1Hive Audio Logo: Demo Reel Proposal

Hi bees, :honeybee:

After the 1Hive Audio Logo discussion by @harsh24 and the 1Hive Brand Book Chapter One: Logos by @Efra , I took the best feedback of some good and fresh ideas about "what could the 1Hive audio logo sound or even look like?".

So I start to doing some research and recently I’ve worked on a 1Hive Audio Logo Demo Reel which contains 6 different styles I came up with (which are actually two styles with three variations, respectively) and of course 2 different jingles based on some of your comments.

(Video Credit - @ComandoBurrito)

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Thoughts and more options :ballot_box_with_check:

I have also worked on another audio demo with a melody-driven approach, but before I continue thinking and producing I would like to know what you think of the demo and I would appreciate which of them you like the most to know what concept to work on, since there are short audio logos ranging from a couple of seconds to some that last up to 5.

Audio logos are usually very diverse as they depend on what product is directed, so I firmly believe that it is an interesting topic of conversation that most could help us to define this decision as members of the DAO that we are.

It goes without saying, but if any of you are also interested in contributing to the graphic design / animation of the audio logo, please feel free to do so. Much of the work I did was on the audio engineering section, which I repeat can be worked on further.

Demo Reel and Poll :bar_chart:

Here’s the demo reel I’ve made, hope you guys like it :slight_smile: :point_down:

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WOW. These are all amazing.
The most part that makes me excited is the sound of the bees that is really mixed great with the music.
Good job dude.Great work.
I voted to Style 3.


Hey @ComandoBurrito nice initiative!

I like how you took everything into account, like the textures and the soft pads on the background.

That being said, I have a couple of notes that could make it potentially better. First of all, the differentiating element; if we break it down, the logo is in essence that triangle-like “ping” sound (take the iconic iPhone notification sound for reference) with some textures and synths around to give it depth and context. I’m afraid it’s too dependent on the visual logo so it isn’t probably recognizable enough on its own in the wide sea of audio logos and our goal is to make it work with and without visual content (i.e., podcasts, radio broadcasts, etc.). Summarizing this whole point in this question: If an outsider listened to this audio logo without looking at any visual content, would they remember and associate again the sounds played?

My second point is about the arrangement and evolution of the sounds, I feel like the lack of substance? (not sure if it’s the right word) on the actual logo impact [as it is based on a rather simple impact sound (the triangle-like one I mentioned before)] puts you in the position of having to rely on an intro and outro sequence that helps you build momentum, which at the same time makes the logo longer than necessary, which at the same time limits its use cases.

Beyond wanting to criticize it, these are just a couple of things to take into account that I think could add to the logo. Again, congrats on the initiative and nice work!


I like them. They are interesting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great job brother @ComandoBurrito , this idea of ​​the audio logo are really cool.

In my opinion, I just think that the logo lacks a touch of particular movement of the bees, be it a rotation or a kind of flight !!it’s just a suggestion,

you do a great job I congratulate you! :honeybee:

Excellent work @comando burrito for its very innovative and beautiful audiologists. My favorite was number 2 because it has a synchronicity with appearance, design with sounds and expresses what you want. :hugs: :relaxed:

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I love it but I feel that the sound is very metallic. But it is interesting

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I think if you had the colour from style #1 and the text flying onto the screen with the yellow hue from style #6 it would be perfect! :blush: I’d probably go with jingle 1 then as it suits more with the colour, but like both jingles really.

The tagline is great by the way, we definitely need to keep that. Can’t see why #3 has the most votes?

Excellent work over all!

Exellent work my bro

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Mate… that is just some amazing work. I cannot seem to get past Jingle #1, it is amazing, the visuals for me were best in Styles 5 & 6. I think it is really a hard choice between Style #5 an Style #6 for visuals. But the Jingle #1 is really super cool and catchy!! Love the initiative and always in awe of the quality of stuff that gets produced here in the Hive. Great job!! I really hope we can put the best 2 styles for vote and actually adopt this audio logo in various 1Hive projects… I can think of so many cool places where we could place them… Just before loading any of the 1Hive core webapps like 1Hive.org, farms, honeyswap, may be ever time someone swaps a HNY pair!!! limitless possibilities to get the sound of the Hive ingrained into the cryptoverse!


I’m a fan of style 3 with the simplicity of the slight bee swarm noise. It matches with what I’m most familiar to seeing on the 1hive products. Color scheme and layout.

I’m glad you voted and gave me feedback about some sounds @harsh24 , sure I will made some changes on that jingle, maybe some variations since most of the members who voted liked that one :smile: (the one with the bee/hive sfx to be more specific)


Once the voting and opinions are closed, the final product of the audio logo when it will be presented !!
Great Job @ComandoBurrito

You’re welcome @ComandoBurrito . You did an amazing work and made me excited. :wink:

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Love the sound of bees buzzing in Style 1 Jingle 1. I think we should include the buzzing.

I wonder if it is bad to associate 1hive with the sound of bugs. Most don’t like mosquitos buzzing near them…hmmm…


nice work on the audio logos, i also like style 1 jingle 1 but i would prefer if the slogan had different sound like on style jingle 2


thank you so much for your feedback @D0SH I’ll be start editing for a new demo submission, this month has me a little busy :sweat_smile: