Xion Token Round 2 Airdrops on Honeyswap


Go Xion Twitter —> https://twitter.com/xion_global/status/1368920239581315074

1 - Follow them, retweet & tag 2 friends
2 - Hold WXDAI-XGT pool tokens
3 - Also hold any 1 of the following tokens $AGVE, $PRTCLE, $SHWEATPANTS, $ALVIN, $UNCX, $STAKE
4 - comment your wallet address

2.- XGT Airdrops from Xion Finance

Xion.finance, a yield farming and e-commerce dapp on the xDAI chain and Ethereum Mainnet. Now airdropping its second stash of XGT tokens.

1000 users that actively hold any amount of WXDAI-XGT liquidity pool tokens + hold any one of the following tokens via Honeyswap DEX will get an XGT airdrop: AGVE, PRTCLE, SHWEATPANTS, ALVIN, UNCX or STAKE.

Each airdrop is 108 XGT tokens, currently worth $25 at a $0.23 price, which means the total distributed amount is 108,695 XGT worth $25,000. This second round of XGT airdrops is to reward our loyal liquidity providers and allow any specified token holders to easily start farming XGT & NFTs on the xDAI chain. The airdrops will be sent on the 11th March 2021.

Xion opted to go for an xDAI chain airdrop so that anyone can start farming, restaking or trading XGT for less than $0.01 in gas fees. In comparison to the Ethereum mainnet gas fees, that would cost more than your entire $25 of XGT. Giving you more bang for your buck!

3.- Token Features

The cross-chain token called XGT, can be used for yield farming, processing e-commerce payments, minting rewards and simple value transfers. The maximum supply is set at 3 billion tokens.

Various cross-chain mechanics have been developed between the Ethereum mainnet and xDAI chain, to benefit XGT owners with low-cost swaps, attractive liquidity mining, purchasing power and soon rights towards proposed changes to the software.

Additionally, you can collect rare NFTs on the xDAI chain by simply farming XGT. Depending on the amount of liquidity you have provided to the any of the following trading pairs and if you have held your pool shares for a minimum of 1 month: WXDAI-XGT, HNY-XGT, ETH/XGT.

The best thing about using XGT on the xDAI chain is, it is easy to setup a farm for somebody that doesn’t even know the Uniswap basics. Aimed at beginners in crypto who would like to start yield farming without the costly ETH mainnet mistakes, since gas fees are basically irrelevant with XGT on the xDAI chain.

XGT also offers an unparalleled ecommerce use case where users are incentivized to obtain some XGT (either through staking xDAI, through a promotion, or via swapping XGT directly) in order to receive up to 100% discounts on their purchases. Up to 100% cashback purchases will also be available for credit card or DAI/xDAI purchases, once all three of Xions dapps are connected and there is a certain amount of TVL.

The demand for XGT rewards will far exceed any traditional payments system.


Thanks for the info, really helpful :muscle:t4:


excelente información, espero ganarme ese airdrop!

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mas que gracias! exzcelente aporte

Gracias por siempre mantenernos al tanto !

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Como siempre aportando buena información, gracias Kase :smiley:

Pretty cool…I wish you didn’t have to post your address in order to collect this though.

Thanks Kase for this valuable information as always!

Fantastic, good information

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Great info… i wish did not have to give out address in public tweet though!! may be more of these projects need to be nudged to give user privacy more respect!!

Excelente información, muchas gracias, me pondre a hacerlo

Easy guide to collect some free XGT tokens. I guess the first 1000 eligible person will only be able to claim it, So act fast :slight_smile:

I just noticed that they were on dappradar

Thanks to XIon, I already have all of the above WXDAI/XGT,And hold on the PRTCLE

Thanks to XIon Easy guide to collect some free XGT tokens.

Thanks for easy way to stake.

I have question, will I be eligible for 3) step if I hold only 1 PRTCLE?
Also, do you leave your address on main tweet or on retweeted message?

I have writted my adress twice: retweet and coment.
You need the LP + holding one of these tokens. Cheers!


I did the same thing to be safe

I don’t get why we need to post our addresses publicly? Wouldn’t this be easier to manage through a google form or something a little more direct to the team and somewhat more private?

You can open another Metamask account for these airdrops