Memes channel new credibility idea

Hi everybody.
I have an idea about the memes channel.
As far as we know, the current memes channel mints 0x cred, for previous reasons, but to support the production of quality and effective memes, maybe the following two strategies can be useful and facilitator.

1) Only moderators can give emotions.
In this strategy, If moderators see a quality meme , they can react to it.
But remember, only the moderators can react to a meme, and not the community members.

2) First a moderator reacts, then the community.
In this approach, If one of the moderators, see a quality meme, they can react to it (with an emoji) , and after that, the community members are allowed to react back too.

And of course, doing these affairs requires developing and more discussion, but this is an idea and can start good things for the great 1Hive community.
Thank you!


I think most people in the community will be against such an implementation as it grants a special power to a selected few in the entire community. This is definitely against the community covenant as it disturbs the priority we adhere to inclusion for all.


that’s right. i didn’t know that. thank you.

I see it as a good proposal but what would stop you from spam memes, even tough they are good and so different fauna members react to them without knowing you are farming cred?.
I think it could be possible only if there is a slowdown period of half a day or 1 day. But still I think the meme channel is good as it is now. No need to allow it to mint cred.
Memes are entertainment, cred usually is given when people shows a good idea, not a funny picture.

thanks for your attention @Elartistazo .
I think this idea, solves the problem of spam memes. In other words, when the moderators, see a meme without any quality, they don’t react to it and anybody else can’t too. and if a quality meme is posted, the memer can get reactions from the moderators.
And as you know, we are talking about a quality meme, not every meme.
(maybe 1 in 100 memes, will be a quality meme, according to the moderators.)

I still don´t think it is a good idea

@harsh24 The proposal is really interesting, although as indicated by @mrtdlgc it would limit some and the idea is that the community has free expression, although in particular I think that it is the community or each member who determines what to react to or not to!

hugs greetings

Not only what mrt said, but sounds too complicated, the channel has quite some movement anyways so I don’t see it needing any fix.

That’s right.
I am completely convinced. :grinning:
thanks everybody.
and thanks for taking the time to read.

I am glad you are trying to think of ideas like this, so I appreciate the effort.
We were planning on having some kind of monthly meme competition or something with a small reward. Not sure whatever happened to that idea.

It would be great 1 memes competition, I have read that through memes you can have an impact through the networks since they are useful, personally I am bad at memes!

Thanks a lot @befitsandpiper
I’m also very happy to be among you nobles.
That idea is an attractive one. I’m a fan of that competition.

+1 on @mrtdlgc and @eenti , I see giving power to moderators as the against the spirit of 1Hive and the open nature of this space in general. I do appreciate that you are trying to bring a little fun back to discord, but I think there must be other ways around this rather than giving power to a few over others.

Also once you open up to the community, there is no way you can control the reactions and this will again lead to cred farming which has been a persistent issue at 1Hive recently - See this post So I would not support this idea as it will lead to more centralization and possible cred farming oppurtunities.


Thanks for your concern @project_uwb .
I agree with you completely.
Actually I’m new to the community and don’t know lots of things yet.
I just tried to present a strategy to make the memes channel under control.(against cred farming)

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All good mate. Glad you are here and taking onboard diverse views. Please keep up the creative juices flowing and do propose ideas that will make users here having fun and learn!

Sure. thank you @project_uwb .
I’m also glad to be in 1hive.
Actually 1Hive is part of my life now. :heart:

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I contribute to SourceCred and was here for the first ‘memepocalypse’. I support this idea.

When the meme channel was originally being abused, HNY was mooning, and the rewards were accidentally absurdly high. There was also an influx of thousands of new users, including many degens. My memory was that despite that, the meme channel was great for a week or two. Then some started abusing it, with upvote rings and low-quality spammy memes. Even then, I thought the channel was pretty great. There were still a lot of high-quality memes, and many of the memes called out as low-quality I thought were pretty entertaining. The main issue seemed to be that the people making high-quality memes were getting less HNY and attention than the gamers; high-quality memes would get buried under tons of low-quality memes. Which understandably pissed meme-makers off and kinda runined the vibe of the whole channel.

With the 1Hive community more settled now, and without accidentally high rewards, I think Cred minting could successfully be turned on without too much risk of gaming. And making memes is a good way to build and rally community.

The main risk I imagine is that any existing Cred farming issues will be present, and memes may be generally attractive to farmer types. As a point of comparison, the r/ethtrader and r/CryptoCurrency subreddits, which mint tokens based on Reddit karma (similar to Cred), regularly deal with complaints that memes are rewarded too much. And when governance proposals are put forth to reduce meme rewards, the powerful meme lobbies often shoot them down (can’t believe I just wrote that lol). That said, I think if you kept the weight low enough, it wouldn’t be worth it to the gamers. And it could unleash a lot of cool creativity and generate content to share. This even has echoes of the Cannon NFT proposal for me. Sure, most memes aren’t worth minting NFTs for. But it is art that is often commenting on events in the DAO, which I gather is the basic idea.

Cred weights can always be set back to zero if problems arise. I would just suggest starting low just to be cautious. Increase if you’re not seeing a meaningful increase in engagement. Decrease if you see gaming.