Marketing Channel Debrief - A Simple Way To Contribute To 1Hive

:eyeglasses: Overview

Over the last few weeks the BuzzDAO has been working on ways to increase exposure of 1Hive through various initiatives. With the creation of the new marketing channel all members of 1Hive have the opportunity to be featured on the main branded channels and be rewarded via #pollen. The simplicity of this channel allows everyone to be part of marketing initiatives with very little effort. A Tweet, a post on Instagram or Facebook is all that is required from this channel; The best part is you earn #pollen

How It Works :grey_question:

Participating In The Marketing Channel

To partake in this channel you are required to react with a :white_check_mark: in the #roles channel under the marketing curation post by lkngtn

Content curators:

Step 1. Create or find content that you think is worth spreading. If creating your own then consider using 1Hive hashtags (#1Hive #Honeyswap etc).

Step 2. Create your request in the #marketing channel on discord linking your content. Use this source of promotion wisely as you are only allowed to post once every 6 hours.

Step 3. If the request’s total up votes minus down votes are more than 33% of the active members of the marketing channel you will see a blue checkmark emoji under your request and your request will be posted to the relevant 1Hive social media accounts. If 24 hours pass and you have not received the 33% required, your request will be removed.

How it works for members partaking in the marketing channel:

Vote on the posts made in the channel by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down depending on whether you like it or not. Try not to vote for both, as clicking both emojis turns your vote into neutral!

How it works for social admins:

Step 1: Social admins monitor the marketing channel and wait for a blue checkmark to appear under a request.

Step 2: If a blue checkmark appears under a request , social admins managing the relevant channels must oblige to the request from the post made.

Optional: Admins from other social accounts can also share the content if it pertains to their channel.

Marketing Channel Details

The marketing channel has a custom made bot for 1Hive to assist with this process. The bot works in the following manner:

Step 1. Curators post content in the marketing channel. The bot automatically adds the :thumbsup: and :thumbsdown: emoji.

Step 2. Bot tracks the amount of votes on each post made and fetches the count every 30min.

Step 3A. Bot Logic: If the upvotes minus the downvotes is greater than or equal to 33% of the total number of users signed up in the marketing channel the bot will add a :white_check_mark: beside the post. The bot checks the count every 30 minutes.

Step 3B. Bot Logic: If the upvotes don’t meet the 33% required but the post doesn’t have any downvotes the post will receive :x: but won’t delete the post still rewarding the creator #pollen

Step 3C. Bot Logic: If the upvote count is less than 33% within a 24 hour period and the post has received 1/5 of the total users on the channel with :thumbsdown: the bot automatically deletes the post made in the marketing channel.

Goal Of Marketing Channel

The purpose of this channel is to be able to increase organic traffic while also rewarding content creators. You can read more about the theory behind this channel in the decentralized marketing and sales strategy post on the forum.