Just to say thanks you

just a topic to say thanks to 1hive community

i receive today my first pollen, i was not expecting it, so it’s a very good surprise.

The community is very helpfull and support on discord at the top

so i’m so happy and whant to share with you

thanks to all of community for this great project !


Great community I’ve been so far, It’s like I’m witnessing a LINK marines in the making. :blush:


Hive five to all the working bees! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :honeybee:


I received my first pollen as well and Im well suprised.Im gonna say only this is one amazing project with good potential of massive/big growing in blockchain.


Welcome aboard guys. Receiving rewards for your contributions really is satisfactory. Thank you to all of you contributing.


Congrats, and yeah I also received mine for the first time and this is a huge incentive for me to keep me occupied into the community and helping on the Discord .

A Lot of my energy went to this project last month and It feels great that it is rewarded. I feel here like home already and I love how open we are, we can make together this community a much better place and keep on growing in numbers. Cheers guys !


congrats. I’m hijacking your post…well I could write a new one but I’m in the same “boat” Received my first Pollen also and was a bit shocked how much it was…haha thought it was a mistake, so asked a fauna member if this was ok and he told me all is good and that I earned it. Anyway, thank you community!!



I love it here and the people are great

I was surprised to see the boost in my honey just .3 more till I have a whole one and get a :honeybee: next to my name. Also I’m going to have a computer within two weeks and then I’m diving in real deep can’t wait to start really contributing


There is no project like this in the entire crypto space, period. It is an honour to be here and we are all grateful. IThe future of 1Hive is bright.


Congratulations. I have just signed up for pollen few days ago so i couldn’t received this week’s rewards. But i still want to make something to help this project be huge. Keep working guys


A big thank you to all the developers who made this possible. Pollen initiative is great.
Waiting for my first pollen rewards next week. :honeybee: :honey_pot:

Pollen is applied retroactively so you won’t miss out on last weeks earnings, you will just need to wait longer to receive it :slight_smile:


Yea just getting into this community and so far it seems very interesting

This community is the best. Congrats!

Lucky you. I receive zero even after sign up login with my Meta. No Hive, No Bee pollen nor anything related.

All the details about how to join the faucet and how to get pollen cred can be found in the thread below:

WOOT WOOT!! You guy’s are the real deal and I appreciate what you guys are doing. Go and make that sweet sweet honey!

Weekly rewards. What do u mean? Where can it have it?

Weekly rewards = pollen.
Read about pollen: