Setting up a skills acquisition school/workshop

Hi guys,
This idea originated when I wished I could assist our developers with their work and help out anyway I can to reduce their work load, since they are doing such an amazing job but alas! I don’t know jack about computer languages or coding. So the idea came; what if I could have them or any community member teach it to me and when I learn I can use my knowledge to assist them and by extension the hive :chart_with_upwards_trend:.

It would make sense to have members, not necessarily members but anyone who can prove they are knowledgeable in certain fields teach that knowledge to hive community members who indicate interest, and in return they’ll get compensated by the hive for their time.
I’m talking about starting a mini school. I believe this will be very good for the 1Hive economy since it is directly creating value and rewarding it.


  • The community is creating value. Jobs for qualified members + community members get to acquire skills. This is exactly what prosperous human societies do, but we are doing it in a fair and truly decentralized way.

  • When the word gets out about what we are doing here, it will really reflect positively on our community image.

  • This will attract more people to our community but not just that, it will attract a certain type of audience(people with skills and people hungry for skill), that will really help our community a lot one way or another. Not crypto traders, speculators, moon boys and the likes.

  • In fact whatever HNY that is spent on this will be kinda like money for Quality marketing in a way, it’s not as if much HNY will be spent anyway since only tutors get paid.

  • This is a win-win for the community because it is investing in itself, its members that have acquired skill will contribute their skill to its growth and expansion. Of course not everyone will want to invest back in the Hive, but we don’t need them anyway right? Because those that decide to stay and give back do that freely with their heart, and will give their best. Perhaps members that acquire skills can even form a micro community and brainstorm on how to give back(just thinking out loud :sweat_smile:)

  • This proposal aligns perfectly with 1Hive’s community covenant, it is literally creating jobs within the 1Hive community.


We can start slowly with a trial run for one simple class and see how it goes. Maybe fields like graphic design, website design, learning a new language(translation), video editing etc. hell, someone can even teach how to use discord and everything about it if people express enough interest to learn :laughing:

Now this is how i think it will work
First of all everything will take place on discord(other suggestions are welcome)
The idea is to gather all interested students under one class. This can be done by giving a time frame for anyone interested to indicate interest and sign up before school begins and classes start. Notice can be a month, 2 months, 1 week, whatever we decide(can be decided via a community poll). During this time enough awareness will be created so everyone is aware.

When the registration period ends interests can no longer be entertained. A channel can be created on discord for the school. And only members that indicated interest will have access. They can vote via poll on whatever decision they want to take like time for classes, shift school resumption day, kick out trolls, have a moderator, number of days for classes, etc those type of stuff.

Then next comes the challenging part:
a) The hunt to recruit qualified tutors, how to find quality tutors that know what they are talking about, i don’t think it must necessarily be a professional, i think anyone that can satisfactorily demonstrate that they know their craft should be recruited( i’m hoping you guys can perhaps share your ideas on how to go about this)
b) How much HNY they should earn(i have absolutely no idea, again ideas are welcome)
c) How they should be paid. Should it be per class? Should it be only if a certain percentage of the students indicate they are satisfied at the end of each class or perhaps at the end of the school session? Should the payment be based on percentage of students that indicate satisfaction, ie if 50% indicate satisfaction then 50% of the agreed amount is paid, should they just normally get paid after they have completed their job (Again ideas are welcome here)

Some Afterthoughts
We could actually make it a requirement for interested persons to have a certain qty of HNY in their wallet in other to qualify to be enrolled for classes(staking), just like how we do it in voting.
The HNY can be staked throughout the duration of the school session. It can be unstaked at anytime but doing so will lock you out of classes, to regain access you have to stake. Its just like yield farming but this time it is farming for skills and knowledge.

Doing this(if we decide to) can lead to the following advantages:

  • It will create a way to onboard individuals without any prior exposure to crypto.
  • It will help to weed out unserious persons
  • It could help with HNY token velocity which is crucial for what 1Hive is creating.
  • It will create a powerful use case for our sweet HNY token :honey_pot: :yum:
  • More adoption for crypto as a whole.

It also has the following disadvantages:

  • Crypto user interfaces(UI) as we have them today are not the easiest to use, now migrating over to the xDai chain even for some people with exposure to crypto can prove to be problematic, talk more of people with zero crypto exposure. This therefore can be a turn off for some people.
  • Perhaps, the technicalities involved in executing this is added burden to our developers
  • Might be misunderstood by some as just a way to boost tokenomics and therefore might not be taken seriously.

That’s it folks. Please do share your thoughts. What do you guys think?


Really cool idea!
I would add a mechanism/option for students to add something back to the 1Hive project.


I know right? but wouldn’t make it compulsory thou. let those that want to give back do that freely.

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care to share your thoughts on how we can get good teachers?

Yeah i agree with not making it compulsory, i think if we provide appropriate incentives and a smooth transition we can get a good % of students to add something back.
Getting good teachers is a really tough one.
Teaching is a very complex task in which knowing about the subject isnt enough.
It comes to my mind that the appropriate way to pick good teachers should be some kind of ponderation of two main factors:

  • subejct competency (i agree that it shouldnt be necessarily a professional, but to select a teacher there should be a way to proove that he understands what he is meant to teach)
  • students rating of the teacher. (or student reaction to the teacher)

This two things are relatively easily measured and can provide a decent “measuring stick”, alternatively a minimum requirement can be set.
In my mind, the big problem is: what is worth teaching?

An idea just popped into my head that takes care of the giving back issue at least to some extent and i have edited this post to reflect it.

Well, as i stated we can do a trial run so i don’t think that what to teach should be an issue, problem is getting the right tutor. but i don’t think it’ll be that much of a problem for long if more people share their thoughts. You are right about teaching being a complex task, i totally agree.

I’m in as a student/tutor😀 I’m eager to learn programming and coding and a i a a bit about tradeing

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I know there are lots of people in your shoes too.

I adore this idea! And I have a lot of thoughts about it!

I used to work for this company called Nucamp, which is a software bootcamp that got about halfway to full decentralization, but imo are a little encumbered by the traditional company structure they have to use, and also a narrow vision of only providing classes for a few kinds of web development classes. I think a DAO is the perfect organizational structure to really disrupt the education space and there are LOTS of classes you can teach in a hybrid online/local instructor way.

We could create a lot of video lectures, and do some sort of flipped classroom setting where there are 1 or 2 weekly workshops. Or even a more freeform instruction model where people can just jump onto the discord or other communication channel and get instant feedback from any number of instructors. Likely the entire course would use online tools for now, but I think in person instruction is also a possibility in the long term.

Beginning with courses that are centered around work that can be done for DAOs should be the target. Since DAOs are inclusive and easy to join, this would have the clearest path from learning to actually applying skills and getting paid for it.


Wow! exactly @befitsandpiper, you really get the idea. Your views are unique. I’ll love to have you around if we ever get together to discuss this. I believe we can pull this off, it’s not actually that complicated.

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I love this idea and it is so close to the free education ideals and self improvement which i am fan of.

The workshops and courses should be chosen by the tutor who will then ask the Buzz team to spread the word across social media , anyone can join 1hive team to learn more skills.

It would be neat for 1hive , because with the school thing we will attract young people who are here to learn in open community and get motivated and ready to jump into more serious education. and also they will get some basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies. and Defi .

I can see skillful programmers, artists, craftmans , teachers and others appearing on livestreams sharing their secrets and positive vibes …


Ahh, so you see that vision too :blush: I just know this will be great for 1Hive.
But how to kick things off and running, any ideas?

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I absolutely love this and would love to expand my skillset. My suggestion on classes would be to coordinate them around an idea. Now this is simply feedback so take it for what you will. Right now in there exists 3 schools of thought on how it will expand and grow.

  1. Mainstream adoption from the general public. Gamers, tech savvy type.

  2. Wal street institutional money pouring in to the space.

  3. An economy that is built and supported by the decentralized ownership economy.

I think all 3 will happen and happen soon. But i think the holy grail of decentralized finance is an economy built around it. Not simply financial tools existing on behalf of financial tools. How do these extend in to RW use cases. And so how do they? I read an intro from a gal from finland that would incentivize bee keepers to maintain a hive. What a cool idea. Something that will take different professional skillsets and provide real world adoption and use cases from which people can learn and grow around. Basically if this platform can facilitate both the education of communitee members and demonstrate successful real world (practical) and digital use cases it would allow those with expertise in their area to collect not just HNY but proceeds from the product or service offered if it was sustainable. It would also give the chance for community members to learn all different aspects of practical applications of these tools to provide real world value to a community. A platform that grows your money, educates its members in entrepreneurship, provides new trades and skillsets, launches start up after start up would certainly catch the attention of media, gamers, the public at large. Imagine someone who could go to college and leave with a degree and 150k in debt. Or someone who can own a piece of a economic coordination platform, grow their money, learn to run a business from nuts to bolts… and take that and use it in the local community. An army of entrepreunerial investors opting in to the first system that allows a single adopter to convert many more. By the end you might be looking at a very profound paradigm shift in not just the way currency is thought of. But how economies and education is thought of as a whole. Big thoughts… take or leave any of it. Just a thought. I love this idea of education though in whatever form it materializes

I couldn’t have said it better @HermesFarms. Many forward thinking bees allude to this as well. Currently, talks are in place and gradually we are making progress. We are taking it slow, someone suggested we start with the tutors making videos and then follow it up by a few live sessions which i think is a wonderful idea. But i don’t know if the creators should be rewarded via pollen or if the Hive should reward them or if it should be purely voluntary. Also there is the issue of quality content, because once people notice it is incentivized everyone will automatically become a qualified pro :sweat_smile: I really want content to have quality.

Looking forward for this idea to materialize. I’m sure I will learn a lot when this workshop open.