1Hive Metaverse on Minetest

Hello, 1Hive!

While Hivecraft is already a thing, there is this old idea of decentralizing all the things in Minetest, “the community-driven, open-source voxel game” and platform.

Minetest is a known voxel game in the libre software comunnity, but also a platform, since it provides a multiplayer mode and anyone may fork and change it. Developers are great and willing to collaborate

As such I’ve started a project 4yrs ago https://github.com/dogetest/dogeworld, unfortunately, it didn’t went far, until today :slight_smile:

Now my idea is to turn dogeworld into the scaffold-eth of minetest worlds. Allowing for the creation of very nifty worlds. With effect, servers could become a new onboarding mechanism just like nifty.ink

As such we could have a very 1Hive Minetest Metaverse World Server(s). Minetest also have a educational side and with 1Hive we could have metaverse classes where people would learn, have fun and earn

Why 1Hive?
Because 1Hive is a very welcoming community and believe this very nifty community has now the possibility of building its very own Metaverse

What’s next?
You tell me! Should we start a garden to take it off? How should we approach such a project? What do you think about it? Would you invest? Why not?


hi @xndr you should check the hivecraft project (Hivecraft 🧱 Updates and Discussion #1) maybe we could collaborate and create a subteam/guild to improve hivecraft because it will be cool if we help to portray your idea if minetest bring us the way to be more descentralised than and actual minecraft server :slight_smile:

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Glad to see the Minetest discussion get going again!

We’re hoping to release our governance mod for Minetest in the coming weeks—finally! (One nice thing about building on MT is it is in Lua, which can be adopted in other games that use Lua as well.) I’ve also encountered several MT folks who are interested in developing in-game economies. It certainly seems like this could be best done as a mod rather than by rewriting the whole game at the core-dev level.

It would be great to see the 1Hive metaverse in Minetest. It’s a great game with a lovely community.

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Hi, @ComandoBurrito !

  • Does minetest offer us the way to be more decentralized than the real MC server?

Can you fork the MC?
Can you play MC server for free?
Is the MC written in CPP and allows mods to be programmed in LUA?

Minetest is technically superior and it’s free.

Also, people would first have to buy MC in order to play Hivecraft, which is kind of bad for my moral FLOSS standards

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Want to thank you for starting it

Sounds very interesting, can you tell us how would this be useful on a eventual 1Hive Minetest World?

By dogetest time they were very nice and helpful, they even have a book for modding. Some of the developers also runs a Minetest cloud and allowed me to run a dogetest server for a while for free, but the discussion by the time and I think up to today, was on the lines of “Blockchain Worlds” more than “Nifty Worlds” and also about featuring a wallet, which would need some core refactoring


Sure. The idea of the mod we’re building is to enable users in a multiplayer context to organize groups and engage in arbitrary, programmable decision processes. It’s not integrated with any kind of crypto stuff at this point, but I imagine it could be (or with some other kind of in-game economics). For instance, the basic API has functionality to poll users in several ways, and users have a dashboard of different decisions they can provide input on. From there, the idea is that users could create “modules” to add whatever governance functionality they want.

The first version will be pretty rudimentary, as we are trying (not without several missteps) to create a framework that is as un-opinionated as possible about what people create with it. But some use-cases possibly of interest:

  • A testing ground for governance processes 1Hive might want to test out
  • Group-based multiplayer games
  • Game-wide decisions about common goods
  • Group-based property rights and privs

I think we’ve encountered some of the same community members:) Our wiki has some resources of that sort (though the docs on our own project are out of date): Home · Wiki · Media Enterprise Design Lab / modpol · GitLab

cc @tacotexmex!


ohai @ntnsndr, we meet again! For context I been developing on the Minetest platform for a couple of years including varous concepts of encouraging multiplayer cooperation, governance of groups, guilds, villages, federations and more. Imagine my delight when I found not only the MetaGov project but ModPol for Minetest as well :star_struck:.

I’m not developing any game currently but it’s great to hear that a ModPol release is to come. I’ve also thought that Minetest+1Hive is a better fit given the engine’s native mod system, it’s FLOSS license and such even though some may think it’s a little rougher around the edges. It’s open source development aligns much closer with 1Hive values as the engine is more of a public good than Minecraft.

Some concepts I’d like to explore are:

  • Game-based governance of on-chain actions
    • Village chest that represents holdings of a multisig
    • In-game representation of assets
    • In-game interaction with web3 protocols (stacking nodes = staking assets etc)
    • In-game p2p trades
  • WalletConnect-driven authorization of transactions (Mobile Metamask as a game companion app)
    • Development of a HTTP library for chain RPC interaction
  • Runtime HTTP, IPFS asset imports
  • and more, ofc :nerd_face:

By the way there’s a brand new podcast project called Nodecast for people that want to learn more about Minetest without having to churn forums all day long.

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Do you know if there are constraints on making MT mods that interact with online objects via HTTP or whatever?

Thanks for mentioning the podcast! Will definitely give it a listen.

No, I’m not sure what those constraints would be. 🤷 To my knowledge http interaction is quite unexplored territory in MT modding. And recent feature adds with run-time asset downloading expands its potential even further.

To interact with, say, an RPC I’d imagine one would start by building the request with HTTP requests.

Does this answer your question?

If HTTP requests are possible, it might also be possible to integrate gateway.metagov.org!

It sure looks like it! :smiley:

you are right, although there are offline launchers (ways to access the game for free), the disadvantage is that anyone can access anyone else’s account, but you are right and I understand your point, there should be no cost to access this public good (hivecraft in this case). :slight_smile: :honeybee: :honey_pot: :clap: :100:

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Okay, I’m excited to announce that the Modpol mod for Minetest is now out! It can certainly use some work, but it is now quite possible to use it in a multiplayer context and create your own mods for it. More documentation is coming.

Anyone want to give it a try? Maybe play with it together on a server? I’ve got one running it if we want to set a date.

Introduction to our work!


Very interesting! Do you have ideas yet for how Modpol would integrate with web3 outside of Minetest?

Thanks for your interest! So I’m now exploring a web/web3 interface for Modpol. Since Modpol relies on the underlying platform for things like user management, it can pretty easily be merged with a web3 system. You could even pretty easily override the record-keeping of Modpol to record changes to a blockchain.

Nice, it’d be cool to experiment with integrating with Gardens DAOs.

Absolutely. We were actually just talking yesterday about exploring some kind of Web3 integration. Would the Gardens team be interested in a conversation?

We were thinking about something like a more programmable, flexible Snapshot to enable more diverse sorts of processes than proposals and voting.

And nice to see your writing on the Green Bay Packers:)

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Yes, definitely! Are you in the #gardens swarm channel on Discord? If you can introduce Modpol there I’ll set up a Lettucemeet so we can set up a time to talk.