1HTV Funding Proposal - Phase 3

1HTV Funding Proposal - Phase 3

1HTV aims to become the CNN for DAOs; a 24/7/365 streaming channel with content created and curated by contributors and partner DAOs. This proposal outlines the current proposal context, project evolution, and requests funding for Phase 3, which will last from April through the end of June, 2022.

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Proposal Context & Project Evolution
To briefly revisit the original Phase 1 proposal text from last October:

Throughout Phase 1, the team iterated on content and delivery type; in Phase 2 we settled firmly on a combination of live streaming and post-produced videos. It’s important to note that our goal has shifted from 1Hive’s presence on YouTube to its presence across three live media platforms simultaneously: Twitter Spaces + YouTube + Twitch.

Our Phase 2 prop provided an outline for the streaming pilot program:

As live streaming content became the centerpiece of our efforts during Phase 2, the inability to use the original 1Hive YT channel for this purpose greatly hindered our ability to grow subscriber numbers as our live content was hosted on Twitch. However, the silver lining is 1Hive now enjoys a follower base of nearly 160 peeps and growing on Twitch, which we stream to in unison with a new YT channel every show. Our streaming programs on Twitch average ~40-50 post-views, which suggests a high level of engagement at ~30% of current followers.

The 1HTV live stream content schedule can be viewed below; we have completed over a dozen monday livestreams and added weekly/biweekly content hosted by a collection of awesome contributor-leaders. The project will continue to bring new live shows online that provide value to different audiences, thereby increasing overall reach and variety of partners we can build with.

In addition to the DAO News stream on Mondays, we have rolled out the following shows in Q1:

Special thanks to D0$H for making the NFTs & Gaming show come off every Wednesday without fail; he has been an integral part of building the Twitch channel from the start and helps troubleshoot logistical problems for the stream on a regular basis.

We will continue to look for opportunities to resurrect our trivia program; any bees that would like to help with sponsor sourcing please reach out - we have HNY for you : )

Discord Metrics & Decisions
A relevant metric absent from recent proposals is the growth of the 1Hive discord. The chart below was pulled from our analytics dashboard; membership has grown nearly 20%, or 1,000+ members since December of last year. Member quality aside, our contention is that this growth in 1Hive discord (despite overall bear market conditions until late) is primarily due to interest in our Gardens and TV projects.


There has been an on/off discussion about an overhaul for the 1Hive discord in order to provide an easier onboarding experience + accommodate swarm activities and avoid fragmentation. This type of reform requires time and resources; both of which are beyond the scope of this funding request. However, if there is a core group of interested bees, it would be great to join discussions and contribute to improving the 1Hive discord.

On a related note and for the sake of transparency; the 1HTV project has created a private discord for the purposes of internal coordination and partner education. Please feel free to hop in if you are interested in contributing to the project!

1HTV Contributor Compensation

Contributor comp is a topic the TV team has discussed at length and we have arrived at an arrangement that informs our budget for this funding request. Although we are yet to firmly establish contributor “levels” within the project, we have three modes of compensation available for contributors:

  • Bounty payment
  • Superfluid stream
  • Coordinape circle

In addition to bounty payments, we are exploring different tiers of streaming for new/consistent contributors to our streaming programs. The project expects every contributor receiving HNY to add value in specific ways to the building and maintenance of the 1HTV broadcast as a public good.

The contributor list at the start of Phase 3 includes

  • Project Lead @ T Wells
  • DAO News Manager @vegayp
  • Video editing/prod @ itsyaboi + @ elcelaya
  • Brand/story design + video editing @ glitterboy
  • Audio engineering/production + OBS ops @ miguelb + @sapote
  • Social medial + POAP designs and distribution @Rohekbenitez + @ harsh24
  • Advisory @chuygarcia92 + @ paul + @Monstrosity

[apologies to peeps that I couldn’t @ - seems im limited to 10/post ><]

Funding for core stream contributors is intended to provide a UBI that enables them to focus on adding value to the TV project in ways that are both beneficial to the community as well as pursuant to their own individual creative interests. It is therefore difficult to quantify exact hourly earnings, but a fair estimate would be ~$20/hr for active TV contributors. Considering the high level of expertise in A/V production and engineering on the team as well as physical locations, this is a competitive rate.

A final note on project resources - the TV team capitalized on HNY price performance early in Q1 in such a way as to extend the intended “runway” for Phase 2 [Q1 2022]; distribution of HNY requested by this proposal will not begin until the final week in April.

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested: 200

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
HNY will be utilized to fund the three compensation incentives listed above (Bounties, Streams, and Coordinape).
Team breakdown for $9,000 of HNY per month (~54 HNY at current market prices):

  • Project Lead $2,500 / 15 HNY
  • Core Contributor Streams x 6 = $5,400 / 5.4 HNY per contributor
  • Marketing and Design Stream $200 / 1.2 HNY (subsidized by Buzz)
  • Bounty Buffer $1000 / ~6 HNY

Phase 3 funding therefore requests a budget of

  • 54 HNY/mo for 3 months = 162 HNY
  • 38 HNY buffer for adverse price action; this sum will be accounted for in any subsequent funding request.