☎ Call To Bees - Agave Ticker & Design Contest

:heavy_heart_exclamation: UPDATE:

Project Team has decided to change the name from Aagave to Agave. Please keep this in mind when creating graphics/ticker symbols

:cactus: Agaave On xDAI

As some of you may have seen on the Buzz schedule that Agaave marketing starts today, so in the spirit of keeping things fresh it’s time to start the bounties for Agaave.

:mega: Community Feedback & Voting Required

This thread is created to bring forth community members creative talents and opinions on Agaave symbol ($ticker) and token design.

Example - Honey
Symbol (Ticker): $HNY
Design: 768215173244518450

:moneybag: Bounties

There are 2 bounties out for this request and the best submission will have their creative ideas become part of Aagaves ecosystem and win the bounty.

Contributors to this bounty don’t have to do both the ticker and the token design, there can be separate winners for each bounty although one can win both.

The finalist will have their curations posted in Discord for the final vote. (More details in bounties)

When coming up with the ticker symbol and or the design of the token please give a one line description as to why you have chosen the ticker name or the design.

:inbox_tray: Submissions Close:

February 11th 00:00 UTC | CLOSED

:ballot_box: Polling Closing:

February 15 00:00 UTC

:link: Useful Links:

Agaave $Ticker Bounty
Agaave Token Design Bounty
AG Token Launch
The Agaave Token
Announcing Agaave


Aagave $ticker should be $AAG. Why? Because that’s the noise made when you get liquidated :joy:


Agave token.
Symbol: AGVE (cred to boris below)

Any letter can be used. A slight play on the Aave token symbol with the honeyswap theme background.


Agaave Token


I’m so excited for agaave, guys for real :slight_smile:

And although I’m really bad at design, I have an idea for the ticker.

I believe we can use AAGV. Why? Because two A’s will probably lead people that this is the token of a project, which is the fork of an original AAVE on the mainnet. And, I think adding G and V to the ticker, on the other hand, is in line with 1hive’s whole nature-association in the names of the projects, and the ticker should also remind the name of the platform.

Oh and one last thing that I forgot to mention, for instance when people search for AAVE on coingecko or other sites, when they put two A’s in the searchbox, they will probably see this one as well, which means free exposure :smiley:


Brilliant thinking i dint even think about search queries!

I decided to go with the most straightforward logo concept that combines agave flower and aave ghost (with eyes and mouth :ghost:). This should make logo simple, approachable and honest. Added a bit of roundness according to 1hive brand guidelines and also used similar to 1hive color palette. :man_artist: Used rounded typeface.

AGVE. Simply took away double A in the middle, like so: AG(aa)VE. If you search for ‘aa’ or even ‘aave’ on coingecko, agaave will still show up no matter what the ticker name is. And AGVE is most unique, no coins with that name currently. :smile:

Logo presentation:




AGVE looks good, and for the reasons given is better than the ticker starting with AA. SEO.


Here is my take on a logo


LOVELY DESIGN, I do you mid if I adapt it in order to see what we get?

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Oof hard to compete with that. Great design!


Wow this is incredible. Good work!

I’m still partial to AG as the ticker symbol, but I can see the value in having something a little more specific, and I like AGVE if we need to add some letters.

Edit: Typing just “AG” into Coingecko doesn’t return any tokens with an exact match and nothing above #2000 by rank.

There is, oddly, already a token called “AGVC” which is literally “Agave Coin” - it’s supposedly a token for an industrial agave operation??? Anyway I don’t think we should worry too much about that but it does sort of detract from the cleanliness of “AGV*” type names.


I love this! Simple, and gets the attention.


Amazing job! I like the color palette and simple, fun logo design.


Oooh, I love it! So simple and friendly, it has great background concepts, and it works really well with 1Hive branding. Awesome job Boris!


For me im propose the ticker AGAV …for me it leads the market to the word Agaave or Agave whichever is officially decided… I support only 4 letter proposes due to COMP and AAVE being 4 letter for market appeal/commonality

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Hi! what about ticker: $AGAV?

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I feel the same thing, naming it AAGV is a direct hint to the relation it has with AAVE.
Coca-Cola/Pepsi Cola
From a branding perspective it makes sense, but maybe the team was something other in mind.

I wouldn’t really mind the decision. What needs to be discussed is whether the project is desired to be associated with AAVE or not in this case. If not, then AAGV would not be a good choice. But I thought it wouldn’t hurt if it’s associated with it :slight_smile:

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I think having the name without an obvious reference to Aave is better, else people might mistake it for a cheaply made clone or something (like the YFIIII… coins). A unique name with unique branding has bigger growth prospects in the future imho


100% agree. I don’t think representing yourself as a pure fork of an established project is attractive to most people, especially not the big dogs. Ideally this is only the first iteration of agave, and other (original) protocols will be built off of it.