1Hive TV Proposal - Phase 2

Proposal Description

Provide the necessary resources to support the continuation and expansion of 1Hive TV. :honeybee: :tv:
Vote on Gardens. :sunflower:


The project is nearing the end of its Phase 1 funding; this proposal requests continuing support through the first quarter of 2022 (3 months).

Phase 1 proposal context:

1Hive TV Personnel
Here is the current cast of 1Hive TV …we have added many new contributors since the start of Phase 1 (apparently I can only tag 10 total users in a single post, so no everyone will be @-ed : ) :
@paul + @Monstrosity advisory + guest content
@chuygarcia92 advisory + chief headhunter
@vegayp DAO headlines master
@ itsyaboi (discord) video editing/production
@ miguelb audio sourcing/processing/editing
@ acidlazzer trivia POAP design + event creation
@ zcq trivia cafe moderator + POAP distribution
@ Rohekbenitez and @ harsh24 designers extraordinaire
@ altcoins and @ zander_zeus for video subtitle magic

Trivia frens:
@Blazingthirdeye (Gitcoin)
@ CurlyBracketEffect (BrightID)
@ Monstrosity (ShapeShift)
@ZER8 (UMA) - coming 12/17!

Also welcome to @ sapote and @ glitterboy who will help us scale our AV capabilities.

Show Programming

At this point in time, the project has evolved to a point where we are focusing on three main areas:

Weekly Livestream on Twitch (Mon, 11am ET)

  • ~1 hour of DAO governance updates with @ vegayp
  • ~30-45mins guest project interview/demo; so far we have featured:
    • Gardens with @ paul
    • NFBees with @billyjitsu
    • GUStakes with @D0SH @solarmkd and @saltorious
    • Giveth is next on Dec 13; we will welcome @ karmaticacid to share the latest about the GIVeconomy!
  • Streaming content will continue to be reposted to YT and excerpted for highlights that can be posted to Twitter
  • Please comment with guest ideas below!
  • Team: Edu & T Wells

DAO News Spotlight

  • Research + production of video content focused specifically on 1Hive projects and partner DAOs that benefits from consistent video distillation of governance/partnership/buidling activities.
    • Upcoming spotlights on CTC, NFBees, Gardens, TEC, Commons Stack + more…
    • Current news partner: Shapeshift (details below)
    • Prospective news partners: Gitcoin, Gnosis/xDai, Rarible
  • Team: Richie + Miguel + T Wells + Alt + zander + Sapote + Glitterboy

Biweekly Trivia

  • Logistics/coordination and execution of sponsored trivia games.
  • Sponsorship guidelines for Season 2 will be released soon; a portion of game funding will be set aside as a commission for 1HiveTV contributors who source sponsors. Retroactive funding for community members who sourced sponsors for Season 1 games is in order but outside the scope of this funding proposal.
  • Team: T Wells + Acid + zcq + sourcing leads and partner DAO contributors
  • Hybrid Live/Online 1Hive Trivia event is in the works for ETHDenver…stay tuned ; )

Important Update on Phase 1 intention:

Good news! 1Hive TV has established it’s first news coverage partnership with the ShapeShift DAO. A pilot program was started in mid-November that will continue through the end of the calendar year; here are the relevant details:

  • 1Hive TV is receiving $1,250 in FOX per video for contributing coverage of governance and community activity related to the ShapeShift DAO.
  • Pilot includes 4 videos total, or $5,0000
  • A new proposal will be drawn up in the coming weeks to outline a continuing partnership through the middle of 2022; details will be added to this post at the appropriate time.

Upside for 1Hive:

  • Direct partnership with an OG community in crypto; FOX was just listed on Coinbase Pro. The content in these videos is strictly informational/reporting; it is not financial advice. We will never make price predictions or shill; just keep the community apprised of DAO-related activity.
  • A % of revenue will be used to support the 1Hive community. There are many ways this can be done, and a proper conversation is in order to hear what the community thinks. For the duration of this proposal period (Q1 2022), all such revenue will be used to offset contributor demands as we continue to scale the size of our team and amount of content we can generate. Rather than request a larger amount of HNY, FOX payments will be used to incentivize key contributors to the project.

Downside for 1Hive:

  • Im sure there are many externalities here, who will play devils advocate plz?

Qualitative Performance Metrics

Taking a look again at the Phase 1 proposal:

A poll below has been included for the community to weigh in on the qualitative success of the 1Hive TV project.

1Hive TV content and events provide community building benefits to the 1Hive DAO and its member bees.
  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

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Quantitative Performance Metrics
from Phase 1 Proposal

All data is measured from the date of the original Phase 1 proposal (Oct 7) through December 6th, meaning 4 weeks still remain in Q4/Phase 1.

We will hit the total watch hours goal by the end of 2021 (300 watch hours).

We have lagged on the subscriber side and can only achieve escape velocity with the help of the 1Hive community! Outbound messaging is the way - tell ppl you know about the channel and we will keep our heads down making the best content we can : )

We reached the unique viewer goal ~¾ of the way through the Phase 1 funding period. (Goal: 3.5k)

We crushed the impressions goal already (Goal: 20k)

Funding Requested: 150 HNY
Budget can be viewed here.
1Hive TV Colony address: 0xB67dEB17AFa8643761ceF2FE6a71424972af5A7B


quick addition - the tv team will begin holding a weekly sprint in the 1Hive discord at 11am ET every Friday. If you are interested in learning more about what we are up to and/or would like to contribute it would be great to see you there!

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Can you add a link to the colony? I don’t know how to find it with just the address.


sure thing; ill add to the bottom of the post as well :+1:

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If you watch all of the 1Hive TV episodes, like I do, the professionalism and pains taken to ensure a high quality output are immediately evident, befitting a high quality DAO that 1Hive most assuredly is. @twells is a class act and consummate professional.