Hivecraft 🧱 Updates: Honey Plots SECOND AIRDROP!

Hi everyone, good morning/afternoon/evening.

@erminio and I hope you all are doing well. :honeybee:

We are pleased to announce two good news to all the people interested in Hivecraft :brick:

:arrow_forward: This next Thursday 21st we are having another Honey Plots :honey_pot: Airdrop! :sunglasses:

:arrow_forward: Also we are releasing/minting Honey Plots in a proper nft marketplace :honeybee: (Unifty)! Everyone will be able to buy them using HNY token. :sunglasses:

:honey_pot: AIRDROP INSTRUCTION :honeybee:
To receive a Honey plot next thursday:

:one: Hop on the Hivecraft server and do the command /walletlink then proceed to link your metamask wallet with your user following the instructions of the command.
:two: You will have to open a web3 page in your browser and connect your wallet to it
:three: Once your wallet and user are linked you are done.
:four: Every address linked to a minecraft username will receive a Honey Plot.

LAST THING: If you have any question, troubleshoot or feedback you are always invited to ask us or chat with the community to help us develop and improve this project: :headphones:

Useful links:


this is such an incredible project yall have built :heart: :honeybee:
i haven’t been on the server recently; are the plots dropped previously still functional?


Hello great construction bees @erminio @ComandoBurrito , I send you a hug from Colombia, always happy with the great work you do.

a question if i buy my minecraft server today or tomorrow could i access the airdrop? I wish I had a plot of these they are really cool

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Hi @Rohekbenitez thank you so much for your support we truly appreciate it :blush: about the airdrop w all you need to do is link your wallet in the site the bot sent to your DMs, we are compiling all the new addresses and then use that list to send more quickly and automatically all the new nfts thanks to unifty technology :raised_hands::clap::fire:

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Of course, they are still functional. Thanks to crypto magic all the previous users that received the first nft plot from the first airdrop, they still had access to their plot (if they claim it yet, of course).

In the first airdrop, not all the users have claimed their plot but still have the NFT, don’t worry they still work :blush::candy::jack_o_lantern:

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Thanks for the heads up boss…I would be happy getting a plot

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So all the first plot holders do not have to take action, to preserve their plot. Can you confirm that please?
I had a plot in round one which I am starting to turn into a mandala. I want to keep it. Thanks!

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all previous holders have already their plot, if not their will receive it one’s a great success @ComandoBurrito @erminio
Nice updates!