Alvin & Shweatpants: March 04 Update

  • [X] Farming is live
  • [X] 50 Alvin and 50 Shweatpants to be harvested
  • [X] Staking bugs fixed
  • [x] HNY/PRTCLE LP token staking is now available

Hello everyone! Thank you for sticking with us through this transitionary period.

Alvin and Shweatpants are alive! The UI is ready for you to stake your tokens at if you have not done so already.

You have the option of staking just HNY or PRTCLE individually to farm Alvin :teddy_bear: or Shweatpants :jeans: respectively, or you can stake your HNY/PRTCLE LP tokens to farm them both simultaneously.

An explanation of the last few days
This project came to fruition quickly in two weeks. Victor (YoungKidWarrior) alone stood up the contracts, front end, and tokenomics.

The user engagement far exceeded our expectations; thank you so much to everyone who participated! We launched successfully with 50 Alvin (V1) and 50 Shweatpants (V1). Both tokens immediately went to $1000 on Honeyswap.


Because the project was intended to bolster our community, we decided to distribute half of the token supply to those supporting the projects with a month-long distribution through staking contracts.

The staking contracts were forked from Aavegotchi and the token contracts were an OpenZeppelin standard so we were confident about the integrity of the code.

The Problem

The reward function in the staking contracts was incorrectly distributing rewards that resulted in Alvin/Shweatpants V1 becoming irretrievably locked. For this reason, we launched V2 and V3 contracts to mitigate the bugs. You should migrate your tokens through the UI if you have not yet done so.

Fortunately, we identified the bugs and closed the exploit immediately. One anonymous user who was able to leverage the V1 exploit promptly returned the tokens, which were subsequently burned. Nothing was lost in this exchange. We thank this kind soul for their honesty. Victor will be gifting them one of each token from his own wallet.

Furthermore, as a token of appreciation for bearing with us through the launch, HNY/PRTCLE LP farmers will receive a 60/40 weight of the farming pool as compensation for the staking delay.

This is where the project stands now: Within V3, the total circulating supply is 100 for each token. However, the total supply will show as greater on blockscout because we used extra tokens to test staking. These extra tokens are locked in the test contracts and cannot be recovered by anyone.

Moving forward, once everything has been proven to be functional, Victor will revoke control of the V3 token and staking contracts and let Dripp live autonomously.

This was a two-week prototype that we built and put on mainnet. There will be future DRIPP projects that will scale accordingly with demand. Look to the future for next Dripp releases from 1hive, Shenanigan, and other xdai communities

Important Note

While it was extremely fun, stressful, interesting and communal to release a product in two weeks, It must be made clear. This project does not reflect the protocols set in place for Agave, Shenanigans or 1Hive projects. Agave, Shenanigan, and 1hive all use much stricter testing, review, and auditing processes for smart contracts and code.

~ SHE Squad

Over the last few days, there are a few contracts that your tokens might be stuck in.

If you are missing any tokens, check these links


Use the functions to withdraw and restake


You guys did a great job. Please keep trying!!!


Good job SHE Squad :slight_smile:


well done, thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

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You guys are good at what you do, I stressed tested you yesterday in the #support tab on your discord server. Good job and I wish you the best.

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This is excellent, the truth is that they have made a huge sacrifice for the well-being of the community and continue to innovate, congratulations continue like this! Thank you Victor.

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Amazing work! Love this dripp initiative

I love the positive vibe in this community. Things can go wrong, yes of course, but no worries, we can be a tight community if we just believe, trust and help each other! Praise the bee :slight_smile:

Question - I had unstaked my HNY yesterday, but was unable to claim the Alvin, I just went to the site and the balance is now 0. Are those gone? or is there a way to claim them?

An effort from SHE team, the future welcomes PRTCLE . I will support this project

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it looks like the previous day rewards were incorrect sorry

However, no ALVIN and SHWEATPANTS were lost. Stake away to start earning

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I figured it was something like that. It wouldn’t let me claim and then I went to the contract and tried and received 0… Thanks!

Now that this is all figured out, time to go get some!

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Good job, guys! :innocent:


Its a good idea, I am in!! Cheers!


On Board!!! :grinning:

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each time arranging and projecting more this beautiful network xdai and my dear honey

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Love the site, it works great now. Thanks for the hard work.

Shweatp and Alvin slowly dripping into my account. Thanks for setting it up, lovely initiative!

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Do we buy or farm the Shweatpants? :smiley: or is it over now?