Pollen Automation 🏵

Pollen Automation Proposal

Proposal Rationale

Since Pollen started getting big enough, it’s been a hassle to run the weekly distributions. From assigning roles to creating the payouts. For this reason, there has been a strong interest in automating most of the pollen distribution tasks.

This conversation has been ongoing for several months, but most of the devs (including me) were working on other stuff at 1Hive. @hernandoagf and I, have been maintaining a bot that automates this process a little bit, but not as it should. We decided to finally focus our efforts to finish all the automation features of this bot.

There was only one bot running called assistant bee with mixed commands, general ones, and pollen ones. We are going to create a bot just for pollen commands, and leave the `assistant bee with generic commands so people can keep contributing to this one without getting overwhelmed with pollen-related code.

The new bot is called pollen bot and we will migrate all the pollen commands from the previous bot to this one, and finish the rest of the commands.


  • Automated onboarding process. This includes special commands for the pollen administrator to perform various queries over this data set.
  • Logging via Sentry on the pollen bot. At the moment, it’s very difficult to access the bot logs since it’s being hosted at a third-party service account.
  • Automatic CredGraph service. The bot used to fetch this data, but it’s extremely inefficient to generate the credgraph since we are also using it in several places. So we are going to create a service that runs this CredGraph every X hours, and expose this data so it can be consumed from anywhere. This will help to create analytic tooling.
  • Data export. Exporting the data stored from pollen, in document formats so it can be used for faster withdrawals.

There are a lot of possibilities after these are delivered, such as Analytics tools and automated scripts to interact with Aragon automatically.

Expected duration:
2-4 weeks depending on the additional features added to the automation process.

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested: 6 HNY @ 895 ~ $5,370 USD (1 HNY of this is already owed to Hernando for past work not tracked by Pollen)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
0x4c9f0f3407464dadD56c2FBf3A00980cf59F55D4 (this is a gnosis safe, controlled by Hernando, Sandpiper, and I)

We are going to use the funds to pay both @hernandoagf and me an hourly rate for working on this. Any funds that are not allocated in hours, will be sent to the Pollen DAO.

Support this proposal by voting here! Honey Pot


Hello @crisog
I hope this solution solves the previous problems so that you have less time to respond to friends and focus more on the main task.
With luck

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supported, you guys are always rocking it :+1:

Good evening, greetings from Colombia support the proposal with what little I have since I have it in LP :crazy_face::earth_americas: full support for @crisog @hernandoagf @befitsandpiper

I was shocked at how manual the pollen process is! We’ve all benefited from their hard work so whatever can be done to make it easier is a no-brainer!

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The pollen system is one of the coolest features of 1Hive and thanks for keeping the engine running! From a user that is relatively new, pollen/cred has really given me a great incentive for being part of this DAO! I wish I had more HNY to support but I gave it all i have. If the proposal is around by the next payout will vote again!

Big thanks though for all the team that does the work in behind the scenes to keep everything running smooth!

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This has been a long time coming. I’m very excited to see you guys work this out! Keep it up, supporting for sure.

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Thanks for for continuous efforts and keeping everything updated suxh as pollen…it can also remove a little bit of burden you guys always carry…

Hi @crisog I believe it will be a major issue in the future because some of my friends are currently working in the group but are not registered because they are not related to, but this was resolved by sharing the subject with @befitsandpiper
However, if the pollen delivery system is controlled by a bot, these issues will not be resolved, and it will be difficult for people in the field to understand any of these issues.

Happy to support this, huge amount of work managing this behind the scenes every week, this payment will be well deserved to get to spend some time on something that will allow you guys to focus on more important things in future

Its a goiod proposal. You are welcome!

Good Morning. Great job guys, you have my support

Humans are better at using logic to solve problems. :pray: :handshake: :honeybee:

Always great to see the good movement in 1hive

What will sandpiper do now?

Thank you @crisog and @hernandoagf for your continuous efforts and building useful things for 1Hive. This will make pollen distribution much easier,so it makes sense to be improved .


I also agree with the fact that understanding the problems is beyond the control of the robot because I am one of those who is not registered and is active
But if the robot can have the necessary efficiency and a way of communication with a real person is considered that in case of such problems, the problem can be solved faster, I think it would be a better job.
@Sina @crisog @Jsh976 @solarmkd

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Guys I really admire the work you do every week so every bee has it´s reward on time or at least as on time as you can. I am definitely supporting your proposal.

Seeing this function, sandpiper might only needs to execute one special command that will take all data on the pollen onboarding discord channel. I wonder if the bot also could detect duplicate data to prevent multi account use in pollen.

Data will now be fetched from a DB where users push their accounts and wallet information. It will have data validation to prevent duplicates. It hasn’t yet been decided how the addition of users to the pollen instance will be triggered, but it will most likely be an scheduled task instead of a manual admin command.

Admin commands will include ways to easily extract data from the DB, like a list of user → address.