1Hive sucess depends on more participants(SEO expert needed)

So i bought some PRE tokens and placed an Ad on the Presearch Search engine a few days ago. And i feel i could do better with the keyword to help target the intended audience and attract more users to both Honeyswap and 1Hive. So i am actively seeking the assistance of anyone that is good with search engines to help me find suitable keywords for the Ad to help attract the right audience. I know you are here :smiley:

It is important to understand that the sucess of 1Hive is largely dependent on more people participating in the ecosystem.

Therefore, i do what i can to help this wonderful community continue to grow. I highly encourage all bees that believe in the future of 1Hive to do same, lets create a buzz on the internet and make 1Hive visible. It does not matter where you create awareness. whatever you are comfortable with. be it brave browser ads, google ads, facebook etc even an unknown entity as long as they have users. The goal is to draw the attention of people. When 1Hive grows we all benefit !!!

  • For those not familiar with presearch.
    As of January 2020 Presearch is one of the top 5 properties in the blockchain space, with more than 1.3 million registered users and 10 million monthly visits. Of the 1.3m registered users, approximately 300,000 sign in to the service on a monthly basis. The majority of these users are from Central America, the United States and South America, with usage from almost every country on Earth. They are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and hold crypto(Source: https://presearch.medium.com/who-uses-presearch-7ec65c4170ad) I believe these figures must have increased as of today.

hello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

so this is going to helping the community to bring more user to use honey swap which something great and i fully support ~ however i think using referrals program will support this method and give people something back by doing it . Big company use referrals and its has been successful to them .

i post the idea when i first join to 1 hive ~ my idea is not the best overall but i think we need some kind referral program that we can vote on it .

also rather then given 300hyn in farm we can move 50hyn and put in referrals .

going to try help with research methods with different engine .

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It’ll really be great if you do. If you are good with search engines please feel free to message me :smiley: Referral programs are great but for me thou i don’t really think it aligns with the 1Hive culture. I see it as a plus that an outsider stumbles upon an Ad or any form of awareness promotion for 1Hive and don’t see a ref link or something similar. makes them not think its just because of the referral benefits. But that’s just me thou.


I am down for it mate. I will provide you all the necessary tools for keywords harvesting. It will help 1hive community to grow a lot.

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Curious why presearch considering the ocean of other possible places to advertise. Do you have a personal or business connection there? Not a deal breaker if so (for me), but would be good info for the hive to have.

That’s amazing idea , If you can please update us with some results when you try it. It looks like interesting idea and can be very powerful.

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I want to also note that we need to start formatting our articles especially on discourse. It helps with the crawl bots. I edited a guide and posted it check it here.I would focus the most on Header titles and alt-image text for a start! :slight_smile:

Presearch is my default search engine so when this idea occured to me i naturally pivoted towards it. I made it my default engine as a way of supporting what the project is trying to accomplish especially what motivated the founder to start it. I am a lover of freedom and i believe google’s monopoly of the space is not healthy. plus there is the added bonus of earning tokens while using it. Lastly, it is the cheapest search engine i know one can place ads on. So no i don’t have any business connection, perhaps an emotional connection maybe. The little bit i wrote about it is info for any SEO person that will contact me.

This is just me doing what i can to promote 1Hive because i believe in its vision.


You are absolutely right. Imagine if all the buzz swarm do something similar, lolz. But jokes aside its really a very powerful approach. I mean i only spent $30 for this. I’ll definitely keep track of the results and update as progress is being made, its the reason i’m looking for someone that might help with optimizing it for good results.

Thanks for that reminder Dosh. It is indeed actually very important.

big issue is to have many of the current HNY user to federate and contribute to all the SEO and social account HNY who already existing. Because we are just a little of them who RT, share, comment , and buzz the existing tweet, post, video etc…
we really need to all the current people to buzz this

So when people find good keywords can you post them here?

Why not. I am even going to post the whole of the Ad statistics might be helpful to other bees, who knows.

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What part of the project are we trying to promote?

I’m stoked about the governance and UBI.
That will be a different approach than the defi and exchange.

Should we set up someplace to discuss what we’re doing or is that set up and I missed it?


Kryptobi, aren’t you one of the coders?
I’m trying to help free up people’s time doing mundane tasks…

I’m embarrassed I’ve actually done SEO but really don’t know much about it. I was instructed to set up social and interact… that was it.

There are some great keyword generators.
I just don’t know much about them.

I’ll see what I can pull out of my hat for Instagram and talk to a couple of actual SEO.

Bitcointalk is supposed to be important, but it bores the snot out of me. I don’t remember my level there. The look used to be to hunt up an old timer and pay them off to do initial posts.