I can not farm my tokens - Metamask problem

Hi all,
I am new to this community and please have a little patience with me :slight_smile:
I encounter a problem in which I can no longer do farming at all. The first time I accesed STAKE Sunflower I set the spend limit in Metamask with the “Custom Spend Limit” box to the total number of LP tokens I had then. The default was unlimited. This means that Metamask authorized the contract to use only that number I specified. I had a number that was not round, 65,325 and I put spend limit 65. When the first pop-up of the contract appeared I pressed “max” and then a pop-up from Metamask opened. There I set “limit spend” 65 and gave approval. Of course he had give an error. I tried this once and it didn’t work. I remembered that I gave that limit and I set exactly what I had set in the limit, 65, and it worked. I did farming for a few days then I wanted to check if FEE is really earned from SWAP during farming and I took everything out of farming and liquidity. When I wanted to put it back I got this error: ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code in the Metamask pop-up before confirm. The contract is not executed. It is Contract call Error revertedAnd so it has been ever since. I did a bit of resarching and I understood that this SPEND LIMIT is set only once, at the first interaction with the contract.
My question is:
How can I change SPEND LIMIT in Metamask, if I already set it initially?
Thank you very much for your help

Hey Hannibal, welcome to the forums. You can check out this forum post here Troubleshooting problems on Metamask, or join us on the discord in the help channel and we can help you out further if this doesn’t work for you. :slight_smile:

sadly i have problems joining the discord channel. and now i have to wait 8h to be verified on brightID. if you know the solution, can you DM me?

Welcome Hannibal(i hope you won’t eat us :sweat_smile:)
Join discord here https://discord.gg/EVPKUnH Yes brightID have fixed times for verification parties so its likely you might have to wait until the right time if you need help with verification hop on their discord here https://discord.gg/ubJYbuW

Hannibal, you do not need to get verified on BrightID to access the help channel - just read the first message in #:wave:welcome and follow the instructions :slight_smile: