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After a friendly chat with @ComandoBurrito , @eenti and @anisoptera.eth on 1hive cafe channel about music, this idea came to my mind that it would be amazing to produce an audio logo for 1hive.(and also for Agave)

Audio logos have been around for a long time and can be a great tool to increase the recall and memorability of 1Hive.
I’m sure you’re familiar with plenty of audio logos and would be able to name the brand name just by hearing their audio logo.

So after reading this topic, please tell me your opinions, What do you think 1Hive Sounds like? :slight_smile:

What is an audio logo?

An audio logo is defined as a sound, an effect, a short music clip, a musical riff, or a voice-over that typically lasts between three and five seconds.

why are audio logos important?

  1. It creates a distinctive and memorable brand identity.
  2. It impacts your customer’s mood.
  3. It impact your customer’s willingness to contribute.
  4. It increases trust in your brand.

Three important points

When thinking about creating an audio logo, there are three important things you should keep in mind to have the best success and to see the most return from your efforts.

1. Audio logos should be short

2. Audio logos should be relevant to your brand

3. Audio logos should also be intriguing

Where can brands use an audio logo?

In all types of campaigns and on all platforms (radio, TV, digital media, social networks, email marketing, among others).

Here are some examples of audio logos:

More information about audio logos can be found here:


this is an amazingly excellent idea. I wonder how many crypto projects have audio logos. The power of 1hive, great job thinking this up. I look forward to seeing the creative engine at work.


Idea: Make the sound of a swarm of bees (saturated) to consolidating the sound to a center (the hive)
I hope that makes sense. I was thinking of the PS1 intro when this sprang to mind. (the PS1 intro has the sound start from one direction (ear) and cross over to the other direction (ear) which could be the swarm moving left to right or vice versa. It might be too obvious a rip off though :sweat_smile:


On second though, some people are really scared of bees and it might be wise not to make the intro sound like a hive of bees swarming around…just in case lmao

Yeah, I think this is actually something that belongs to that “decentralized brand management” that has been discussed but no one has really taken the lead on working towards completing and applying the concept.

Would love to help with that but I’m afraid it isn’t a priority right now; we don’t really have the guidelines setted up for design and i don’t think starting with the audio is the best. And anyways we don’t even have that much use cases for it as of right now.

As far as how 1Hive sounds, I hear a soft simple sound representing the nature and simplicity that’s always key on the UX of our interfaces; that combined with a buzzing/gritty texture on top (which shouldn’t be an intrusive or in your face kind of sound) representing our community of bees.

Or well, maybe instead of a sound we could use a melody, which depending on the video or use case could have different sounds playing the same melody. This is a particularly interesting approach because I think represents decentralization better as a melody-based audio logo is way more versatile.

Take the McDonalds audio logo as a reference, they’ve used that melody with whistles, chorus, strings, synth sounds, etc. This is a YouTube list I found with some examples.

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Great write up and idea @harsh24 i think something like this could be used in all our video content that get used in youtube.

I have to strongly disagree with this. Use cases may be seldom but impact would be huge. Our youtube channel has a team dedicated to growing this funnel for us with awesome content.

As per the guidelines if they have not been created or posted, i say move forward with the plan if 1hive does not like it we modify/alter later. I feel like this needs to be addressed abit further in general in 1hive, it seems everyone is waiting for approval when approval is not required to start or even create something on your own. Being in a DAO allows for creative freedom in any way seeing that everyone contributing might have there own unique way of expressing something about 1hive no matter what guidelines are in place , and if those guidelines are in place and are restrictive towards people being able to contribute i vote to remove them.


Great idea. Excellent work

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@harsh24 mate this is a brilliant idea. I really like the creative juices you are cooking up! I hope you find some audiophiles here in the hive and get together to smash up a cool audio logo. As soon as I read this post and went through your examples i exactly knew the sounds even before opening it up and this is a powerful tool!! I mean if we can create something that mixes up beez buzzing about with other cool stuff!!


excellent idea. Why is this idea important? bcoz when our brain learns new info, it wants to match it with something. sound, image, or motion boost memorability.

If we can move one of the stones in our heads, we allow new ideas to come to life.


yeah a melody would be more effective for sure. (maybe a mixture of both sounds+melody)
I hope it brings more of the musicians attention to 1hive too.

btw, If we want to find some use cases for an audio logo, we will fail in it, imo.
because the benefits and impact of an audio logo are huge and we can’t restrict it to some use cases.
I also think “It’s not a priority right now”, is kind of centralized thinking.
Instead, We should encourage people to come and share their great ideas. :orange_heart:

Thanks a lot @Monstrosity
1Hive will be definitely more popular with that. :top: :eight_pointed_black_star:

@Hodlr89 Nice. kind of 3d sound. would be interesting.

Thanks a lot @D0SH
I totally agree with you about the guidelines. :100:

@Mitpatil2020 @project_uwb @armog
Thanks guys.


Love this idea Harsh; would be perfect to showcase on our YT show! :honeybee:
Happy to contribute resources from the TV budget; maybe get a quote together for the work and we can get rolling! :+1:

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Sure @twells
Would be great to use it on the YT show.

Me encanta esta idea, sin duda atrae mas curiosidad sobre los tecnologicos de internet , podriamos crear una radio 24/7 que le guste a la comunidad si se podria

@harsh24 magnificent idea, I had not seen this thread, you are a big brother, I love to see your talent grow and see how you contribute ideas to innovate, I am at your disposal in case you need any kind of help in the design :person_in_lotus_position:t4:‍♂ :honeybee: