Decentralized Marketing And Sales Strategy For 1Hive #Buzz

1Hive Sales Strategy and Marketing Plan Rev 0.2

Hello everyone! My name is D0$H im one of the fauna members and a #buzz team contributor. I have been formulating a strategy since i joined 1Hive on how to create win-win situations for both the community and the contributing bees.

:exclamation:I highly advise all HNY holders to read this article as this information impacts everyone within this organization.

Synopsis :honey_pot:

This strategy was curated within 30 days spent within 1Hive. This is not something that follows any standard practice so it’s a work in progress. The article will cover topics introduced within the community, solutions to current dilemmas, and the importance of marketing. I have also included a brief on how we can start a social engineering system by working as a community…or i guess like bees? :honeybee:

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1Hive Buzz Team Decentralized Sales & Marketing Strategy

Table Of Contents

Centralized Information Vs Decentralized Information

The current dilemma on centralizing information within a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) goes against how these organizations are intrinsically designed. Centralizing does provide a level of trust to onlookers but the way it's fed or organized does not have to be centered around one creator, source, or channel.

Hurdles and Barriers

Centralized Info

Centralizing information creates various dilemmas internally and externally.Some of these include:

  • Who gets to decide what is posted on the accounts? This includes which language and other factors as well.
  • Who gets to control the accounts?
  • Who gets to decide what is good or bad as content to be posted?
  • Are there metrics to be sustained by these contributors? if so what and how will they be measured?
  • Centralizing a platform requires full time contributors to perform tasks, how can we guarantee the user(s) will fulfill tasks?
  • How can centralized communication be scalable with no official contributors?
  • By having conviction voting how can we be reassured that the actions taken are for the benefit of the community and not personal interest(s)?
  • How is the DAO reassuring the new contributors that join are able to voice their opinion or be heard and treated fairly amongst older contributors?

Centralizing information not only falsifies the image of a DAO but has other issues as well which are currently happening at the time of writing this. Synchronizations across time zones, media, content, languages, marketing strategies, sales plans…etc. All of these need to be aligned and share values and views of the general public of 1Hive. Centralization also creates enormous barriers on scaling solutions as well as inefecient workflow.

Decentralized Info

Decentralizing information also has a lot of questions that arise. Some include:

  • How can we moderate every user and keep it consistent within 1Hive
  • How do other users know if the information posted by the user at hand is correct?
  • If there are sensitive accounts that have major influence like Honeyswap Twitter how are we re-assured that the users added are genuine?
  • Are there consequences on posting false information?
  • If users added to these accounts break the covenant what are the consequences?

Being decentralized doesn’t mean that everyone gets to spread fud all over the place without accepting consequences. Therefore misinterpreted information or false information strictly relies on the user at hand. Hence if a user decides the best course of action is by providing such information, the audience should be made aware that it is just one user or one bees opinion.

Proposed Solution

This strategy will be combining both centralized channels and decentralized resources, while leveraging the social network as a sales solution. This plan will grant access to every single community member to be able to contribute to whatever they want, how they want it, when they want it. It will give everyone the right to have an opinion, idea etc...

Applying Consensus Theory & Swarm Marketing to 1Hive

The goal of 1Hive is to have a fully democratic organization on the day to day operations while being fully transparent. Theoretically that would mean that every single person would have a vote, and anyone can come browse and see what is happening within the hive. In practicality true democracy doesn’t exist only variants of it do, and being democratic requires a lot of back and forth without actually coming to a decision. As many of you may know, or will find out, time is money and fast decision making should be a priority. Therefore this solution will focus on applying the consensus theory within centralized channels and branded media while also keeping the process optimized and decentralized. This process will exponentially increase influence via a theory known as Metcalfe’s Law and will be branded as a new form of marketing strategy known as “Swarm Marketing”.

Swarm Marketing Theory & Case Study

Swarm Marketing & Metcalfe’s Law

Swarm marketing is a prototype strategy that incorporates the fundementals of various proven online marketing business plans. These plans all revolve around Robert Metcalfe theory which states that the value of the network is asymptotically proportional to the square of the number of users. Therefore the larger the network the larger the influence which can have a direct impact to the price of HNY.

Metcalfe's Law: n(n-1)/2

Metaclafs Law Explained Using Twitter

Exhibit A.1: The First Twitter Account

The world’s first Twitter account was completely useless…why? Who would see the first tweet?

Exhibit A.2: The second,third,fourth etc.

As new Twitter accounts were added to the Twitter network the number of users that each person could influence would increase exponentially. Hence if there are 5 Twitter accounts, there are 25 transactional combinations within the Twitter network. Therefore each user now can influence 5 users with 1 tweet.

There are some limitations within this law as quantifying the true value of each user’s impact may vary.

5 Brand New Twitter Accounts Vs 5 Vetted Twitter Accounts
The new accounts will not have as much influence because there are no followers within those new accounts.

Likewise, in 1Hive the greater the number of bees the more valuable the social network becomes with or without a quantified impact.

Exhibit A. Practical
Applying this law and viewing the analytics from a post made about Honeyfarms.

The current number of followers on D0SHTech Twitter account is 10 followers. The post that is displayed has had 10 hours of exposure.
Fig.1 Twitter Post Analytics Click Here To View Tweet

As displayed in the above example, the influence that was applied to the network was able to reach 3X the follower count per interactions.

These interactions also played a major role within the underlying analytics of the post.

Fig2. Tweet Analytics on a 10 Hour post with 3:1 follower to interaction ratio.

Metcalfe’s law has been illustrated within this small study as the 3:1 follower ratio of interactions increased the exposure of the tweet to greater than 100:1

The current case study was performed on the Chainlink Token and the results were as follows:

Fig.4- Chainlink Token increased volume by 36.72% in a 24 hour period

An increase in volume of 36.72% is shown within Honeyswap Analytics, and a 4x increase in liquidity after the tweet. The calculations:

Liquidity Pool Calculations for 40 HNY Reward over 30 days (LINK)

Fig.5 - 24 Hours later APY% Decreased HNY-LINK Pair

If X is the total value of of the pair converted to HNY

12 Hours Prior To Tweet 24 Hours After Tweet
40 HNY @ X = 667% APY 39.374 HNY@ X = 139% APY
X= 5.99 HNY X = 28.32 HNY

Based on the calculation of dividing the APY by the total HNY incentive within the 24 hour span of influence there was an increase of 447% in liquidity for that pair.

There were other factors that increased these numbers so we can’t justify it all based on one tweet. But within the 24 hour period the tweet was able to reach over 1.1K. A key element to note within this example is that the farm was available for investment 12 hours prior to the increase in the calculation shown above. Therefore Metcalfe’s theory of networks based on the size of the network has the ability to exponential increase sales.

Communal Sales Benefits

Sales and marketing have a linear correlation between the two. The better the marketing material and strategy, the higher the sales. In this case we do not sell physical merchandise to classify it as a physical sale but more of a user sale. As a community we are able to sell the idea of 1Hive and have new users vested within the organization. This can be in the form of reassurance of trust within this project which correlates to a higher investment within the project. Furthermore new users that are participating in the contribution programs will increase the network value of 1Hive.

Communal Marketing Benefits

Word of the mouth is the best form of marketing! And it is FREE! The more users we have talking about 1Hive validates the organization even further. In psychology it is known as herd mentality, or gang mentality. The rational decision making is diminished as emotional decision making takes over. If we use Metcalfe’s law and quantify the value of each user at the same influence value, we still will get a positive outcome by adding new users. The greater the number of users, and influencers, the higher the rate of FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out).

More Users Talking About 1Hive = Increased FOMO On 1Hive Opportunities

Social media featuring algorithms will also be influenced in a positive way. Please read about how in the Social Engineering section.

Leveraging Centralized Media With Decentralized Resources

We currently possess one of the largest and most diverse teams which has the ability to award all contributors (#pollen). The centralization of the platforms that have created the teams to coordinate, and work together, should be used to create a decentralized ecosystem of accurate information. The centralized platforms consist of Discord and Discourse(1Hive Forum).

Centralized Media Channel Break Down

1Hive is a community of individuals that hold Honey (HNY), by doing so this means that they are part of each branded channel. These channels currently include Honeyswap Twitter, 1Hive Twitter, Honeyswap Instagram, and 1Hive Medium (subject to change). Since these current channels use the branded names Honeyswap, 1Hive etc. we can leverage them in a way to bring forth a trusted source of information but not an “official” source per say we are a DAO after all. These current sources are not the end of branded channels for 1Hive as there are hundreds of platforms we can use to brand 1Hive accounts; The same strategy can be applied for most.

Decentralized Source Of Media

Being part of 1Hive means that we can create and do whatever we want! Essentially we are looking at a free-for-all of creative and artistic people innovating while having full control without any boundaries or direction. The possibilities could be endless and the broad spectrum of contributors all working towards making the community better could be something that has never been done before…in the world. Imagine having 4.5k members contributing to each piece in their own unique way?(that is the amount of users currently on 1Hive discord :exploding_head:)

Combining Both

By having the ability to award contributors (#pollen) we are able to capture the best of the best for all content creations…but how? By using the most versatile platform we have - Discord. Discord is super simple to use, it has the ability to run on various devices, and it can act as any messaging app on your mobile phone. Why is this irrelevant information important? By having a centralized messaging platform with such versatility we can create a voting thread channel where each user can upload their creations.Whatever the user creates can be published within this channel to have it voted on for featuring within the centralized branded channels.

Implementing Consensus Theory

By combining both decentralized resources and branded channels we are able to have a scalable solution that is also extremely versatile.

Centralized Branded Channels:

Branded channels will have the trust of and workmanship backed by the community. These channels will need to be ran by various dedicated members full time.The members that already have taken a step to claim the accounts/manage the branded accounts should keep them in good faith that they follow protocol. These members should be compensated for their time as they will need to be monitoring the votes and moderating the source of media.

The sole purpose of being an admin of the accounts relies on fulfilling voting requests per the media channel. The admin will also be responsible for providing analytics feedback if the platform allows for it. Moderation will be very limited within these accounts unless the admins deem something could negatively impact 1Hive. If the branded channels relies on multiple members and can be used to provide support towards 1Hive like Reddit the rules will apply but within another substructure.


The sub-structure should consist of other members voting on admin responsibilities/authorities within that source. As well as compensation needs to be altered based on tasks performed. These all need to be within their own structure as well as their own swarm.

Account Admin Responsibilities:

Admins will need to be held accountable for the account to be held securely. Please do not make accounts with easy to guess passwords. If it is not obvious we work in a field of programmers which these devs wrote the programs that most use to hack. So be responsible.

Co-operative and respectful admin scenarios

Not following protocol or current admin decides it is not worth the effort or time.
The admin can hand the account over to another member, or leave it at a standstill. If the account is fairly new or on a new platform and hasn’t had any other contributors voting for requests through it the user can decide to delete it.

Not so co-operative/respectful admin scenarios

Admin breaks protocol and is warned/reported about behaviours.The account should be announced as compromised via other media channels that are also branded by the organization. The media source that was compromised will now be given to any other member or nulled until a new member wants to fill the role. If the role is filed immediately every request directed towards the previous media channel should now be routed to the new account.

This process can be repeated over and over until we find the right people for the tasks

De-centralized Sources:

Create and innovate content that you think will bring value to 1Hive within your own accounts. The sky’s the limit here so don’t be afraid of trying something that hasn’t been done before. If you wish to be featured on the branded channels and your idea can tie in with the structure of the media source; Make a request on the voting channel (Fig.7)


Users contributing to making amazing content should be showcasing their work to the world! Branding within personal accounts will bring recognition to your work in and outside of 1Hive. Contributors have a major impact within 1Hive as they are the face of the organization and it is how swarm marketing operates. Every single member should understand 1Hive is anyone that holds Honey(HNY). Every single HNY holder has the chance and opportunity to make a difference to better this organization.Contributions can range from assisting new users, creating graphic illustrations, translating, tweets.etc. There are so many ways to contribute to 1Hive that it is literally impossible to sit still within this DAO. Every small trace made online or offline that relates to 1Hive should be considered as bettering the organization.

If you don’t like the current price of HNY then do something about it

Win :left_right_arrow: Win

By using this structure and strategy we create a fair platform that is equally beneficial to all including the organization. This eliminates all the current issues that are imposed within the current working standard within today’s society; Level the playing field for all. The structure is meant to award people that are serious about 1Hive and making it better than it was yesterday.

Hard Work = More Pay

Exhibit B. Theory And Implementation Of Consensus Theory

If user X has their own Twitter account and they decide that what they produced as content is beneficial to 1Hive it will give them the chance to have their profile featured on the main branded Honeyswap/1Hive Twitter. User X now has the responsibility of producing content that is quality & accurate as he will have a vast audience of members voting on his creations. Once the user receives a certain amount of votes they can request to be retweeted and or simply copy paste the content. It’s really up to UserX to request what he wants the branded channels to do.

To have every user that has logged into discord have the opportunity to vote doesn’t create an optimized system as many users are idle or really don’t care about day to day stuff. Hence I propose that we create a manual conviction voting system (for the time being before we can make a bot do it) and it will operate in the manner stated within the implementation section.

If UserX receives the number of votes required for a repost, the users assigned to manage the branded accounts need to comply. The assigned users of the branded accounts should not have the capabilities to be posting whatever they want without having their own account be held responsible. So if UserX is part of the branded Twitter account, UserX will be required to post from their own accounts and request for it to be posted. Violating these processes should result in the user at hand to forfeit all access to branded accounts.

Manual Conviction Voting On Day to Day #Buzz

  1. Creating a voting channel similar to #feed / #announcements
  2. This channel will be available to users to post within it once every 24 hours.
  3. Once the request has been put in within this channel other users now have the responsibility to vote on matters they see fit.
  4. To optimize the process of votes, we can take the total number of users that have interacted with the #welcome channel divided by 20. This will give a conviction of 5% of the populus on Discord. (These numbers can be subject to change as the welcome messages skews the count).
  5. The polls would have to be created monthly/weekly to keep the voting current with the users on hand and eliminate inactive users.
  6. If the user does not receive the 5% required to repost within a 24H window the requests should be nulled
  7. To inspire others to create content we should use source cred within this channel at a very low multiplier(0.25x-0.05x) since there will be alot of interactions.

Exhibit B Practical :

UserX : D0$Htest

This would be the start of the channel with D0$Htest requesting RT from 2 branded accounts.

Fig.5 voting post

If we take into consideration the amount of users on the discord right now that have reacted to Carl(!)Bot(Fig.6) message that would require us to have a minimum of 67 reactions displayed under D0$Htest(Fig.5)

Fig.6 Carl bot #welcome post 1347 total reactions

Exhibit B.1

In this example the post did not receive greater than 67 emojis (we can distinguish what is good and what is bad emoji in the thread below) within a 24 hour window that would mean the request would be nulled(Fig.7).

Fig.7-A vote request that din’t get traction from the community

Exhibit B.2

In this example the request receives over majority vote for their creation

Fig8. A vote request that received above majority votes

Since the user beat the majority vote of 5% minimum, the members that are handling the twitter accounts should follow the request of D0$Htest, in this case RT from the twitter accounts.

Fast Tracked Social Engineering Plan

What is social engineering?

Social engineering can mean various things hence this strategy relies on the network of people being able to be synchronized, and have a higher exposure chance for content creations within social media platforms.

If we apply Metcalf’s law within our social engineering strategy we can all agree that having more users talking about the same idea increases it’s validation. Since the biggest social media platforms rely on their users to create content we can make our own network of media influencers. Featuring algorithms are curated to showcase content that users like hence having multiple users talking about the same subject increases our influence factor and will contribute to fast tracked organic growth.

The Basics Of Increasing Influence Value

Social engineerings comes in many forms and can be modified at any second. Therefore this part of the strategy will include various methods of increasing influence potential within each contributor within the network.

BYOB - Bee Your Own Brand

Being in 1Hive creates so many opportunities for creators to finally work on stuff they love to do. Branding your content with your own personalized signature makes a huge impact on your social capital within 1Hive as well as the network of people you influence. Branding your content doesn’t have to be a physical stamp as the presence of your brand could have a socioeconomic benefit that cannot be quantified.

How Does It Benefit The Community?

1Hive will benefit as the amount of contributors and branded content can increase drastically without impacting the current workflow of others. By increasing the number of accounts that create media, the standard and quality will be increased as natural competition occurs. By having branded accounts with real users behind them further increases the trust of the marketing source and the validation of the project.

How Does This Benefit Me?

If the gratification of contributing towards something bigger than yourself isn’t satisfactory, I curated a small list:

  • Content that is uploaded on discord/discourse earns #pollen based on users interacting with your posts
  • Creating quality work will give you a higher chance of being funded on proposals
  • Uploading on your own channel brings opportunities for others to hire you for your expertise
  • High influence platforms bring on monetization opportunities for your fan base
  • Showcasing your work can be referenced in a professional environment
  • Increase social status within 1Hive and the cryptospehere.
  • Have the ability to be featured on a global platform that represents over 11K members(at the time of writing this)

Personal Branding Within 1Hive

Exhibit C: Brand - D0$H

In this example i will be showcasing myself and how i’ve created a brand around me. I will try and explain it as thoroughly and straight forward as possible and include the advantages and examples of how they all are incorporated within 1Hive.

I created my username based on the currency used in the game Killing Floor

Username D0$H = :dollar:

D0$H username is used throughout various media channels that all tie into one user. My channels of influence include Youtube, Twitter, Discord, Discourse, GitHub,GitCoin,Steam,and Twitch(so far…)

These usernames all tie into the brand as everything that is related to those accounts were formulated with 1Hive in mind. The social trust I bring towards the username D0SH creates an online profile for myself. Therefore D0SH becomes a trusted source of information based on my interest, behaviors, and overall originality of who I am as a person.

D0$H Fanbase & Contributions

The content produced now by the brand D0SH has more social impact towards the organization and outside of it. My contributions within 1hive can now range from Tech Support all the way to organizing events on Discord. The D0$H username is now highly ranked within this organization as new members come to me as they see my brand everywhere within 1Hive.

Twitter Contrubtions

Twitter has a huge impact and is one of the easiest forms of high impact social influence with minimal effort. Actions like RT, Like, and Comment are crucial for this platform as the small amount of followers showcased in the case study were able to reach over 1000 veiwers

Youtube Contrubtions

Youtube is one of the greatest platforms invented to award users for their creations as well as have a high influence factor. Videos can be made for 1hive, live streams for tutorials, etc… all can be made within a branded YT account.

Discord Contrubtions

Our main platform of communication should be the first place your brand should start. Back your username in the Discord channels by assisting users, conversing with other bees, helping outin swarms etc… This is were it all starts and that’s a good way to earn #pollen

Discourse Contrubtions

The forum is a great place to produce quality content like articles and proposals to showcase to your fellow bees. Since the forum is a permenant post, I tailor my articles with complete solutions for ideas making the post highly recongizable in the forum. These posts become beneficial to the whole community while i get the rewarded in #pollen

Other Channles of Contribution

Other channels like Gitcoin, Twitch can all serve as gateways to your higher effort channels. For example my Gitcoin accounts is very inactive but it contains links to my tiwtter etc…

Creating Backlinks For SEO

If articles are created or accounts that allow for URL additions make sure you include ones that link to 1Hive or your own accounts. By creating back-links web crawl bots register each link between websites. These links increase the validity for the website at hand thus naturally increasing exposure through web results.

Fig.9 Added Links To YT channel for increased exposure

Fig.10 Adding Links to Twitter Account as well as tagging @1hive

There are many ways to optimize for SEO but this will be a great start to increasing traffic and trust towards 1Hive.

Attack Of the Swarm & Synced Media

The easiest form of social engineering is to apply hashtags within each content creation. Each platform that allows this form of media filtration should follow a decentralized synchronized guideline that is unilaterally controlled. This source of info will also be where bees are called for battle for social influencing.


We will be using discord for this part of the strategy. Discord can be easily modified/updated and will not show up on google results like discourse. By having this barrier we can keep our strategies concealed within 1Hive to avoid high influence espionage.

Attack Of The Swarm Channel

Creating a voting channel similar to #buzz / #buzzswarm

1)This channel will be available to users to post within it for help from bees to support their specific cause. This channel will also be used to post current social media tags.
2) Once the request has been put in within this channel other users now have the ability to be a part of the increased influence initiative

Fig12. Common hashtags from 2020-11-03

This would be an example of which hashtags to use within a post for increased exposure

Fig13. Requesting help from bees to upvote a comment.

This theory has been applied through the main #buzz channel and will be showcased below.

(continued in comment)


Exhibit D: Attack of the Swarm: Coin Bureau’s Youtube Channel

Fig14. D0SH Tech Tips Features link by getting upvotes through the synchronization of the discord buzz chat. Click here To View

As the image displays, we were able to make DOSH Tech Tips the highlighted comment on a Youtube channel with over 115K subscribers. The key ingredient which can’t be portrayed through the image was the timing.We acted fast and were able to upvote the comment within 2 hours of the video being uploaded. The current video which has over 11k views had less than 1.5k before we displayed our link.

As the example illustrates, a 10 second action performed by our community members featured our link at the top of the comments for over 10k viewers.


This theorized plan and structure applied to 1Hive will grant the ability of every HNY token holder to contribute while increasing the community and currency value.

Please vote on how much HNY would be appropriate for me to ask from the community on the article i wrote if it comes into play for #buzz. If this plan goes through and the community votes on the proposal, a plan of execution will follow on how to implement all of this.
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:eyes:If you haven’t already voted please go here :eyes:


Wow, Thank you @D0SH for putting up your time on writing this, I feel this is something we should implement on 1hive as soon as possible. It will create more value for 1hive and it’s contributors and more buzz across the social media’s , while keeping it organized and yet in a decentralized way of decision making. Hope to see this implemented and get more influencers in the Hive.


I agree that we need some channel to funnel quality content through to be used on social media platforms. I think we could even just try it and see. However, I think we could add a bit to this before roll out. This solution appears to provide a solution for rewarding content providers and provides ‘trusted sites’ with potential quality content.

My concerns:
1.) how do we ensure this doesn’t become meme2.0 channel
2.) how do we reward people that are running trusted sites, really the question is how to incentivize running more sites?
3.) we have current std guidelines for content, how will this voting process enforce these standards (ie only vote on content that meet guidelines)

Lastly, thank you for your work. Personally I am not comfortable yet with the idea of proposals for work. That’s just me, we have cred through likes in discord and discourse. That should be a sufficient method for reward but that’s for another debate. In the meantime those choices are a bit high, maybe 0-2 hny with ranged increments of 0.2 ie 0-0.2, .2-.4,.4-.6…etc


Great idea @D0SH !! amazing work

i have the feeling that a lot of bees from the buzz swarm have been thinking about this decentralization issue. I liked a lot your proposal, sounds possible and i might even say simple to implement , im very curious to see how it would perform.

It makes a lot of sense to have the information shown to the community be provided by the community. This can also be used as a marketing strategy as well, decentralized social media sounds like a very cool step to take. I’d love to test this idea with the HoneyswapEs twitter account.


I agree that Buzz needs to be operated in a decentralized way, in the sense that contributors get to vote on contributions to feature in the multiple social medias. Social Media by design is centralized, but still can be configured in a way that more than one “Admin” can moderate or operate an account.

#pollen does not work well at quality assessment and can be gamed which is unwanted.This can also be a problem when we are talking about following a “consensus voting” on discord.

I agree that account admins should be compensated but should also be held accountable if not doing their job properly.

Manual conviction voting does not work if anyone is allowed to vote or “double vote”. There must be an entry requirement which should be a commitment to be a participant in the swarm or team.

Marketing is not just social media. Marketing and Sales is not just about coming up with a fancy looking poster or image and upload it on social media. It’s not just about creating Buzz.
Marketing is about converting people into sales and that covers everything from:

  • What are we selling?
  • Where are we selling?
  • To who are we selling?
  • At what price are we selling? (What are the comparative advantages of using 1hive)
  • When are we selling? (like you mentioned… timing is everything)

So what is the #Buzz selling? Buzz is selling 1hive. Buzz should be selling the ecosystem and the way we operate, inviting new members and contributors.
Where are you selling? Well it should be anywhere since anyone can be a potential member of the hive. But who and where should we be focusing on? Should we be focusing on pump & hype youtube channels or should we be targeting communities with “working” and proactive people? The answer is that it will depend on the specific campaign #Buzz is running.

And we come down to the core problem of being a decentralized organization: How can we manage and coordinate teams or members into specific marketing campaigns? Campaigns may be something simple like create hype around 1hive products, or organize online events/conferences. However, most campaigns should be ongoing and long term efforts such as create bridges to other projects and communities, create good documentation for new members, market research on improvements and sales opportunities for 1hive. We need to find out a way that these Campaigns can be coordinated and managed without an Admin, and also make it in a way that contributors are receiving far pay.
A suggestion would be to have a Buzz aragon swarm like we have for Pollen and Fauna, to serve as custody and deal with the allocation and reserve of funds coming out of the common pool for Buzz.

Each new campaign should be created as a team and be easy to be added to (as easy as wanting to participate). This team should introduce to the 1hive community their ideas and make a proposal for their marketing campaign on the Honey Pot. A Campaign is not to “create youtube videos” (make it broad and provide good tangible examples of the expectations) something like Social Media Awareness Campaign would make more sense and yt videos would be an example.
Contributors should then coordinate within their teams how to proceed, they may create their own discord servers, subreddits, whatever fits.
At the end of the month, team members should give to the Buzz management team their team reward distributions taking into consideration their monthly budget they acquired from the Common-Pool. If there is no consensus regarding payment within the team, then the Buzz management team should try to moderate the discussion. If the Buzz management believes the work has not been accomplished, it is allowed to decrease or freeze payments. If the Buzz management abuses their roles during this process, there may be a justification for the Buzz management to be changed.

We need to start seeing swarms as independent branches of 1hive with independent management, and as if 1hive is outsourcing these other smaller organizations for their services. We are all 1hive, but swarms need to organize themselves with autonomy and independence. We can’t expect the general community to vote and solve for specific issues that are incredibly specific for each campaign/team.
If a swarm as an independent agency is failing, the common pool will be less interested in their services and may start funding an alternative new service provider.


i would not choose Democratic word to explain 1 hive community or its goal . ( we are human , and we intend to follow groups that present us (A or B,##) , in any community there’s going to be effected people that have the ability to gather people around them) . Can’t sprats the effect of people on each other . therefore we going to have groups inside 1 hive either we wanted it or not .

Given equal power to people might not be Fair , imagine someone just joined 1 hive and started forcing his opinion using tools that would make him so . also there people who put alot of work into the project is it fair to treat them like someone just did 0 work :confused: .

Work around it is using BrightID to improve the fairness .Rather then make it open widely .

Swarm Marketing”. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

10 user (10-1)/2 =45 connection

100% “BIG BRIAN” :smiley:

a bit wildly

make all factors = 0 to calculated this .

No doubt that metcalfe theory works to some degree , expiation growth .
the problem how we going to invest into metcalfe theory to get what we wanted

also group mentality

Can you drew chart for this , talking can be bad or good . and not always = Fear of missing out

more like service.

can we create whatever we wants hmm, i dont think so . lets example 1hive logo , can i change its color , or can make resist joke and put 1 hive logo next to it . ? think about this , we are not free . we actually slaves to our ideas . and as community we should watch out for this not fire back to us

i will stop i thin we should have voice call about this , type here is not the best idea for this kind of information , @D0SH keep the good work :slight_smile:


thank you for this TLDR!

Awesome work mate! I think you did a lots of research before posting it. And I like the idea for SEO -social engineering and creating backlinks, organic traffic. I have never seen anyone talking about it here but that is the most important thing for 1hive right now (get discovered by new user/investor).


I love this idea! Great work @D0SH!! I just have a suggestion:

Seeing the results of Friday’s AMA I think YouTube is one of the most important platforms that 1hive should be promoting. Along with Twitter, YT is probably the account that gets more exposure, but at the same time we should consider new platforms in the crypto space.
Theta or Hyprr could be examples for some of these new platforms that are great opportunities for 1hive as first-approach-to-crypto experiences for new users. I could commit to diversifying content in these platforms, but I would also encourage 1hive community members to start exploring what the next big social media platforms will be, since I personally think actual ones are becoming more and more obsolete every day for content creators.

I think that @luigy makes a super important point here that should be taken as a base regardless of what contributions we consider better for the community:

I think these guidelines @pab made are something that is going to be needed as accesible information for content creators: Creative Strategy Framework: A Strategic Approach to Content Generation

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Hey Guys! Thank you all for taking the time to read the article. I will be in the cafe on Wednesday at 19:00UTC to answers all the questions brought up in the article so we can move forward faster with some marketing and sales. Let me know if the set date and time will not work for you either here or discord. Thanks again everyone :grin:


See you there in a couple of days @D0SH!

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The time is great I’ll be there @D0SH !

It’s totally realistic HNY to the moon.

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" Test yourself: ask the team, investors and loyal customers just one question. How can they describe your project in one sentence? If the answers don’t match, the first thing you need to worry about is not communication instruments, but building a unified brand image for your team, investors and clients."

A different model, but I think the principles apply.


very well written article! thanks for the share @metaverde. @Blazar take a sec and read this its pretty on point with the marketing DAO

Phew! Took me a couple sessions, but finally got through it :sweat: This doc seems very thought out, and I think you present good ideas. A couple thoughts.

Sounds like a use case for Celeste?

One of the biggest unsolved problems in DAOs generally. Good to be aware of this, but also good to create reasonable expectations?

Re: the decentralization, I can see you’ve thought deeply about these issues, and come up with some good solutions. Reminded me of an amazing article if you or anyone else hasn’t read it. Takes Bitcoin as a case study in decentralized marketing, comes up with some amazing insights. tldr; it’s OK to have a bunch of competing narratives. I think this is even more so true for 1Hive than Bitcoin, as there are far more potential use cases.


I love the headless brands post, another one from the same authors that is also somewhat relevant


Thanks for taking the time to read it. I really enjoyed the article you linked and i highly advice others to read it. The reactive and proactive strategies they discuss is super on point with what we have curated for the buzz DAO proposal. creating two separate working entities within it(buzz social admins, buzz DAO members).

Celeste is going to be awesome for some of these cases

Yes some reasonable expectations for sure, especially for things like communal accounts.

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