Continued progress on the Gardens Swarm

Continued progress on the Gardens Swarm

Proposal Information

Background, Overview and Proposal Rationale

We are building the first implementation of the Commons Stack’s Commons Model, a DAO initially funded by a Trusted Seed (Hatch), later powered by an Augmented Bonding Curve (ABC), whose funds are managed with Conviction Voting (CV), and governed with Dandelion Voting (DV). See our previous successful funding request

Proposal description:

This proposal is to support the Gardens Swarm team to continue developing improvements and adaptations to 1hive’s marketplace app (hatch and augmented bonding curve), and the conviction voting frontend…

Because of the ~80% drop in the HNY price since the original proposal we need to request more HNY to finish our work in partnership with the TE Commons and the Commons Stack.

Deliverables so far:

We have delivered a useable prototype for each of the 4 pieces of the DAO:

Hatch: We adapted Aragon Black’s fundraising app (Specifically presale.sol) and upgraded it to use Aragon connect. Here’s the second iteration:
ABC: We adapted Aragon Convert to use 1hive Marketplace (which converts tokens without batching). You can exchange TESTTEC Tokens via an Augmented Bonding Curve:
CV: We adapted 1hive Honeypot v1 to be used with two tokens, and adjusted the governance token price oracle to read from the bonding curve instead of honeyswap. You can vote with Conviction Voting Here:
DV: We ran a demo of 1hive Dandelion Voting with the TEC community here: TEC Test Dandelion Voting App

And most recently, we are tying all four of these prototypes together in a 2 part launch, the first part of this is the TEC Test HatchDAO launched here:

A lot of documentation and sensemaking around the various parameters has been happening in the Forum to reduce the reliance on technocracy to design cryptoeconomies:

Legal strategies have been solidified and can be duplicated for others. We have a 2 part launch where initially there is no bonding curve, the participants technically lose money, making it much easier, especially since we are able to use the Commons Stack’s Swiss Association as a legal shield.

Upcoming Deliverables:

Now: User testing has begun of the initial system

Jan 10th-ish: The ABC and CV aragon apps will be ready to be added into the Test Hatch DAO

Jan 20th-ish: The Hatch Smart Contracts will have full test coverage and be frozen for review

Jan28th-ish: Have the initial Models for the Hatch done so we can start proposing Parameters for the TEC Hatch DAO

Feb 1st-ish: The ABC and CV contracts will finish user testing and be frozen for review.

Feb 7th-ish: Do a second test, this time a full dress rehearsal with parameters chosen by a vote

March 10th-ish: Launch the TEC Hatch, this time a full dress rehearsal with parameters chosen by a vote

March 30th-ish: TEC votes for Commons Upgrade

April 30th-ish: Improvements based on TEC experience are finished being integrated and other communities are invited to use the template.

The 1hive Gardens Swarm is one of several work streams building the first iteration of the future of Public Goods funding. Here is a general overview of the project’s roadmap:

Expected duration or delivery date:

There will be 1 more full Dress Rehearsal launch test and the final template will be ready for any community to play with in April, after the successful Hatch and Upgrade of the TE Commons, as the first Commons.

After this launch we expect to request funding for continued work on this template from the TE Commons itself.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Gardens Swarm Team

Griff (will not be paid),,

External Security Auditor




Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

Griff - I have been working full time in the DAO space for 5 years (TheDAO, Giveth, Commons Stack, etc) and was the product owner for the Aragon DAC for 6 months.

Sem - Led the development of Conviction Voting Aragon App

Fiore - 1hive designer

Viviane - Dev. Contributed to Conviction Voting frontend

Paulo - Dev. Developed Committees Aragon App and contributed to Conviction Voting too

Fabi - Dev. Strong background on Frontend and Mobile development, contributed to 1hive taking some issues and started to work with smart contracts some time ago.

Rayne - Dev Fresh graduate, still very new to the space. Currently also a Fauna community moderator at 1hive.

Marko - Prominent designer in the space: Consensys, Giveth, DAppNode, Commons Stack, Panvala, Metagame and many more.

Adrià - White hat hacker legend and Ethereum Core Dev. Part of the WHG team that audited the original AragonOS and MakerDAO deployments, and reviewed code for dozens of other projects.

Rodrigo, Fabri, and Will are 1hive seed members that have worked on Gardens and are advising the project.

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested:
200 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
0xc542cc61ed9be9e6e29652ac8a918554ecd2bc98 - Gardens Swarm DAO Agent (

How Funds Will Be Used

This HNY will pay devs a rate of 25-50 xDAI an hour. As the project evolves more individual agreements might need to be made (Bounties for tasks, etc) but the hourly rate will stay around 25-50 xDAI/hr (based on experience) for the foreseeable future.

Honey is Money (but it’s not a great unit of account ) All payments will happen in HNY, but based on the exchange rate of the date that the vote to pay out is made.

Financial Transparency

We have open accounting and you can see exactly how payments are handled and what everyone did to deserve them in this spreadsheet:


Hello, (´ ∀ ` *).

Sorry, but Gardens Swarm is the only swarm that is not communicating enough with the community. the only time we see update about it, is when funds been asked.
work need to be done to explain the community what really going on with gardens swarm and what they looking forward too. You can go in discord and ask what is Gardens about , most people will not know or understand it.
Holding weekly calls to update community or trying to post more post in forum are both good ways.

In October 50 hny had been asked for $ 22,420.72. and still for today we don’t know what happens to that funds, at least the rest the community. and now we see requested 200 hny for $54,000. without knowing what happened to that 50 hny.

There still alot in my mind about Gardens.

For me I hope people only vote for 100 hny only. until we see Improvement or explanation about Gardens.


Great Point, we need to be more active in the 1hive discord and forum. We are working primarily in the TE Commons Discord and forums as that is the first user we working with, so we want to keep them informed about the tech they are helping us develop, but we can make an effort to be more active in 1hive as well.

Here are some of the baseline work we have done to describe the Parameters that are part of this tech in the TEC Forum:

All Parameters discussed 1 by 1

Hatch General discussion thread

Dandelion Voting General Discussion Thread

Conviction Voting Parameters General Discussion

Bonding Curve Discussion Thread coming soon!

You are right that we have not been focusing enough communication effort in 1hive and we will change that to keep this community in the loop. However, I hope that the updates here help show we are very much making progress on what we promised. You can see how every drop of HNY has been spent and what each person did to earn the HNY


Cool stuff man, If we knew about these links we would have used it for marketing.

I just joined TEC forum. :smiley:

We can do cooperation with Buzz Swarm, to set up AMA for Gardens to answer community concerns and bring more attention about gardening.
Also that could help hny price when more people realize there is alot going on with 1hive.

We are doing Weekly Recap for swarms to keep community up dated, If you dont mind I can hop in at TEC Forum or ask in discord about weekly progress. If that make sense to you .

(* ^ ω ^)


weekly recap

Added Excel sheet for Gardens Swarm in wiki



It seems like this is the first I’ve really heard about what Gardens is up to and it also sounds like it’s the core of the purpose of 1Hive.

Thank you for posting so much detail.
I would love an AMA or something.
THIS is the content I’m here for.
(I always end up in marketing though. Wild.)

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I would love to sync with you and the marketing team and do a full gardens download, I am so sorry, we really did not think about the 1hive marketing side at all. I will DM on discord, try to sched a 1 on 1 download and schedule weekly community updates!


That would be fabulous.
I was making my way your direction, learning about bonding curves and reading up on tokenomics when I was waylaid by Buzz, and now it’s a DAO, and I don’t know what all… funny thing happened on my way to the forum.



That would be great griff, thanks!


I don’t really fully understand garden swarm so understand where this is coming from.

Before I can support this proposal I would like an AMA as stated above by @boring877

Also, as I don’t fully know the scope I do believe these projects or at least some use source cred, I don’t know. Can we discuss the option of a source cred refund kick back to 1hive similar to how many projects kick back to sourcecred. As I don’t fully know the projects I am not sure if this even makes sense but I am trying to figure out how we can make a 200hny proposal more appetizing to the 1hive community.

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This is too technical for me to understand if 200 HNY is fair for work delivered, if it gets support from @lkngtn or @willjgriff who know more about this stuff i’ll support it after buzz proposal passes.

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I’d just like to reiterate that indeed, 200HNY is a big amount and I am also not very much updated with what could happen with Garden. In a way, besides the work that you put, a non-expert user could be happy to see what the outcome would be.

i’m generally positive to anything that can bring more possibilities, but indeed a more synergic communication never hurts! :slight_smile:

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This is indeed a fair criticism we did not expect, and an important reason why we posted the forum post for review before putting out the actual proposal on chain.

I am hoping to work with the Buzz team to do some more down to earth explainers about the Gardens Swarm’s work and the benefits of partnering with the TEC and Commons Stack in this mission. And once we get feed back from that, we will adjust the proposal and bring it on chain.


This sounds good to me. And if some important updates are happening, I am taking care of a weekly update together with @boring877. Please let us know so that we can add such updates in the weekly recap.

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That would be good to train up some members on the topic. Having some non-garden members be able to explain gardens is an invaluable benefit to both gardens and 1hive.

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This is our big dream, we want everyone to be able to create their own Gardens… but safely and successfully. Getting the #buzz down with it seems like a natural first step!

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In discord, someone was asking about the potential benefits for the HNY ecosystem, I revised it and wanted to repost it here.

  1. We are mostly focused on the Marketplace dimension of the Gardens Template building it up from the technical, legal and cultural dimensions making it plug and play for communities to deploy their their own bonding curves on xDAI which will create arbitrage opportunities with Honeyswap (every tx on Honeyswap buys HNY).

  2. We are aligning our work with the Celeste Swarm to use disputable voting. This would create some buy pressure for HNY because to dispute any votes, users of this template would need HNY.

  3. Did you know that Conviction Voting which holds ~30% of the total supply of HNY has never been audited? It is safe enough probably since it has held so much money for so long… but the newer deployment of Celeste is fresh and we want to get the code reviewed by Adria, a very well respected auditor and White Hat Hacker who will be reviewing the entire codebase including the newer deployment of Conviction Voting which integrates Celeste, the Bonding Curve App, and the Hatch.

  4. Collaborative funding streams for mutual 1hive and TE Commons priorities, like Luna Swarm which got funding from 1hive, and has also applied for funding from the TE Commons.

  5. Potential cross learnings around how to improve Conviction Voting, Celeste and living as an economic community on xDai. The Token Engineering community as a first user of this is template will bring more benefits to 1hive than probably any other community, about how to improve our systems and will likely attract a lot of innovation within the application layer on xDAI.

  6. Improved UX on the Conviction Voting UI which could be used to upgrade the 1hive voting interface.

A lot of these things only give direct benefit to 1hive if we work with the other streams work more closely and communicate better… which is why we are putting this proposal on pause until we have a stronger presence on the Comms channels and a team member that can take on that responsibility.


Thanks for making the points above, although I think they’re fair, I don’t think they, along with the original post’s points, justify this proposal’s value especially considering my analysis of the development you’ve done and it’s use in the future version of 1Hive Gardens. See further down.

Regarding your points above:

  • Point 1. I’m interested in what degree of customisation you intend to integrate into the Marketplace UI/what you mean by “Plug and Play” and are you referring to further development of this website: / or something else?

  • Point 3. The more people have eyes on our contracts the better. I will gladly guide Adria through what would be good to be looked at. However, I’m curious at what cost this will be, many of our contracts I believe aren’t worth paying to have audited.

  • Point 6. Can you describe what UX changes you believe could benefit the 1Hive Honey Pot website because they’re not obvious to me from looking here:

Since I don’t consider the TEC Gardens to be directly benefiting 1Hive and Honey, unlike all other outflows from the common pool afaik, what I’m interested in seeing, and the main reason I’m interested in supporting the Gardens Swarm considering the amount that’s being requested, is reusable software.

1Hive has a plan to make a generalisable version of Gardens, @lkngtn should be clarifying what that is ASAP through some updates to the 1Hive Wiki, as soon as he does we can make a plea to align TEC Gardens development with 1Hive Gardens and for the current Gardens Swarm to work on 1Hive Gardens post TEC Gardens. With that in mind I have some questions and comments about the deliverables you have specified from the original post (see Deliverables so far: section in original post).

Hatch: We adapted Aragon Black’s fundraising app (Specifically presale.sol) and upgraded it to use Aragon connect. Here’s the second iteration:

To clarify, you’ve created a website ( that interfaces with the Marketplace contracts that allows users to purchase tokens using the presale process, is that correct? Does it do anything beyond allow people to buy tokens or will it in the future?

Also can you clarify if you’ve modified presale.sol. The only changes I can see to the Marketplace app (where presale.sol lives) are addressing technical debt (very useful, thanks for that), besides this the functionality has not been modified afaik (excluding some minor permission modifications).

I’m not sure if 1Hive Gardens will be bootstrapped with a presale so without further details as to what this website is intended to be I’m not sure if this is something that 1Hive Gardens will use.

ABC: We adapted Aragon Convert to use 1hive Marketplace (which converts tokens without batching). You can exchange TESTTEC Tokens via an Augmented Bonding Curve:

For reference this is a fork of an Aragon website, code is here: Is this finished? This may be useful for 1Hive Gardens when converting already existing tokens into 1Hive Gardens Governance tokens through the Marketplace app. Although I’d like to think such functionality would be integrated into a single interface along with the other Gardens functionality.

CV: We adapted 1hive Honeypot v1 to be used with two tokens, and adjusted the governance token price oracle to read from the bonding curve instead of honeyswap. You can vote with Conviction Voting Here:

For reference this is a fork of the 1Hive Honey Pot website, code is here: I don’t believe 1Hive Gardens will use 2 tokens so I don’t think this will be useful. Even if it is I think, conviction voting should be integrated along with the converter and maybe even presale functionality above into a single website.

DV: We ran a demo of 1hive Dandelion Voting with the TEC community here: TEC Test Dandelion Voting App

1Hive Gardens will not use Dandelion Voting it will use Disputable Voting. There’s no software or likely other info here that can be reused.

This isn’t a put down in any way of the work of the TEC, I’m sure the software is well written and I do consider what you’re doing valuable, but I also think it’s necessary to highlight to the 1Hive community how the current Gardens Swarm is contributing to 1Hive’s technical goals.

In terms of technical infrastructure there is nothing that is obviously reusable for 1Hive Gardens. In terms of community learning I believe there is benefit. Ultimately I do not consider the current proposal worth awarding $60k for. However, if we could start creating alignment in the Gardens Swarm with 1Hive’s generalisable version of Gardens, which I have no doubt is largely inline with the TEC version of Gardens, where some of the software written could be reused for 1Hive Gardens, and perhaps from which there would be interest in working on 1Hive Gardens in the future, then I could be in favour. If you are interested in creating better alignment between these efforts, then I would propose some meetings post @lkngtn’s write-up to work out the right direction.

As for the proposal value, I’d like to highlight that the first proposal hoped to receive $50k, ultimately it only managed to pay out $10k due to price changes so I would expect you to be requesting $40k. However, you are requesting $60k, can you explain what the increase in price is due to? Also I suggest whatever value is landed on is paid out through multiple instalments so the community can judge progress.