📌 New/Updated 1Hive Bounties Batch #1

:honeybee:Hello 1Hive Bees :honeybee:

BuzzDAO proposal is passing soon and we have curated 7 unique bounties that are awaiting to be claimed, with an additional 26 more to come within the month and 10 that are currently in progress.

Bounties will be slowly released as projects accomplish different objectives within their timeline.

We will be creating forum posts related to each batch of bounties to bring further insights to each objective.

:pushpin: Current Project Bounties:

  • Agave Beta Testing - Article, Graphic, Video

  • Celeste Intro - Article, Graphic, Video. (Recommend contributors to join this Thursday QA)

  • Polygon(Matic) Bridge - Article, Graphic, Video

  • Agave Beta Testing - Article, Graphic, Video

  • Alvin - Article, Graphic

:pushpin: 1Hive Tasks


Bounties that are under the category “In The Pipeline” are the ones that are available to be claimed. All other bounties have been claimed or are still under revisions. Please do not start a bounty if your name has not been posted under the “Bounty Contributor” section.

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I have to claim a bounty after I did it or before? Sorry this is new for me


Before you work on it contact us to claim it

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Where do you prefer to be contacted?

1Hive Discord #buzz swarm channel or direct message on Discord one of the bounty auditors

where is the “vote” site,plz

What you mean ‘‘vote site’’ ? There is no vote site - we have only bounty board with bounties.

Hello Bees! We had a contributor drop the Celeste Medium article bounty if someone is interested in completing it please message the buzz guys on discord to sign up for it.

Bounty: Medium Article Introduction to Celeste