Learn Solidity through CryptoZombies! TEC collab

I’ve been checking out @ygg_anderson’s lab hosting over at TEC for most of the year now (intermittently), and super enjoy the “We’re working through this together” flavor. The labs are held at the TEC Discord server, currently on Fridays at 5 PM UTC.

I, meta🐝, have been invited to host the labs from mid November through most of February!

We will be working through Loom Network’s CryptoZombies.
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CryptoZombies is well thought out and is still the most functional and thorough intro to Solidity course available. I will be posting summaries of the lessons, with key terms and key points, and sometimes other resources. My big audacious goal is to also get videos up. :muscle:t4:

This will be especially interesting since so many of us are struggling to code NFT projects.

Ideally this will be a workshop style lab with CryptoZombies as a jumping off point for some of us.

Thank-you @Rohekbenitez for the epic graphics!

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Thank you!


Meta… I have been through cryptozombies a couple of years ago when they were actually live! I really loved the content but I guess i have really not retained any of it over time! I will try to get in on some of these sessions! Could i also suggest an audacious end to the workshops - If there is enough interest - May be get the group to work as one to have a simple fun NFT project released into the wild or just on the rinkeby test if there is complications! It would be a great result!

Hope you get a great turnout and have a hit!


Thank-you @project_uwb. That would be amazing.
I’m thinking about ways to make simple educational games using NFTs.
Super-excited about this opportunity for cross-pollination.

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Great this information, as great as who writes it, I love reading things that can make us grow as active members of the crypto world and in 1hive a paradise to make new friends, learn and grow together!

I will be very attentive to everything they publish about this and in a certain way debate and learn among the members !!

On the other hand, I think an application called Filmora can be useful for editing and creating videos, it’s really easy!

Great job , Queen Bee :honeybee: @metaverde


Awesome I’ve played around there a little but lost the link and was just thinking about where to look for it agin earlier today. I love it when things sync up like this :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you and looking forward to seeing the posts and hopefully a video as well :+1:

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@metaverde love the bee zombie? Can i ask if you designed it yourself or who the artist is? I am not sure if you have kept up with a small project we started for a PFP NFT … but we are looking at designs from the community and this could really fit the bill. Do you mind if i take a copy of this to post in the discord channel to get some design inspirations?

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That’s our own @Rohekbenitez.
I’ll enlarge the credit in the op!
He posted it in the #:rainbow:design channel over the weekend.
It’s in there.


Thanks for this post but will there be a proper tutoring on how to learn

CryptoZombies is its own “proper tutoring”.
But yes, I am providing guided practice for CryptoZombies.
Atm, I am offering help on Thursdays at 1Hive.
Although I sometimes say cafe, most likely we’ll be at pair programming voice channel.
Just after mid-November will be the TEC labs start.


Good I won’t miss that thanks

Good job. I am excited to know how this project is going to unfold, much success to both of you! I will be attentive to this. :+1:

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Thanks Meta, I will always be willing to work with you, you are great in 1hive and wherever you write! :honeybee: Thankyou :sunglasses:

15:00 utc on Thursdays.
I’m here to help people to do CryptoZombies.
Hopefully it’s not lectures.


Thracian I’ll be attentive to participate

I am preparing something to make noise, and attract more bees willing to learn with CryptoZombies through you idea metaverde! As soon as I have it I will publish here and other places

Attract me … Am so willing to learn too

Hey @metaverde :honeybee:

come on bees @kingsdami @Cheo0202 @Ebun @grateful55 @project_uwb @alessa234 let’s learn solidity with the great teacher metaverde! :books: :nerd_face:


Am in boss…but to learn solidity I’ll need a PC right? And what else

learning solidity using cryptozombies is a great idea, I hope I can participate and be there, everything that is learning is really cool @metaverde thankyou friend


Am in, I can’t wait to start learning solidity using cryptozombies nice idea, I hope i can be there when it start