Best xdai wallet (cardstack - cardpay)

Soon the project called cardstack will launch a wallet called cardpay.

cardpay is a wallet running on xdaichain.


excellent, wait for the release that card could be just as useful as uphold or payoneer

It is very good and great. We are waiting for the start of this project and we hope that many people will welcome this project. Thanks

I am fan of Metamask!

How is it the best??

metamask is really good, I share your ideology

In my opinion Metamask, you can use it between your computer or ut phone (it has app).

Yes,i use metamask myself since the begining
But i asked how this cardstack can be the best xdai wallet

Have you test Minerva wallet?

I have wrote an article in the forum:

Most people find it confusing to use metamask. Especially like using a bridge to switch to the xdai network …

Cardpay will be a useful application. I believe it will empower projects on xdai.

You can transfer tokens to the xdai network in a few clicks and connect to honeyswap with a single click.

I guess the application will be released within 30 days.

and are they going to have an airdrop? for its launch, they should to do it to be able to attract more people in the project

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Like Minerva?? :stuck_out_tongue: It was too good.

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thank for informing
can’t wait to see that coming

hey @misantropist
Not published yet?
Personally, I have a special interest in MetaMask, but I also like working with different wallets
:money_with_wings: :honey_pot: :honeybee:

How does this wallet work and how can we use it? I mean, what are the benefits of this wallet? I am eager to know Rajab so that I can use it

Alphawallet is better

I will test that app!

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