Bootstrapping the 1hive Gardens Swarm DAO

Bootstrapping the Gardens Swarm DAO

Proposal Information

The Gardens Template is an incredibly powerful DAO setup. It consists of a Token Bonding Curve issuance policy that integrates various funding streams to feed a Conviction Voting DAO. It has the potential to enable a plethora of economic designs that were never possible before. Imagine if DXdao and 1hive were smashed together in a repeatable template that could reshape the stewardship of shared resources as we know it.

The Commons Stack has been dreaming about this design for almost 2 years now, and hopes to use the Gardens Template to support the launch of a socio-economic experiment that will support shared research and development in the token engineering space. We are calling this first large-scale Gardens deployment the TE Commons.

The Token Engineering Community and the Commons Stack are working together to ensure the TE Commons has a healthy cultural protocol to match the smart contract protocols that make up 1hive’s Gardens Template. We are excited to team up with Sem, one of the 1hive bees responsible for developing Conviction Voting, and form a 1hive Gardens Swarm to update the Gardens Template for use on xDai.

The Gardens Template and encompassing apps (Marketplace, Conviction Voting, etc) are likely to need a lot of upgrades and continual maintenance and this proposal would fund a Gardens Swarm DAO to steward the continued development of this powerful DAO Template.

For more background on the Gardens Template itself, read the Gardens Overview forum post

Proposal Rationale

Detailed rationale for why this proposal exists and should matter to HNY holders, the 1Hive community, and/or DAO ecosystem

This proposal extends and solidifies the funding for the 1hive Gardens Swarm, which has been working to develop Conviction Voting and related apps within 1hive. We believe that further implementation of Commons Stack designs will create the following value to the 1hive ecosystem:

#1 Bonding Curve Use Cases will Bring More Innovative Projects to 1hive

Bonding Curves are one of the most important economic mechanisms developed in the last 50 years. It is a novel price discovery mechanism and we still have a very nascent understanding of its potential use cases. Aragon Black built something magical for the Aragon ecosystem, allowing DAOs to integrate with bonding curves but with them no longer stewarding the Fundraising App, other ecosystems have taken thought leadership. The responsibility for keeping this App updated in our own community has been passed around like a hot potato, but no one has long term stewardship of the application completely. First @Jonybang and the Galtproject team carried the flag, and then it was passed to @willjgriff and @fabriziovigevani of 1hive, but they are both very busy with other projects. A dedicated team to steward this critical but complicated application is necessary if we want it accessible to innovators in the space.

#2 Token Engineering Community and Commons Stack Alliance

To build useful software, it is incredibly valuable to have users to build for, and in this case, the first users we are building for are two communities that can drive major future value into the 1hive ecosystem. Conviction Voting was a project born out of the Commons Stack Community and studied in great detail by Blockscience and the token engineering community. The Commons Stack hopes to contribute cultural playbooks that can support community development processes alongside the Gardens Template that can be forked for other templates as well, and the TE community would likely bring further token engineering innovation into the 1hive ecosystem. The TE Commons as a first user is a very strategic partnership for the long term success of the 1hive community.

#3 Potential Arbitrage opportunities with Honeyswap

Token Bonding Curves create their own market. Each community that uses the Marketplace app will have a token price that fluctuates independently of Honeyswap which will create an arbitrage opportunity for traders and therefore trading volume on Honeyswap if these community’s tokens have transfers enabled and create pairs on Honeyswap.

#4 Building revolutionary tools to reshape society

The Gardens Template has the potential to revolutionize the funding of public goods and create a sustainable revenue stream for a forgotten sector of society traditionally dominated by governmental and non-profit organizations. This template has the power to create economies around shared value creation. The ultimate goal is to democratize and quantify political power over public goods funding, why do politicians spend millions of dollars to be elected to a relatively poorly paid government position? Clearly influence over which public goods governments create has value. The Gardens Template enables communities to bootstrap funding to create economies that efficiently coordinate public good creation without external support… effectively replacing politicians with token holders, and taxes with investments into public goods economies. This is huge but it needs reliable dev support to continue to evolve in these early stages.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

How long do you think it will take to deliver on your proposal

This is a proposal for kickstarting the Gardens Swarm DAO to steward the Gardens Template for the long run. It is a software development and maintenance project, where we will continually improve the template and respond to community requests. However, we are working with a community that has a clear roadmap.

We plan on launching the TEC in December. We have been working off this roadmap since late July and have been hitting our targets week after week.

Team Information

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members (Twitter, Github, 1Hive Forum, etc.):

Gardens Swarm Team


Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

What are some of your skills or related experience that might help inform HNY holders about your ability to execute on your proposal

  • Griff - I have been working full time in the DAO space for 5 years (TheDAO, Giveth, Commons Stack, etc) and was the product owner for the Aragon DAC for 6 months.
  • Sem - Led the development of Conviction Voting Aragon App
  • Fiore - 1hive designer
  • Viviane - Dev. Contributed to Conviction Voting frontend
  • Paulo - Dev. Developed Committees Aragon App and contributed to Conviction Voting too
  • Fabi - Dev. Strong background on Frontend and Mobile development, contributed to 1hive taking some issues and started to work with smart contracts some time ago.
  • Rayne - Dev Fresh graduate, still very new to the space. Currently also a Fauna community moderator at 1hive.

Rodrigo, Fabri, and Will are 1hive seed members that have previously worked on gardens and will advise the project.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:

50 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

0xc542cc61ed9be9e6e29652ac8a918554ecd2bc98 - Gardens Swarm DAO Agent (

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

This HNY will pay devs a rate of 25-50 xDAI an hour (paid in HNY). As the project evolves more individual agreements might need to be made (Bounties for tasks, etc) but the hourly rate will stay around 25-50 xDAI/hr (based on experience) for the foreseeable future.

Honey is Money (but it’s not a great unit of account :wink: ) All payments will happen in HNY, but based on the exchange rate of the date that the vote to pay out is made.

Here is the screenshot of the Garden Swarm’s Initial Voting rules, the concept was with 9-12 people, there would be a requirement for minimum 3 people to approve any transaction and if one person votes no then 4 people would be required to vote yes for it to go through.


This proposal is not yet active?


It is not active yet, I figured we would post this for public feedback and then integrate any feedback before proposing it on chain next week.


It’s up! ROCK THE VOTE!!!

Just looking for confirmation 50 HNY is required to pay the developers to bootstrap this project? Is that correct?

Yep! It will trickle out slowly and all the funds will go to developers working on the Gardens Template, nothing goes to the TEC Cultural Build


Commons Swarm Report

This report explains the work done by the Commons Swarm from Oct 28th to today in supporting Commons Stack to launch their first Commons with 1hive technology. From the initial 50 HNY received, we have spent 52.431 HNY at an average dollar cost of $283.47 per HNY, summing up a total of $14,862.50.

We have open accounting, and have done periodic payments to developers, designers, and communicators. We can see an overview of how we have distributed the funds in the following pie chart:

Hatch Contracts and Front-end

Commons, contrary to Gardens, are launched using a Hatch (a fundraising directed to the Trusted Seed of the specific community).


  • Hatch-app: Fundraising smart contract. It is a simplified fork of the 1hive marketplace’s pre-sale.
  • Hatch-oracle: Smart contract plugged on top of the hatch to prevent non-members of the trusted seed to donate.
  • Impact-hours-app: Smart contract that gives dynamically-allocated sweat equity to our initial Commons contributors
  • Tec-hatch: Front-end forked from 1hive’s marketplace, adapted to use Aragon Connect.

Other resources:

  • Figma: A video and description have been added to the hatch/pre-sale campaign. It also has other elements related with the hatch oracle and impact hours smart contracts.

Buidler Migrations

Some of the apps that we are using were outdated in many ways, so we took some time to migrate them to buidler, upgrade the tests to web3 v1.0, update babel, and other improvements in the following Aragon One and 1hive repositories:

Bonding Curve Front-end

We forked Aragon’s ANT/ANJ converter to be used by any other set of two tokens and styled it using TEC esthetics. We adapted it to use the non-batched bonding curve version of Aragon Fundraising that was forked by 1hive last summer.



We have developed subgraphs and Aragon connectors for both hatch and market maker apps.


  • Hatch-connector: We can query the hatch state, raised funds, and list of contributors using GraphQL
  • Market-maker-connector: We can query the bonding curve parameters, movements (buyings and sellings), and token price using GraphQL.

Deployments and Demos

We have been conducting various demos with the TEC community, deploying the following interfaces:

We have also deployed the following Aragon apps on xDAI:

  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.2
  • v1.0.0
  • v2.0.0
  • v4.0.0

TEC UI Library

We have adapted the aragon-ui/1hive-ui to use the shapes and colors of TEC. The library can be used across multiple interfaces.


Conviction Voting Front-end

We forked honeypot v1 and adapted it to use two tokens instead of one, as a Commons demands. We are also calculating the governance token price from the bonding curve instead of querying it from honeyswap.

We are discontinuing this since we are upgrading to disputable honeypot, but we will re-use the two-tokens model and the bonding curve price.


Token Manager Improvements

We merged into the repository the latest Aragon One updates witch included token vesting front-end. We also included a sidebar box showing a graph with the amount of locked tokens over time.


DAO Template

We forked the original Gardens Template (now deprecated) to include the hatch oracle and the impact hours apps. We also created a simplified version that does not include the marketplace and the conviction voting apps, called Hatch Template.


Documentation and Communication

We have been documenting the Hatch DAO here:

We also have dedicated some effort to communicate our work to the broader community: