Farming HNY Pairs vs non-HNY Pairs

I have already posted 2 other polls and still managed to forgot a few more. For reference I included the other 2 polls:

Poll 1-Which Pairs & How much to reward

Poll 2-How many pairs to reward

Some Background data This poll will just be used as a guideline considering some of the calculations already hint that farms should not exceed 300HNY but polls indicated the community wanted about 334 HNY (I will be posting detailed findings which I will link when it is posted, until then:

Poll 3

Assuming 300/mo HNY in Farms what ratio should we subsidize for HNY vs nonHNY pairs
  • 100 HNY & 200 non-HNY Pairs
  • Split Evenly 150/150
  • 200 HNY & 100 non-HNY Pairs

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Poll 4

Given whatever the result is of the poll above let’s just assume 150 HNY is allocated to non-HNY pairs. The community voted to subsidize ~5 total HNY pairs

Out of 150 HNY how many pairs would you like to see that split during a 30 day cycle?
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 10

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Personally, the first poll here seems misaligned with the community. From the first poll you linked, the most people voted for 100 hny.

The first poll in THIS thread is talking about giving 300 HNY per month which is not what people voted for. I don’t get why you are saying the community wants 334 hny given out when they clearly voted for 100 hny total not 300

Thanks for reply, hopefully the first poll wasn’t misunderstood. It was a poll for total HNY pairs ONLY. Meaning we have HNY pairs and nonHNY pairs. How much did we want to allocate to hny pairs alone. Because the votes were the following:

100x60%of vote +250x40% of vote +400x8%) = 167 HNY (I had rounded to 180hny for simplicity of calc)

So if we do a 50-50 split 167hny that’s support for 334hny per month.

You bring up a good point, did ppl read it how you read it? I started with just hny pairs because I initially didn’t plan on looking into what we would reward for the entire farm pool (hny and non hny pairs included)

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Where are the 0 HNY options?