Pollen automation compensation proposal

Pollen automation compensation proposal

Proposal Rationale
Following the pollen automation proposal, all of the deliverables are now complete:

  • Automated onboarding process: we created a new onboarding system which uses Discord bot commands and a database to store user accounts and wallet information, this information is then automatically merged to the Pollen instance every week by the execution of a script. By introducing the database, we make it easier for future scripts or applications to fetch and work with pollen data.
  • Logging via Sentry on the pollen bot: it was decided that this was not necessary for the magnitude of the bot applications, instead, @crisog granted me access to the bots deployment team.
  • Automatic CredGraph service: we created a script that fetches users’ cred information every time the Pollen instance is updated. By doing this, we significantly reduced the pollen bot’s memory consumption, allowing for less hardware demanding deployment. This information can now also be easily integrated to any application.
  • Data export: there were some admin bot commands added to fetch the last users added to pollen and get a list of user → wallet address, such list is used for payments in the Aragon DAO. There was also a new script created which automatically burns HNY that has been paid for users’ pollen identities (this process was handled manually before).

In the initial proposal, we requested for 6 HNY @ 855 USD/HNY, which made a total of ~5,370 USD, but due to the recent market conditions, we ran out of funds before being able to pay for the full project completion, so we’re requesting for an extra 1,560 USD.

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested: 5.04 HNY @ 310 ~ 1562 USD

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x4c9f0f3407464dadD56c2FBf3A00980cf59F55D4 (this is a gnosis safe, controlled by CrisOG, Sandpiper, and me)

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Amazing work @hernandoagf . Especially the new onboarding system. And it’s very good that it’s made easier for the future scripts.


Very much deserved and I hope the community supports/passes this. I will support this once support swarm/pollen swarm proposals pass, hny is all currently allocated sorry. It is tricky timing because now there are active proposals for Tulip, Pollen, Support and this, so the HNY is all spread around various proposals and things are either not going to pass or taking significant time to pass.


This is fantastic. Congratulations. Your project has a bright and well-planned future ahead of it. It has my support. :ok_hand:

This will go a long way to streamlining Pollen. Nicely done @hernandoagf

Incredible work @hernandoagf this could make a lot much efficient the system, brings me hope to see the community grow with this kind of good ideas, good work :wink: :+1: