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add it to wiki, let me know to change it and add more .


2 new bounties added:

New user bounty - earn 1 xdai by completing this form:

Ramp bounty - earn up to $25 in HNY by making a deposit of $1000 using the ramp! Simply submit your receipt and we will offer you a credit!

Additionally we have our bounty request form, if any of you would like to create a bounty or have some good ideas please submit it and we will try to create it.



I would like to sign up to claim some bounties, please.

I am really looking forward to Agave coming out and would love the opportunity to do some beta testing for it. While testing I can certainly write up a tutorial and give examples for how agave can be useful. This would then act as a script for me to make a video walkthrough on how to navigate the platform and make use of all the capabilities it contains. I feel like these 2 bounties are obviously synergistic, and I believe I have the skill to complete both of them in tandem.

Bounty Links:

There is another smaller bounty that I am also interested in, but I’m not sure if there is a limit to how many one person can claim at a time. The medium article for how to claim Alvins seems like it would be pretty straightforward. Perhaps a “2-3 min read”. I would get in contact with the person in charge of actually doing the shipping once the campaign has concluded (not sure if that is Victor from Shenanigan, or if there is a 1Hive member doing the Alvin distribution) as well as any people involved in actually converting the erc20 Alvin tokens into NFT standard we are using. I would then coordinate with them to obtain the information regarding how the tokens will be converted and how people’s shipping information will be obtained and when the packages will be sent out. I will prepare that as one nice medium article and send it off for review.

Bounty Link:

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