Hardware Community

WHY: Crypto just like anything else is only worth the amount of utility it creates. Having decentralized
open source hardware projects as well as decentralized factories and having an incentive layer for
everyone to work together to efficiently produce as much value as possible as well as maintain the
designs, is a great way to add utility and value to crypto. It would also allow people to buy and sell things
created in a distributed decentralized manner as well. Which would also create value as well as
efficiency. Over all this would be a great use case for crypto, DAOs, and perhaps the 1Hive community.

HOW: Opensource is not a new idea, however opensource hardware is new, and it stands to truly
revolutionize the world. However, there is a problem, it is not sustainable.
The reason for this is simple there is no incentive structure, everybody does what they want so there is
no direction, if you need something done you must wait, and often those people end up leaving due to
frustration. Also, people working on the project must work for free and this is also not sustainable. I like
everyone else love Open Source, when it comes to getting free stuff, however when it comes to giving
for free or working for free, then suddenly, I don’t love it as much.
This whole situation has become unsustainable and many opensource projects especially hardware
ones, have either failed or have stagnated.
Then came crypto, it seems to be the perfect solution to the perfect problem. Crypto potentially can
create an incentive structure as well as a community for coordination.
When someone needs to be done they can create bounties. When one community member becomes
very good at creating something they can sell it to another. Say for example if someone built four 3d
printers they can sell three, while someone else perhaps needs a 3d printer can buy one and build 10
drones, they don’t need all 10 and can sell 9 out of 10. Potentially in the future people can even buy
back what they sell, so if you don’t need something now, sell it and buy it back later when you need it.
This can make the open source community much more efficient, which is something that is desperately
There will be a need for a few structures for all this to occur smoothly. First, we will need a opensource
distributed marketplace for people to buy and sell things, I suggest we use Particl.io ‘s solution, since it is
very well done and has been working already for quite some time. Second, we will need a community,
this community will need to have tokens to incentivize as well as fund labor. This includes designs, this
includes hardware and raw materials that are needed for projects, and even scientific research for
specific applications. All of this should be incentivized using bounties as well as buying and selling
though these decentralized markets. This way people can create and consume value without the need
external money, people can do research and design and then buy an open source product for that time
spent. People can also sell products they make in their free time and use that value to demand certain
specific product development.
Overall, I hope to see the opensource community and project to grow and hope crypto can help

Thanks guys!


I have spoken with yfgame in voice call before, It’s really interesting what yfgame trying to do.
At first might not be clear, but surely worth going through his idea and thoughts. :smiley:


boring877 Thanks!
I think this is very important and the exact way this will work will evolve over time, so it is still not 100% clear yet.
At this stage just getting the community together would be a top priority.

Marcin Jacubowski’s Open Source Ecology
open source hardware project has been active globally over a decade and he has worked out ways to pay developers on the project.

I reached out to him a couple of weeks ago about integrating crypto and SourceCred as an additional incentive structure. I’ll ping him again now that I have a better idea how it all works.

It’s a really great idea whose time has come.
Thank you for posting about it.

Thank you metaverde!
Yes, I know I think these two kinds of projects will be a great match.
And the time really has come to put the two together.
I am very happy that you reached out to Marcin.
If you can connect the two of us, I would be very happy.
I also would be very happy if we could take open source hardware to a new level!

Im pretty big on the hardware side of things as well. Love the initiative you have taken to share your ideas. I have discussed with others of creating a similar marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and or services. The idea is to create something similar to the platform you linked but having an oracle to send the funds too for case mediation with Celste. You can read about the post here where i reference escrow.com.

Hi @D0SH
It is great to hear!
Will work with you in the future!
About escrow.com it doesn’t use crypto, particl.io is much much better.
I think we could work together, to try to advance this cause!

I am into many of the specific examples of things mentioned in the first post, so I’m interested in where this goes. :slight_smile:

This is interesting. I went to the website you mentioned and checked a bit around.

I didn’t imagine this even existed. Right now I personally don’t see why-how people would be going on these platforms, but it’s probably a limitation I have because this is very new.

There’s a page for coin listing on Particl and I wonder, for instance, what the benefit of having HNY listed could be.

I’ll follow the conversation with interest

Thanks for reading and replying to my post.
As for Particl it is trying to be a private E-commerce application that allows people to buy and sell things privately. It is decentralized, private, secure, and operates on the blockchain.
But since it allows the creating of infinite private marketplaces and uses MAD escrows to ensure 100% security, it seems like a good match for my opensource hardware project.
As this way people can trade things there securely.
Imagine if you want something and someone else could make it now the two of you could trade.
Listings would include but not be limited to, designs, actual hardware, bounties for designs, raw materials, ect.
So it would be a whole ecosystem, and hopefully would be ready for growth!

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