📣 Upcoming Buzz Schedule

:cowboy_hat_face: Wild Times Are Still To Come

This thread is created to showcase the Buzz schedule for the meeting we had today in Discord.

To Check out the time line click here

By clicking on the event you will see details and information about each “event”

There have been 8 bounties created so far and there are plenty more to come as we are still waiting on a few other projects to bridge some of the gaps in the schedule. Please use this thread to comment, claim, raise concerns etc. about the scheduling and or if anything needs to be added or removed.

Bookmark this thread as there will be changes made on the fly without warning so please stay up to date.

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@boring877 will attach the video of the meeting below for users that were not able to make it.


The new bounties that are in the pipeline are related to the buzz schedule. if you take a look at the schedule and click on each name they have dates setup for them, as well as briefs and what is all that is going to be added for each project