Unable to register for honey

Hi to all!

I am wondering if someone can help me sort the problem why I can not register for honey. I have set up all nessesery matters, loginto with Metamask account and register for honey. I had a line saying your are registered and also time clock showing when can I register again.
But now it looks like I am stucked/ locked since I can not make any command. No register/claim button, no time clock and honey is showing 0.
Is it a problem that once I logginto with my second Metamska wallet account? I am now seeing both of them with second one being marked as unactive.
I have went threw tutorials, also checked wallet on https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai but got nowhere.
Can someone please suggest what to do?
Thanks in advance, Gregor

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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Did you read through the huge FAQ we have here on the forum? It has a section about the Honey Faucet as well:

If you are registered, then you can claim the actual honey every 48 hours. Once the faucet countdown timer has gone to zero, you can claim your HNY (needs a MetaMask transaction, almost no fees).

You have until the next distribution (so 48 hrs) to do so, else you forfeit your HNY for this period.

You must always claim your HNY with the wallet that was registered (and it should be on the xDai chain).

Note that your wallet might not show small amounts of HNY (or any other coin) as maybe amounts are rounded up/down, so 0.045HNY might show up as 0.0. Just click on it in MM to see the true amount you have.
And you must add HNY as a custom token for it to show up at all, see the FAQ.

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Dear Harry, thank you very much for reply. I have read all topics that you have send in your email before my first email (I know you guys are super busy to answer any simple question), but did not find anything helpful.

I have also tooken steps regarding deleting transactions history in Metamask and also checked wallet on blockchain as desscribed in topic “problems with Metamask”.

But no matter what I do I still get the same window - I am enclosing photo of it.
As you can see I can only see both wallet’s (first one is that I use, second one is marked as unactive since I acciden

tly one time log into 1hive with that wallet). Could this be the problem?

Like said, just two days ago I saw a timer showing when can I claime new honey. Must have done soemthing wrong but do not know what and how to fix it.
Thanks for help, Gregor

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Did you verify with BrightID?

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Yes, that is why I was able to connect my main Metamask account with honey.
I was registered for clamining when I checked 1hive for the last time (a couple of hours was until time would run out) … when I try to log the next day I saw above window. No command or action possible.
I guess the problem could be that I log into with second Metamas account? But why I can not delete it and work only with main one?
This bugs me, so want to get the bottom of those things :slight_smile:
Thanks for any suggestion, g

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That could be the issue if you do not have xDai in your second metamask account.
Try to claim 0,01 xDai to that acount from the faucet https://xdai-faucet.top/
Or send a very small amount from account 1 to account 2.
Maybe that helpls

Hi @george74, thanks for the additional info, sorry to hear the faucet is giving you a hard time.
One question: did you check if the honey s actually in your MM account, by opening it and checking ‘Assets’ (assuming you added the custom token while already being on xDai, it won’t show up if you added it when on ETH main)?

Check if there is a balance there. I just checked with my test wallet and for me faucet also states I have 0 HNY, while I do have a tiny bit in that wallet. This is due to the aforementioned rounding down, I think it will only show up on the faucet balance section once your wallet has more than 0.01.

Thanks both of you for advices.
Santig, did what you suggested yesterday and just checked it one more time, but no luck. Swaping from xDai onto Honey works (did small test), sending xDai from one account to second also works, but I simply can not register for claiming honey.

Harry, yes, i do have HNY in my Metamask account - for trial I swaped small amount of xDai into HNY and it now shows 0,001 HNY from the swap.

Do you guys always see timer when you log into 1hive? I do not know why this is not possible for me.

But sincerly appreciate all of the help!!!

Can you try to install Metamask on a different computer and see if it works there?

Hey @george74, it looks like you might be confusing two parts of the 1hive domain. The page you are showing in your picture is https://1hive.org This page is the 1hive DAO, a place where you can vote on proposals made by other community members. The ‘inactive wallet’ as you describe it is not a different wallet, but rather the amount of HNY you can still use to vote. As such it is ‘inactive’.

What you’re looking for is this page: https://faucet.1hive.org Let us know what you find on this page and whether it solved your issues.

Dear Jasper, do you perhaps remember caracter Janice from show Friends? She had this anoying line - oh my gooood.
And that is exactly what I said when I read you answer.
I am blusshing, how very amaterish from me to miss that.
Indeed the “facuet” site showed me link to claim my first Honey and now I have it in my wallet. George rich :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your reply, it would bug me for ever if I would not know how to fix this.
Thanks also to Harry and Santigs.
Have a pleasent Sunday, Gregor

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Happy to read you finally solved your issue!

Good you got it solved. I think the support team considers ourselves more like the team from Dr House, trying to solve difficult cases :thinking: