go to bridge into xDai to trade on Honeyswap, when Ethereum network upgrades to simillar usability as xDai? 1hive have nice basic infrastructure, setup and community, but what will be the purpose of this project without any “product”? Some valuable reason, why the community should exist?

If 1hive moves to Ethereum back again, i have the same question. In case of Honeyswap - what would be the value added compared with more famous Uniswap?
If it is poor copy of Uniswap but with fragment of liquidity, do you mean, people are going to use it just because of 1hive community? Oh yeah, we have nice honey farming. Farming is clear ponzi either marbles without any valuable product/content.

So is there any plan for some valuable usecases?

fair analysis as I said I would like to hear from the community and leaders here

i know 1hive is more than honeyswap but would really love to see a roadmap of sorts if its being discussed

I get good answer here:

It is worth to read the initial topic as well, however this reply is more factual.

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nice explanation :slight_smile: