1Hive Help/Support Thread

A lot of new people are onboarding and since 1Hive is so new we all are encountering problems and issues. This is the place to post your problems and hopefully another knowledgeable bee will answer.

You can also use the 1Hive help channel https://discord.gg/cMemuJ

I am starting this thread to funnel people in the forums into a single place where we can post all of our problems and issues hopefully to help each other.

Current FAQ is here: https://hackmd.io/FV5l6ZH1Spib8msTYHCIzw

I am working on a Everything about 1Hive new FAQ forum post so expect this today that I will link here.

My biggest issues were getting

  1. On the xDAI network. - https://medium.com/@whitecolidon/honey-token-how-to-buy-it-c48802e2e881 - a really good guide to help you get DAI on to the xDAI network and configure the RPC.

  2. Trading - Honeyswap (basically a uniswap v2 clone on xDAI) - https://github.com/1Hive/honeyswap

  3. Verifying on BrightID. https://www.brightid.org/ and their discord https://discord.gg/7UXzq5 using their connection cafe’ https://discord.gg/gyjNCDq and their List of all verification parties at https://brightid.org/meet

  4. discord https://discord.gg/ymwsHE onboarding for Pollen (i.e. 1Hive sourceCred instance that uses your participation in the Hive via accounts on discord, discourse, and github)

Example !join
Discord: RogueTwo#6155
discorse: Eth_Man
github: 1HiveMan

Basic info about how sourceCred works

For everyone wanting to earn Honey the best way is to contribute to the community via helping people in 1Hive discord https://discord.gg/GUtx64 or by giving people :honey_pot: emojies etc. (more on this in another post). Here in the forums here with posts and/or likes to things you like, or in github by helping with any of the 1Hive github work.

  1. Once you are BrightID verified doing a !verify and !me in onboarding to connect your discord account to BrightID via apps using the BrightID_Bot (link). My RogueTwo account handle turned orange and showed verified when I clicked on my nickname there when this was accomplished.

BrightID verified to be able to access the Faucet.

https://faucet.1hive.org - you will need to verify and then connect to be able to receive faucet Honey rewards in the next period. Each period is 2 days long.

NOTE: There is a known bug with how much the faucet says it will give you vs. what you will get. When I last claimed my faucet it said .3HNY (woo hoo) which turned out to be about .03HNY (woah hoa but still this was like $36 which was cool)

  1. Having issues with xDAI gas - either the estimator wouldn’t connect (I had to ctl-f5 the page or reload the app) and then choosing gas. Turns out that you can use gas all the way down to .001 and still get transactions to cross quickly. I didn’t know this and was using 1gwei.

  2. POA UI going down and using the direct deposit method https://www.xdaichain.com/for-users/converting-xdai-via-bridge/transfer-sai-dai-without-the-ui-using-web3-or-mobile-wallet#transfer-dai-from-the-ethereum-mainnet-to-the-xdai-chain

  3. Trying to bring assets across the omni-bridge. https://xdai-omnibridge.web.app/ Must be ECR20 and ?? tokens.

  4. Making sure to keep ETH on your address for any mainnet tx’s into xDAI network, and xDAI (at least 1xDAI should be sufficient) on the same address on the xDAI side of the network.

Expect I will update this thread and am leaving a date/time of last edit so people can use this to know when last updated.

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How do i i chart honey?

Thanks great write up links i didn’t even know about.
thanks champ

https://info.honeyswap.org/token/0x71850b7e9ee3f13ab46d67167341e4bdc905eef9 this is currently the only charting available i believe

Metamask issue: See this thread for help. Once I can edit the OP I will add this up there.

Also help videos.

Also see:

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Nleng I have posted my reply to you here.

As written in the Everything about 1Hive in one place - newFAQ in development post xDAI and the Mainnet are TWO different networks. I expect if Binance has keys to your deposit address then they could connect to the xDAI network to recover your funds BUT there is nothing anyone on xDAI or in 1Hive can do because you basically sent your funds to an address with keys controlled by Binance. You will have to contact them directly to see if they can recover your funds.


I’m trying to sync my discord name to discorse, but there is no option to edit my username… is this something anyone could help me with?


I don’t believe you can change your discourse name, you could update your discord name to reflect it? If you are worried about not receiving pollen because your names are not the same, just post your xdai address + discord name + discourse name in the #onboarding channel. They can all be linked up together, even if your forum username is not the same as discord.

If you do decide to change your discord name, make sure to post/update that in the #onboarding channel too so it can get linked up.

If you still want to change discourse username, I believe you are only able to change it within the first 3 days of creating it, but an admin can change it for you

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Thanks for the help @cryptoclip I really appreciate it!!

Sorry just one more thing, do you happen to know an admin I can get in contact with to have my username changed?

Not 100% sure but I THINK one of these people may be able to help:

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Thanks @cryptoclip. Sure, what do you want it to be changed to, Cryptobeats? You can also DM me if you want.

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I added Liquidity but my liquidity does not appear in the pool, transactions are confirmed. Someone can help me ?

When you say it does not appear in the pool then what do you mean? Do you mean that it is not showing up on Honeyswap Info or that you did not receive LP tokens?

does not appear on Honeyswap, nor did I receive LP tokens

Can you send the transaction hash to bjerger#8317 on Discord?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello, I am one of the new people that joined a couple of weeks ago and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about 1hive and crypto in general. I’ve been playing around this platform a lot and I really really like it :smiley:

I have a question I can’t seem to find an answer for anywhere and would have asked on discord but discord link doesn’t work for me so I’m asking here.

I found on my adress that I have 1 HONEYCOMB.FI (COMB) token and I’m not sure where I’ve got this and for what. Did I buy this and forgot about it or did I get this as a reward for something?

Most probably, it was just distributed randomly to your address. As when you check the token holders on blockscout, you will see that a great number of people have received 1 comb to their wallets.

Thanks for quick reply @mrtdlgc . After I posted my question I saw i could click on the HONEYCOMB.FI link and it makes some sense now along with what you said about others getting 1 COMB token as well