Improve mobile wallet support for 1Hive applications

Minerva Mobile Wallet - Support for Crucial Features

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
The vision of 1Hive is to be a free, fair, open and human community, funding public goods.
Minerva (Android / Kotlin), which is an open source multi-chain wallet for moneys and identities, fits that vision and has been developed from the ground up over the last 1.5 years. It was funded via various grants and customer projects and we have just recently enabled the main network support for xDai Chain, Ethereum, ARTIS ∑1 and POA Core (see Tweet).

We are adding features on a weekly basis and have a very tight roadmap ahead of us and will keep that up as long as funds will carry us forward. We will soon also work on a Google Play Store listing, which we just didn’t have time to do yet. The port towards iOS will be done once the UI has stabilized and feature completeness is in sight.

Minerva supports many test and main networks as long as they are EVM based and there are discussions with Connext (cross-chain state channels) and we also follow the development of L2 Rollups.

We think that the 1Hive community could benefit very much from a good native mobile wallet support, closely connected to the development of its platforms.
Major benefits:

  • Open up to a much broader new user base, having only smart phones and no computers.
  • No need for unsafe browser plug-ins, connect to websites via WalletConnect.
  • Easy on-boarding | setup in 2-3 min. and risk free learning on test chains
  • Direct fiat on-ramp to xDai | no need to get Dai on Uniswap and move it over the bridge to the xDai Chain.
  • Bridge integration avoiding costly mistakes | people are often not tech savvy and so far failed to claim more than 15,000 of their xDai: “unclaimedDiff”:128,“unclaimedBalance”:“15709.710237089989809642”
  • Built in DID and Verifiable Credential support, allowing unique authentication without the use of on-chain tokens.
  • Upcoming NFT support in order to address this rapid growing market on many chains.

There are (to my knowledge) currently four mobile wallets working with xDai Chain:

  • Minerva - Native xDai support; Token & WalletConnect support in progress
  • AlphaWallet - Native xDai and token support; Tokenbridge integration, WalletConnect support in progress
  • Metamask Mobile - Configurable xDai support, no WalletConnect for xDai Chain
  • Status - Native xDai and token support (not sure), no WalletConnect integration

Therefore, we would like to propose that we help each other to gain traction for our activities and developments. The following functionalities are likely critical to be included to Minerva in order to get the best support for 1Hive applications and in the course of action make HNY more valuable:

  • Tokenbridge and Omnibridge integration in order to bridge all sorts of tokens
  • Automated token discovery on Ethereum and xDai Chain
  • Private Key Export for applications which don’t support WalletConnect

The integration of WalletConnect and purchase of xDai token with fiat, via Ramp.Network is already planned and partially done.

Proposal Rationale
While it is a no-brainer to use the low transaction fees on xDai Chain for trades and other applications, it seems to be pretty hard to on-board new users. Our solutions builds on the following pillars:

  • Simplify getting new-crypto users up to speed
  • Reduce pitfalls and confusion with tokens and bridges
  • Simplify direct purchasing of xDai

Easy on-boarding means more users and more users means more activity benefiting the 1Hive community HNY pool filled from Honeyswap. Furthermore, having a good mobile wallet support for the xDai Chain in general will likely attract more applications and consequently more activity benefiting the 1Hive community including the demand for HNY.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
The implementation will take about 1-1.5 months (about 3-4.5 FTE work).

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members (Twitter, Github, 1Hive Forum, etc.):
The lab10 collective is a non-profit cooperative from Austria and the following members are part of the Minerva team:
Thomas | PO | 1Hive Forum: @tze_42 | Twitter: @tze42
Didi | Dev | Github: @d10r
Markus | Testing | Twitter: @seliqui_at
Peter | Dev | Github: @petertheone

We do the heavy lifting for the implementation together with the company BinarApps from Poland.
Olena | PM
Dominik | Design
Jakub | Dev
Witold | Dev

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
What are some of your skills or related experience that might help inform HNY holders about your ability to execute on your proposal
The Minerva app can be tested via the latest .APK and we look forward to get as much feedback as possible from the early users of Minerva. This should also give HNY holder a good understanding about our skills as well as determination. We also have developed a web wallet based on the famous Burner Wallet called Minerva Cash connected to the ARTIS blockchain.
We have started the ARTIS blockchain network and look forward to list the xATS token on Honeyswap. We run a Validator for the xDai Chain and are also one of the bridge operators. On the client side we develop the Honey Badger consensus integration for the OpenEthereum client, which will e.g. solve the problem of front-running and MEV.
On Dec. 12, we started the ZeroAlpha always-on-sale NFT market on xDai Chain and we are currently preparing the launch of 7 Energy - a platform to form and administrate energy communities as defined by the EU.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:
We estimate 4 weeks of development work to integrate bridge support, automated token discovery and private-key export.
Requested Amount: 15 HNY | max. 3000€ per week (weekly payouts)
Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
We will provide a weekly progress report on the proposed features and every new implemented feature can be tested immediately via the latest provided .apk package.


This proposal is well thought out and well-written. We’ve often discussed the need for an xDai supportive wallet.
Thank you.


I like this alot. we have also talked with SurfingNerd on discord a few times and the ARTIS team seems to be very well organized and knowledgeable. The buzzdao will deploy a new landing page soon and one of our main tabs is metamask wallet setup. if you would like we could integrate your wallet in there as well which may increase adoption rate of Minerva


Sounds good. This is especially helpful as long as we are not on the Google Play Store and while the main network support has to be switched on manually.

When we go for the Play Store the main networks will be enabled by default and if you want to use test networks you will have to switch them on manually.

Accounts on test networks will be different from accounts on main network, to reduce de-anonymizing and mistakes. Also it will let you safely play with test token and show it to friends, how to interact with crypto.

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@tze_42 I saw your welcome post. Welcome to 1Hive.

I like the proposal and the team you have.

A few questions:

  • How much dev time and wall clock time to make this ready for users on xDAI? I am wondering if this work would just be lumped into the total and not prioritized and just looking for a real estimate.
  • Really I just want to know what kind of priority work and access to support 1Hive would get for how much funding?
  • Would 1Hive get access to support for user issues? If so how much of an ongoing fee/expense would this cost?

Other wallet issues we need to see solved that I don’t think Main net has.

  1. RPCs on xDAI tend to not be reliable. How will your wallet deal with the need to verify/switch RPCs? I constantly am having to check blockscout just to see if a transaction is in the validator pool.

  2. Given 1. What will or does your wallet do to verify a transaction has hit the ‘network’.

  3. Fees. Right now on xDAI fees are basically 1gwei - no more - no less. But on main net fee estimation is a tricky business. Too often we are seeing fees (at least in Metamask) on xDAI being taken from fees on mainnet leading to people paying too high of fees. What will your wallet do to manage these given it is using different networks. (one thing I have wanted to see is a selector for the gas estimator - or even a formula using multiple ones - anything that is better than nothing)

  4. On the main net the ability to control not just the nonce but also the gas on transactions as well as an easy way not to just ‘cancel’ a transaction but to also ‘overwrite’ one I think is important. Will your wallet offer this as a feature (to not just speed up a transaction but to allow a new sped up tx to overwrite the slow one?)

  5. Ability to discover tokens. All too often I find I have to manually add tokens that are already listed either in or Are there any plans to use these services to auto add tokens so users don’t have to manually add them? Allow us to block or remove the spam tokens? Too many people are being scammed by tokens with names that look like others - particularly on xDAI. Are there any ideas or plans to address this issue both on main net or on xDAI?

EDIT ADD: Rereading I see (5) is planned.

  1. I definitely like the idea to have multiple networks and keys. But I use hardware based wallets. What support for Trezor, Ledger, and other hardware based wallets will this wallet have?

  2. Given your team is quite small what kind of 24/7/365 support can I expect to get?

  3. Is the wallet self contained? (i.e. there is no server I need to hit to use my wallet that collects any information from me. Everything lives on my computer)

  4. Linux support? Will there be any? Also I see mobile is supported, will there be a PC version or no?

I know this is a long list of questions. I would look at our MetaMask support thread to see what the other issues are that we have been dealing with.

  1. Something I just thought about and this is a #buzz PR thing. I see a lot of wallets offering token conversion services (i.e. listing exchanges directly in the wallet so users can get easy access to doing exchanges). Is this a feature your wallet will add and at least on xDAI will your wallet list Honeyswap and whatever other exchanges we put up on xDAI in such a swap feature? Are there plans for a token ‘swap’ feature in this wallet? If this is planned - please add a user feature to add/remove them!

  2. Thinking of mobile. There are two reasons I don’t use mobile. Lack of hardware key signing support and because if we can’t use hardware to sign a general lack of security. Hence I don’t plan to use a mobile wallet until these issues are solved for me (iPhone user, with Trezor/Ledger).

That is about all I have. I know it seems like a lot but these will be common issues I see any good wallet dealing with. For me the biggest one is Hardware signing support as I simply am not comfortable having my keys on mobile. I don’t even like importing keys for certain wallets into PC because of the security issues.

Thank you in advance, take your time on addressing the above, and thank you so much for a well written and thought out proposal.

Again: Welcome to 1Hive and xDAI


Thank you for mentioning Linux support.
Running Linux doesn’t mean we don’t need help.

This i want to 10x ^ Alot of resources where used to help users with MM issues. Also it poses a huge security threat to new users. We have had many users that didn’t know anything and they would trust whoever would talk to them on our discord server to get their wallets setup.


Thanks for the questions and the effort. I try to answer as clear as possible and don’t hesitate if I failed to answer it sufficiently.

Regarding your first 3 points:
The mentioned features will need about 500 - 750h as far as I would estimate them right now. Currently this burn rate is not sustainable and revenue will certainly have to kick in somewhere, even if it is via a different value stream which can subsidize the wallet development.
The 1Hive funding is right now left open, as it was not clear if these are the most helpful features and therefore I rather think we should fort prioritize and then talk about a possible support put up for a vote. I would turn that question around - if 1Hive supports the development with 5k€/week it will get full attention.
Regarding support of user issues - this will be done in public so nothing happens behind closed doors. I think that issues will be solved faster, if everything is public and the community can work together to solve level 1, 2, 3 support together.

ad 1) We also run a validator on xDai. If that persists to be an issue we will provide an RPC ourself and let the wallet switch.

ad 2) thats connected to 1

ad 3) we have that already - every network is handled separately. xDai doesn’t need a gas price oracle right now as Ethereum does, therefore the gas price is hard coded. But that can be changed as soon as this would become an issue.

ad 4) The nonce can be addressed as soon as we can provide a more fine grained transaction log on the wallets send / receive screen. You already have full gas management, which shouldn’t be needed most of the time.

ad 5) Yes, as you stated, it is part of the proposal. Manual adding of tokens is currently added to the wallet. Next step would be to automate it. The naming issue can be solved via the curated list used for the automation and in Minerva it becomes a bit easier, bcs you won’t have all tokens from all networks on one screen … they are separated by network and account in the wallet.

ad 6) Due to the secure enclave on a mobile wallet, it can be made with much higher security than desktop wallets or browser plug-ins, but I do see some options for hardware wallets in connection with multi-sig solutions and contract accounts. We have included a Gnosis Safe account generation to the ARTIS τ1 test network and that could be used in combination with a desktop wallet and a hardware wallet to have a 2 of 3 signature scheme. Nevertheless, this will need more discussions to find an optimal and generally useful implementation path.

ad 7) I consider the team already quite big tbh. If we reach that level of adoption, that our public Telegram support channel won’t be enough, we will work something out. It is likely that at that time a community support should be possible to be established.

ad 8) Your keys stay with you and are nowhere else. To support a full wallet recovery the wallet stores the metadata of your wallet in an encrypted form on the lab10 server. As far as we heard through the grapevine, we will get a 10k€ grant to implement Fairdrop, where you then can then select to store it on the decentralized Swarm storage network.

ad 9) Is there Linux on mobile? Minerva is mobile only, but as mentioned in 6 there could be a possible path in connection with the Gnosis Safe Multi-sig wallet. We received a grant from them to integrate an NFC card for 2FA and have therefore already established some ties.

ad 10) I’m totally open to talk about integrating swaps, but what I see there are three ways to approach this … either through full integration and typically some extra fees for the wallet, second via an SDK which is easy to integrate but uses the exchange service and avoids all the UI development and third by using web3 injection on the mobile wallet. The third option is the most likely one and it will be shown as a service in the wallet, which you can remove at any time.

ad 11) As mentioned, iPhone will be supported later and to my knowledge the ‘sandboxing’ for apps is really good on mobile. Hence, they have much higher security. We have not looked yet into the Bluetooth option of Ledger and as mentioned there is also the Gnosis Safe multi-sig option, which could be a nice feature considering that you will have all your accounts (as many as you like) in one interface. Say you have a ‘work’ Safe account with multi-sig, then you don’t actually do anything with your other accounts and you might just transfer every now and then some funds between them. But as I said, this needs some more discussion :slight_smile:

So I hope this covers your questions sufficiently and let me know if I missed anything.


Yeah I saw that. One thing I have been interested in is whether we can also get a validator that will validate sub 1gwei (say to .1 or .01). For a while we were clearing tx’s at .00000001 gwei. The idea we can go even lower in costs is something I am very interested in. Creating a robust fee market even if small also is interesting to me.

Another robust RPC I think is already under discussion in terms of funding. I think I saw numbers around $250/month just for renting the servers. Others know more.


Most of our issues are related to RPCs not being robust so we are back to (2/1) on this.

I like this conceptually.

Can you explain ‘secure enclave’? I have been pushing for a multisig scheme to wallets for some time now. Due to the parity multisig wallet bug I am suspicious of multisig contracts generally and want a way for the user to generate these in a open way. If you have a link to ARTIS and Gnosis Safe info that would be helpful.

A fair and honest statement. Thank you for being honest about this.

Not familiar with Fairdrop. I have significant concerns over anything living on a server and would want a privacy checkbox option so I can manage that data myself via a USB drive or something.

With respect to linux I was thinking desktop. I thought Andriod was ‘linux like’ but no clue as I have not taken the hard dive there.

Well I just see this whole swapping in wallet as a great idea. I have never used it so don’t know about fees to wallet provider. But I am sure with right prodding and some back end development we maybe could make 1Hive Honeyswap the first exchange to back end fees to wallets that integrate us into swaps. An area for discussion to be sure. I think it would be massively convenient for users.

Yeah my Ledger is not the bluetooth enabled but people will ask. Sounds like the hardest part here is going to be hardware signature support. This will and is the biggest hurdle for me as I don’t want access to my wallets via non hardware based signing and other serious crypto owners are the same. This limits people/wallets to small amounts and we want the big whales to be able to come to xDAI. Right now I get this with Metamask on desktop so I am ok. I just wish I could do transactions in MetaMask.

THANK YOU so much for a quick and comprehensive response. Even with the missing points once you guys get ready with iOS version I will be happy to test and give feed back on a release. I am excited to see anyone step up with a possible alternative to wallet support on xDAI that we can support.

I think the 30-40K US/month is going to be a tough sell. There may be a way we can do partial contribution to funding your project in exchange for some of our people to help with support (at least on xDAI and with Honeyswap/1Hive). Certainly areas to explore and thank you again for coming to 1Hive with this.

You have answered most of my questions. One thing I have been wondering about all of these wallets is how my wife who is visually disabled could use them? The idea of a address compare and reading via a headset of the first and last characters of an address etc. But this is another vastly different topic (crypto support for people with visual disabilities that keeps their assets secure).


Right now you still need 20000 STAKE to become a validator, but that is probably changing to a lower amount. We basically kept our validator running for 1.5 years, before transaction fees provided anything to the cost. If you lower the cost for transactions we run into possible spamming problems and then all applications would suffer. Imho, 1 GWei is really low … actually already too low for proper spam protection.
The cost for the RPC depend on the load balancing set up and the cloud provider you use. I guess, the $250/month are AWS with load balancing. With a good admin and a less elite (=expensive) cloud provider you can probably bring it down to $50/month.

Therefore we will rather add our RPC as a fallback option.

Android phones and iPhones have a hardware chip just as your Ledger to safely store data on your phone which can’t be extracted, e.g. your biometric data. Trezor doesn’t have that kind of hardware security. Which doesn’t necessary make it a bad device. :slight_smile:
At the end the security comes down to a lot of factors and using secure hardware is just one of them … Ledger just got bad press with the latest hack. and should give you some insight.

Yea, that is the third option, but it basically kills any multi-device support and opens another can of worms :bug: :bug:

Well iOS and Android are Linux like, but that doesn’t help. Even if you port from Android to iOS it is basically a totally separate project … one written in Kotlin and the other in Swift with different UI designs in line with the expectations from Google and Apple :crazy_face:

I guess there will be already very high convenience with a direct browser < > wallet connection when someone is on mobile only and via WalletConnect, once you enable it on the website (there is another discussion about providing the ChainID to the wallet going on).

I’m pretty sure that we can come up with something, once the wales come in and demand that level of additional security. Also I think we will get some more things going on on the Gnosis Safe side and this will be definitely on our radar and we might go to Berlin for a brainstorming session with the guys, once we are allowed to travel again. :wink:
Regarding iOS, we are closely cooperating with AlphaWallet and they have already xDai Chain support and we currently try to get their WalletConnect logic working as well. Check it out. I think it is important that there are several options for wallets and it will be hard for one wallet to meet all needs of all users … but we try to give our best with Minerva.

Would be rather in the area of 25k US/month, but yes its not peanuts. On the other side wallets like Argent have collected 15m US VC money … so there is obviously a lot money to make once you reached sufficient scale.
I have not even though of a full scale funding, but should it ever be possible, it would make life a lot easier :slight_smile:

Thats tough … I mean it is an interesting challenge. :slight_smile: I would rather go with voice commands and the contact list with names and ENS support, to avoid addresses as much as possible.
Let’s say something like this: “Minerva, send 10 ETH coins to Markus to his ENS account markus.eth from my account #2 on Ethereum.”, followed by the phone repeating the transaction and asking for verbal and biometric confirmation.


I wanted to provide a quick reply as my daughter has been begging for my attention today (I want to oblige)

Sounds like your team has experience, and your knowledge is pretty extensive. If there was some way we could leverage your team and wallet work across the space of all budding L2’s this might be a nice way to get your company to scale in terms of revenue.

You know today I just got my own ENS MakerMan.eth hehe. Yes I have been many places.

I am MakerMan on Maker, Eth_Man on sourceCred and reddit /r/ethtrader and here. :wink: Working on a whitepaper with a new model approach to work-rewards generally - going slow because I am screwing around with other more fun things.


Hey there,
I believe that this is very well thought and reasonable. To my limited knowledge, I only used MetaMask as of now, so I do not have a term of comparison with other wallets but, nonetheless, something that works well and smoothly with the xdai chain is much needed in my opinion


The mostly adopted wallet is MM. If we can help out ARTIS with Minverva we could have some closer relations with people supporting the wallet. Metamask has ignored most of our requests or given us some vague answers when we have fully supported and have burned through a ton of resources and funds for them. With that being said if we can get a good synergy between ARTIS we can create requests that aren’t ignored, and as written above they are introducing alot of features that would really benefit the ease of use, especially when all these new networks are going to be introduced.


Thanks again for the kind words.

We had today a team meeting and we discussed three options for supporting each others projects. As mentioned in my intro we are not just working on Minerva, but also the ARTIS blockchain network. The current development towards the ARTIS 2.0 version (next public testnet next week) will introduce the Honey Badger BFT consensus in combination with POSDAO validator selection, already used for xDai Chain. HBBFT will solve front running and MEV, while providing 1 sec. finality and censorship resistance. Therefore, it is also part of the xDai Chain roadmap, but for ARTIS 2.0 we strive for Q2/2021.
We intend to list the xATS token (not xART) on Honeyswap with STAKE as its main trading pair. Right now we sell ATS via OTC and directly on Ethereum mainnet via a smart contract. This will stay in place and the price on Ethereum will be coupled to the Honeyswap exchange rate.

Option 1: Support the development of the Minerva wallet with HNY in line with the proposal. We could define a weekly sum of e.g. 15 HNY / max. 3000€ and a max. duration of 6 weeks (regularly reviewed) in addition to supporting each other to get WalletConnect working for 1Hive applications - most importantly Honeyswap.
Option 2: Conduct a token swap between 1Hive (HNY) and lab10 collective (ATS) and lock a larger portion of both tokens in order to avoid immediate selling on Honeyswap and the creation of sell pressure. 1Hive could likely run a node on the ARTIS network and generate additional income for the community pool, as well as provide a ATS staking opportunity for members.
Option 3: any mix of Option 1 and 2.

We look forward to your opinions and would like to proceed, as quick as possible, in order to have everything in place ASAP enabling 1Hive and lab10 to thrive. :slight_smile:


Can you outline the issues that cause the above outcomes on mobile, and how you have solved them?

I use MetaMask on my mobile. I have access to all the funds I have access to on my computer and I can use all the 1Hive sites. The only hurdle I had to jump was adding xDai to my mobile MetaMask installation.

Are there any benefits besides having xDai natively in the wallet and the ability to use WalletConnect on xDai this wallet will have over MetaMask? And if I use my MetaMask seed phrase will I see the same funds shown in my desktop MetaMask?

The 1Hive websites aren’t currently very mobile friendly so I’m not convinced that supporting the development of a mobile wallet is in 1Hive’s interests.


I’m referring to the outspoken issues with Metamask in this forum Troubleshooting problems on Metamask and also to the chat conversations in Discord and even here in this thread: Improve mobile wallet support for 1Hive applications

MM has no native support for xDai Chain and many other problems, e.g. not being able to calculate gas fees for sidechains, despite many attempts to get that solved. We have the same problem with the ARTIS blockchain and get the feeling that the codebase is likely messy or they don’t have good tests in place. Not a good thing for a wallet imho.

  • Easy on-boarding | setup in 2-3 min. and risk free learning on test chains included
  • Direct fiat on-ramp to xDai
  • Bridge integration, e.g. people you deal with as not tech savvy and failed to claim their xDai: “unclaimedDiff”:128,“unclaimedBalance”:“15709.710237089989809642”

I could go on with more features to come but it is probably better to refer to our roadmap.

Yes. Key derivation for main networks is equal to MM.

I have seen that Uniswap does a better job there. It is a bit surprising to me that you think that not mobile friendly isn’t something that shouldn’t be worked on hard right now, to engage with the many people not even having a computer.
The market growth of registered mobile money accounts is showing that tremendous change. People form Europe or North America would not know, but the rest of the world, which is partially just hooked up to the internet, starts with a phone.

I assume that is not a general 1Hive strategy to avoid engaging with the developing world, but if it is, I would like to know that as well. This would not just affect this proposal, it would affect our strategy and development.

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Thanks for the response.

What I’m saying is that I think capital would be better allocated to website development before mobile wallet development.

Also do you have any plans/how easy it would be to support other networks, eg Matic or an Arbitrum rollup? There’s a reasonable chance we will migrate to one of these if xDAI doesn’t keep up.


If I am too direct, let me know :slight_smile:

I think both are equally important and as far as I see, you are working on it anyway. For an improved mobile experience, it would be sufficient to look at the Honeyswap and (if revived) the Honeycomb website. A successful Honeyswap will also fund a lot of new possibilities anyway.

Actually after your comments I was immediately looking for Matic and what they have there. Seems to be the same poor situation regarding mobile wallet support. I am also in talks with Connext for cross-chain liquidity pools using state channels, but they still need some time in order to ramp up their Vector network. Once the dust settles for L2 rollups we will look at that too.
We are believers in an Ethereum multi-blockchain and L2 rollup world and therefore will support all thriving ecosystems.
I hope that answers your questions.

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Metamask doesn’t populate my mobile wallet with amounts. I synced and all of the coins showed up in the lists but on xdai chain only xdai showed in amounts.
Also the xdai showing with eth values causes confusion for new users.
I have had periods of smooth Metamask use on my phone, but in general there really are issues.
I’ve never successfully carried out trades on Honeyswap on my mobile, but tbh I haven’t tried that hard. Worst case scenario I hotspot to my computer and work.

*** I have several addresses at the same seed.
°°°I am not dedicated to xdai either. Matic is sounding good atm.

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Hi, I’m also with lab10

Take a look at WalletConnect, it supports two use-cases: 1. Dapp on mobile and wallet on mobile (connect with deeplink), 2. Dapp on desktop and wallet on mobile (connect with QR code). For the second use-case the Dapp websites don’t need to be optimized for mobile.

So the wallet is not a Dapp browser but just there to handle the keys and to confirm transactions etc.