Canon Funding Proposal

Proposal Information

Hello everyone,

Today I’m putting together my first proposal to compensate @pab and @jomalon for their work on Canon and its Genesis Collection.

Proposal description

This proposal is to pay for past contributions on the Canon Swarm.

Proposal Rationale

Since the inception of Canon, @pab has been working uninterruptedly to keep the project afloat and meet the expectations of the Genesis Collection, but as he hasn’t received any funding since ~May, he hasn’t been able to spend as much time as he’d like to.

I’d like to also point out that not only he has been working as the Art Director and illustrator for the project, but in the absence of a lead or project manager, he left his comfort zone and has also dedicated himself to conducting research in NFTs, Harberger Tax, etc. that he considers may be useful for the project (his research is spread between this post and the Canon Server).

Then we have @jomalon, which is new to the hive, but since he entered he’s also been non-stop contributing to the collection whenever he could. I’m personally a bit ashamed or embarrased at the fact that we promote ourselves as the future and after ~2 months he hasn’t being paid yet, and yeah we all here know that’s kinda how DAOs work but he doesn’t know that and I want him to taste what DAOs, crypto, blockchain and all this has to offer.

During this time they’ve been designing and animating the Genesis Collection, AFAIK the first 3 scenes are almost finished (see the draft below).

The only purpose of this proposal is to pay them for their past contributions to the project. We’ll focus on a proposal to stay funded for future contributions later :smiley:

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Expected duration or delivery date


Team Information

We’re going to use Canon’s sub-domain on the Tulip Colony, which is managed by the Tulip Swarm DAO

Current active contributors on Canon are:
@pab @jomalon @metaverde @eenti

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:

15HNY (roguhly 5,100 USD at the time of writing)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

All funds are to pay for past contributions, they may be immediately reimbursed or vested, however the community likes better.

@pab = ~14 weeks of continuous work, ~10hrs/week, $30 rate = $4200
@jomalon = ~30hrs over the last 2 months, $30 rate = $900
Total = $5100

Posting here first for discussion before putting up the proposal on the HoneyPot.

A huge thanks to @metaverde for the help and support.

EDIT: Proposal is up! Canon Funding Proposal


Really encouraging to see this take shape! :heart:


I strongly support getting these past contributions covered as soon as possible


Proposal is up!

Canon Funding Proposal


Awesome work Canon Crew!! :trophy:

@eenti great job ! for presenting the proposal in this detailed way, and Great work from the Canon Genesis team! They’re great! @pab @jomalon @metaverde