Quests funding proposal - next features

Proposal Information

Quests is now released and some people already mentioned some ideas in the community discord. Some of them were already planned in our backlog. Since Quests has been released, we have decided to try another approach for the next main features of the platform:

  1. We are initially requesting funds for some of the proposed features (with this proposal)
  2. We are submitting a poll to the community with all the proposed features
  3. Design/Brainstorm meeting with all the team around the top 3 voted features
  4. We are creating a specific Quest for each feature (funded with the initially requested funds)
  5. The unused funds will be returned and used for another feature.
  6. Some of the funds will be used to fix bugs

Proposed features that will be in the poll

  • Supporting NFT as a reward
  • Having a category/project that could act as a quest container (could be as simple as adding a tag feature)
  • Allow more communication: integrate discourse (1hive forum) like gardens under each Quests and create a post for each new Quest.
  • native token support for funding (xDai)
  • Challenge a Quest (not challenge a claim)
  • Play a Quest (show other users that you are currently working on a Quest
  • Edit a quest description (with mechanisms to prevent term changed abuses)
  • Be able to additionally fund a Quest with stablecoin
  • […] You guys can suggest more in the comments of this post

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

The :star2:Quests Swarm members are responsible for building and maintaining Quests.

The swarm DAO members :

Mentors that might help us throughout the further development of the project:

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount requested:
$15 000 in stablecoin
Gnosis-safe address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Rates for contributors will now be:

  • Kevin: $45/hour
  • Dreamniv: $45/hour
  • Gossman: $50/hour

Payments will be made in HNY at the $ value at the time of the hours completed, once every 2 weeks. If the HNY price depreciates significantly or development takes longer than anticipated more funds may be requested.



The feature I’d like to see most of all, and that isn’t included in here, is the ability to fund a Quest with multiple tokens. I think there are lots of Quests that a lot of different web3 projects would be really excited about and would be happy to fund with whatever tokens are easiest for them to fund with.

Overall very excited about the Quests launch and how it’s going so far :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Paul, I see the need here however since the description should include how much of a specific token a Player can claim because it needs to be easily verifiable for validators. Having multiple tokens here would make it harder for validation because the description will need to specify the reward as a $ value and because of volatility, it can lead to the claim being challenged for no reason.

On the other hand, it would be easy to support stablecoins (as an additional token) funding for reason that there is almost no fluctuation. So xDai could be used in gnosis-chain for this and it’s a pretty accessible token.

Conclusion: I think we still need to make sure the different funding token are predictable at the moment the Quest is created

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So it wouldn’t be too difficult to set up Quests that, for example, can be initially funded with HNY and then funded additionally by others with stablecoins? That would be nice :+1:

Other than making the UI a little bit more confusing, I don’t think it will be that hard (still need to play with the solidity contracts tho)

This would imply :

  • The quest card will need to display amount for all token (maybe just in the $ value)
  • the player will have to specify witch token to claim, or maybe both when claiming his reward (and how much for each)
  • the patrons should be able to fund either with the main reward token or the stable token

This is the time to ask you guys to choose witch of the following features you’d love to see integrated in Quests for the next iteration. (These features are all from the community feedback). Note that the features didnt do in this proposal will still be doable in a next iteration.

  • NFT support
    This will basically allow to compensate quests players with NFT
  • Campaigns (millestones)
    This will allow to create multiple quests in the scope of a bigger project
  • Comments (discourse integration like Gardens)
    Each quest would have a post in the 1hive forum and the post thread will be displayed under a quest so it allows more communication between stakeholders of the quest
  • Native token support for funding (xDai)
    xDai is not currently supported as a way to fund quests because its a native token but it would be convenient for an easier way to fund
  • Disputable quest
    Be able to signal a quest that is not respecting the covenant of the community. This would raise a dispute to celeste and if the challenger party wins, the quest will be hidden from the quest list and it would not be possible to create claim past that moment and during celeste decision period.
  • Play quest
    Action to take before working on a quest to tell others that there is someone that already started the quest task. Opens a way to have a maximum number of player parameter on a quest
  • Editable quest description
    This would allow the creator to edit the description of the quest. It should have a mechanism to prevent the creator from changing the terms after a player did a claim.
  • Side funding with stablecoin
    Allow people to fund a quest with a stablecoin in combination of the specified reward token. So the quest can have a funding that does not fluctuate. The creator should handle the specify amount of stablecoin in the quest description

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