Would we be willing to provie (dofollow) linkbacks to CMC?

Working still on the CMC Bounty and as part of the form there is the following question:

Please read through the material above and vote in the poll below should we/should we not
add a CMC linkback for Honeyswap.

Linkback vote
  • Provide a CMC dofollow linkback on Honeyswap
  • Do not provide a CMC dofollow linkback on Honeyswap

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Thanks for the answers and keep on buzzing!


hey man,

In my opinion this is not really a big deal. The way I interpreted it when working on HNY’s listing was like this: If I need to send more material / change some material / delete some material, I’d proceed with contacting CMC. For this specific matter, I did not add anything.

I vote on the “no” side, but mostly because I think this is not truly necessary and it mostly slows down your work while waiting people to give their opinions about it.
Take care!

Silly question maybe but where can I copy and paste the links from the dark image shots you post? I’m assuming that’s in Gyazo?

Rationale for my vote:

    1. Dofollow link = No, Nofollow link = Linkback
    1. Our ‘discrimination’ threshold relates to the implementation of Celeste oracle to integrate a hybrid of human (subjective) and AI (polar) decision making and it has not reached the stage where enough data can be evaluated for potential ‘Nofollow patterns’ to be identified and voted on to boost Honey’s SEO. We should therefore provide linkbacks because we may be otherwise excluding segments of the market.
    1. It does not seem to me (as a new contributor to the project) that we are confident enough, collectively to be in favor of discriminating search access to anyone browsing the market at this stage. (Extreme Example: Nofollow links for users that search DOGE coin! Deliberate intention or because no linkbacks were submitted?!). Link backs should be broad enough to ensure they do not exclude a significant part of the market of people we can reach.
  • SUMMARY: We seem to be too blind at this stage, it may not necessary given the bull market fundamentals and if we do not create linkbacks we may be in direct contravention of the covenant in terms of creating a barrier to entry to the HONEY community.

SIDE COMMENT: CoinGecko Vs CoinMarketCap. Hows the SEO on Gecko? (Let’s see how the co-ordinated search effort on CoinMarketCap goes today and compare the result to another mass effort to do it on CoinGecko next).

Feedback welcome. This conclusion is more principle based than driven by technical limitation in this instance. The limitations of cost associated with the providing the linkbacks has not been determined.


Thank you very much for the elaboration, I will definitely take it into consideration!

Especially the following part:

“…and if we do not create linkbacks we may be in direct contravention of the covenant in terms of creating a barrier to entry to the HONEY community.”

Sounds logical.

  • Hows the SEO on Gecko?

We are listed as an exchange on Coingecko, but not all pairs are listed and the information is incomplete.

Do you refer to an inhouse Google account linked to Google Analytics, Tag manager or other (Yandex) as a preference or are you referring to stats accessible on CoinMarketCap as a user? You may have to walk me through it this first time for me to get the reports and communicate the most relevant stuff. Keen to learn tho and pick up stuff fast!

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Very professional answer