Gardens Futurespective 🔮

A few brainstorm ideas about potential next milestones for the Garden swarm. Thanks a lot to @paul @griffgreen @sem and others for their feedback and revision.

Garden aims to serve as both an organizational tool and a source of wealth creation for digital and real-world communities, including:

  • Cryptocurrency projects that need a decentralized system for coordinating resources.

  • For-profit organizations that would benefit from having a treasury controlled by its passionate customers

And perhaps most importantly:

  • Communities that build public goods.

By creating a financial backing for public good value, and allowing the communities that build them to allocate resources to measure and grow their value, Gardens will help reshape our economic system to better serve the world’s most important asset - public goods.

To achieve this, Gardens will focus on the following topics.

Continued testing, refining, and improvement of the Gardens governance structure (conviction voting parameters, dynamic issuance policy, Covenant + Celeste), and also adding new features

Having new Gardens types:

  1. Common Garden

  2. NFT Garden

  3. BrightID verified Garden

  4. Fix vs Dynamic issuance

  5. Quadratic CV with BrightId verification. Allowing downvotes that are quadratic.

Garden Crop for creating sub-DAOs within a DAO :ear_of_rice:

A new page inside a Garden where working groups (aka 1Hive’s swarms) can create a small size DAO to coordinate at the edges using:

  • Aragon v1 membership DAO with transactions app.

  • Colony.

  • Daohaus.

  • ElasticDAO.

  • Gnosis Safe…

We can start by supporting Aragon v1 on a lightweight UI using Connect. And research the best way to integrate other frameworks.

In our experience so far, working groups organize using different tools. So to give greater flexibility we should integrate most existing DAO frameworks.

Integrating work done by Commons Swarm on Augmented Bonding Curves, Hatch Fundraising, EVMCrispr, and more :globe_with_meridians:

Related resources:

Tools for managing payroll/compensation and workstream coordination :wrench:

Perennial Flows :leaves:: A stream payment tool that allows working groups to receive bonuses for long-term alignment.

  • The stream should be funded with a Conviction Voting proposal.

  • The stream could be revoked by a Decision Vote that anyone can trigger.

  • A new page in each Garden will display active streams with corresponding working group beneficiaries and vesting. The page may allow working groups to share updates on their progress.

  • The Working Group Reputation System should be the default way to distribute bonuses.

Related resources:

Automate Universal Basic Income (Pollen) :rosette:

Create a Sourcecred instance for each Garden that distributes a configurable % of the common pool each month.

  • Create a Merkle tree of claims.

  • Show available claims on user profile.

  • Think about faucet v2. How may it look like? Having a way to increase rewards while the member grows in the community.

Working Group Reputation System :heart:

Monthly points allocations with existing solutions:

  • Coordinape (most likely).

  • Nominations.

  • Dot Voting.

Quests V2 :sparkles:

Iterate on the work the quest swarm to integrate into Gardens as an agile way to support initiatives with a clear and defined scope.

Additional decentralized treasury management tools that can handle multi-asset treasuries

Out-of-box governance settings for different organization types (conviction parameters and issuance policy)

Leverage the collective wealth and resources within the Gardens ecosystem to add value to all its communities

Serve as a social network of public communities with user profiles and a strong reputation system. Garden helps build a user profile with a multidimensional reputation system across communities.

  1. Support off-chain data storage by integrating IDX + Ceramic.

  2. Add proposal discussions.

  3. Add activity feed, notifications, favorite, reactions.

Related resources:

Gardening Skill Sharing: A place to share resources between the working groups of all Gardens.

  1. Create a way to search for new talent given the hours available of each user, the skills, and experience.

  2. Create a way to search for new opportunities, given the hours required in a project, area of expertise, and previous milestones achieved.

  3. Create a reactive way to match resources with potential opportunities.

a. Working groups get notifications from potential users.

b. User gets notifications with potential working groups.

Deep Work Studio is already working on a skill attestation protocol. A promising avenue to collaborate.

DAO2DAO Gardens :handshake:

Exploration of potential use cases and arrangements in which communities could use Gardens to join resources and give their communities a voice on joined DAO2DAO initiatives.

Technical implementation changes to allow:

  1. Several tokens to be wrapped on a BYOT Garden type

  2. Conviction Voting to distribute more than one asset

Related resources:

Create a collective token for Gardens communities to tokenize this shared wealth? Either with something like Panvala model or a Gardens DAO token.


This sounds awesome, I am really excited for all of this!

Yeah All are great and amazing. :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
Thank you guys!

The future of gardens looks good. The skill sharing will definitely cause increased participation.

I’m extremely excited for this. Pollen has been a great way to earn and inspires loyalty in the DAO. To be honest I think that the value will be 20/20 hindsight for those on the border of participating in DAOs and encourage many new generations to start contributing because the value (like bitcoin) can be seen in the monetary reward… I also enjoy the barrier to entry and participating is achievable for all and not super technical. It’s a great place to start learning how to make valued contributions!

Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing this happen

This is really magnificent, waiting for everything to happen in the best way, wishing the greatest and best energies for all this that is to come, anxious! :speak_no_evil: